Why do I procastine with math homework

Procrastination / procrastination

does someone have a tip?  📅 09.06.2009 16:28:45
Procrastination / procrastination

do any of you know this problem? What did you do about it?

I am absolutely unmotivated and cannot bring myself to do important things quickly. have no self-discipline and suffer a lot from it? How can you learn that?

Anna, 26
Carmeen  📅 09.06.2009 19:31:51
Re: procrastination / procrastination
In the end, I forced myself to start with small and then bigger tasks.
So really said "I'll do this NOW whether I want to or not" and then ass up and get things done.
Through the sense of achievement that you can actually tick something off, you become more motivated over time and it becomes easier.

For me, the reason was a kind of "fear of failure", according to the motto if I don't do anything or if I start too late, at least it wasn't because of my intelligence. After I realized that, I was able to overcome myself and things have been going much better since then, with success. You always have "bad" days, but it really got a lot better.
Anna26  📅 10.06.2009 10:56:54
Re: procrastination / procrastination
Yes, "I'll do it now" is extremely difficult for me ... I say I'll do it now - right after I've done xy ... you don't see the success stories right away. I find that frustrating.

I've already tried small steps, but the "bad" days come back for me after about 1-2 weeks. and then it starts all over again.

for me it is not a fear of failure. i know i could do it. i am currently writing a disseratation. it is more that I avoid it because I think I still have an extremely long time. but if I go on like this, it will get worse and worse because I am not making any headway. logical, because I do everything else, e.g. work for others or otherwise in email, just not work for me.

when i do something, it always takes a couple of days to settle in again. when I have achieved something, I immediately stop and find out how. I work efficiently 5 days a month and the rest, I do other things. it's so stupid!

even though I know that, I don't care, i.e. I suppress the fact that it actually extermously stressed me.
Ersti09  📅 10.06.2009 11:34:40
Re: procrastination / procrastination
I have the same problem. The thing is that the effects of this "laziness" are so distant that actually the success of the work on the respective day has no direct effect on me - very different from gaming on the PC, meeting friends, etc., that is and is instantly fun therefore far more attractive. So far relatively normal

I try to take an offensive approach and for each month I make a list of goals that I want to achieve. (e.g. 2x dusting, 2x vacuuming, etc.)
These tasks are distributed over working days in the form of a weekly plan, which in turn are divided into time categories (always around 2.5 hours).

It is then no longer the question of achieving the "overall result" like a good grade, but rather these small sub-goals. Since this is much easier and not in time, it is easier to bring yourself to it.

I also know what you are describing, Anna. One "relapses" very quickly.
But you can also get a grip on that.
An initial mistake is to face tasks that are overwhelming.
Weaning slowly is better. Otherwise, the goals are set so high that you yourself are faced with the same problem as at the beginning, namely that the workload is so high that it exceeds the positive effect of having (in part) put the task behind you.

To a large extent, procrastination is a learned behavior. The rupture often occurs during puberty 'School sucks, you don't do anything for it and still be successful. So: you stop learning, you don't do any homework anymore. And that just sticks.
You can fight that, and I'm sure you can get away with it. But really only with complete time management.

Now I've written so much again ^^
Anna26  📅 10.06.2009 13:16:33
Re: procrastination / procrastination
no problem, i found it very enlightening.

I was just thinking that these schedules are of no use anyway .. what are you doing to keep the schedule? is there enough inner motivation? i have the feeling that i only function through external controls. in style, if I didn't have an exam, I wouldn't study either. Since I am no longer being checked regularly, I don't do anything (at least almost nothing) anymore.

it is actually pure laziness! i prefer to organize during the day what i do in the evening with my friends (exactly your examples!), in other words what i enjoy. i organize holidays, email with colleagues from home and abroad, think about how i could surprise my friend, etc. so stupid! How can I stop that if you don't feel like working? can you really stick to your plan?
Renate  📅 10.06.2009 13:54:40
Re: procrastination / procrastination
Relocate the study to another place, without the possibility of distraction.
The bib is ideal here.
Smoker  📅 10.06.2009 14:54:06
Re: procrastination / procrastination
The bib should be the ideal place for procrastinators who are non-smokers ...
As a smoker, I prefer my own four walls, after all the necessary information has been printed out, the network cable is pulled out of the socket and tidied away (extremely important for me! I'm a www junkie), I don't have TV / radio anyway, only mine Comics collection can still distract me, but at most 40 pages long, it's also a really nice break before I have to continue with the hard equations.
In the past you would go straight to the monastery for such exertions or let yourself be locked up in a parlor ...
Oh yes, because in the bib I always see so many studying with earplugs ...
I rarely listen to music to learn, but when I do something very rhythmic and as little emotional as possible, so rather Bach, Pachelbel, electrical. Music and renaissance dance music doodles like Mozart or Schumann. Music "to sing along", so pop / rock music (my favorite currently "work annoys" ) is, in my experience, counterproductive because it is distracting.
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