Who is the strongest villain

Who is the physically strongest villain, All for One or Muscular?

In the fight with Izuku, Muscular was able to "inflict destruction on a similar scale to Izuku's 100% Detroit Smash. He was also able to direct Izuku, who was using One For All 100% at the time, in a physical collision "On the other hand, in All for One's last fight with All Might, All For One says he is now confident of trading blows with All Might with his new buff quirks, and he does."

Who should be the physically strongest villain, All for One or Muscular? Does the manga give more information about their strengths?

Without everything

Let me start with this: In his fight with Muscular, Izuku didn't use One For All 100%. That was just Izuku with 100%.

We saw the impression of All Might's power in his fight against the first Nomu in season one. This Nomu was designed for him, but All Might could still defeat Nomu.

Thinking of these now, we can say that All Might Muscular could have defeated the one defeated by Izuku, who cannot even use OfA to its fullest extent.


I don't understand what the difference between "Izuku uses One for All 100%" and "Izuku with 100%" is not. Izuku can use One for All 100% but break his body, right? Or am I wrong about that?

Without everything

Izuku cannot use OfA at full capacity. He is also a limit because of his body. So think about it. You have a fragile cap. You want to fill it with water. It may take 200ml, but it's risky as so much can break the cap. However, someone gave you 1L of water. You don't have to take everything, but to use it you must. So my point is that there is only a lot Izuku can do before he kills himself. That's its 100%. There is also OfA full power which is 100%


@JustPlain Please don't forget that in both anime and manga, 100% usually means his "100%" attacks, which name explicitly includes "100%". Most of the users here also use "100%" to indicate such attacks, not actual 100% energy consumption. For some reason, you insist on ignoring this.