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North America round trip

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North America round trip in a rental car

When traveling through North America, a rental car is particularly useful because you are flexible and independent. This form of travel makes sense for both a city trip and an adventure trip, as you can determine your goals and stopovers individually. As a self-drive, you can explore the country on a North American tour on your own and without time restrictions. Whether you are going on a round trip through the east of North America or, for example, a trip through the southwest of the USA or to the east coast of the USA, a rental car can always be an advantage.

Round trip North America Canada

This special country should not be missed when traveling through North America. Admire the natural beauties of this extraordinary country and let yourself be enchanted by the glaciers and the untouched nature in the national parks of the country, which is only a few hundred kilometers from the Arctic. Western Canada and Eastern Canada are equally attractive for vacationers. A visit to the world metropolis of Toronto should definitely be planned when traveling through Canada. The city of Calgary is the fourth largest city in the country with just over 1 million inhabitants and is also well worth a visit. The Heritage Park Historical Village is a particularly popular attraction, as is the nearby Banff National Park. Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, with its location between the high mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is an exciting travel destination, as is Montreal in the province of Qu├ębec. If you want to see more of the Arctic, you can also travel to Greenland from Canada. The best way to travel to Greenland is by plane.

Alaska, the fascinating icy region of North America

Alaska is also an attractive travel destination if you are planning a tour of North America. Especially Yukon with its world-famous Yukon River offers vacationers an unforgettable travel experience. The still completely original animal world is just as fascinating as the untouched nature.

Round trip to Hawaii - North America's islands in the Pacific

During an active trip through the USA, a detour to Hawaii is a good idea. Maui, Hawaii's second largest island, is a particularly popular destination for tourists. With its beautiful sandy beaches and ideal surfing conditions, the island attracts many visitors year after year. Anyone who would like to experience a real South Sea feeling has come to the right place. The best way to get here is to take a 5-hour direct flight from the United States of America.

North America inspires: round trips through Florida the Sunshine State

The Sunshine State Florida primarily attracts sun-seeking visitors. Florida should definitely be on the list for a rental car tour from coast to coast. Key West, the southernmost island of Florida and also the southernmost point of the USA, is especially worth a visit. Here you can relax on white sandy beaches and indulge in sweet idleness. If you want to snorkel or want to try other water sports, this is the place for you. For culture fans, however, we recommend a visit to the famous Ernest Hemmingway House or the Shipwreck Museum.


California is one of the most popular travel destinations within America and should definitely not be missed on a tour of the USA. Above all, the diversity of this state is fascinating for many visitors, as you will find deserts, fantastic coasts, fascinating national parks and mountains. A tour of California is worth more than a trip and inspires with an incredible variety. The Pacific coast attracts many vacationers every year. The special sights here include the Yosemite National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is particularly known for its biodiversity, the granite rocks, the breathtaking waterfalls and the multitude of sequoias.

Discover New England on a tour of North America

New England on the east coast of the USA can also offer an interesting stopover when traveling through the USA. This is where the origin of the English population of North America took place. New England includes the states of New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut. Especially the bigger cities like Boston, Worcester or New Haven offer all kinds of interesting attractions for tourists.

Experience the natural wonders of North America live on a tour

The Grand Canyon alone draws millions of tourists to the United States of America year after year. It shouldn't be missing, especially on an adventure trip. A trip to the Grand Canyon National Park in the southwest of America is just as much a part of a round trip on North America's west coast as a visit to at least one of the national parks in the western United States. A tour of North America should also include a visit to the Rocky Mountains, as these are one of the main attractions of the United States. The vast mountain range of folds extends for almost 5000 kilometers from New Mexico to Canada and is one of the natural beauties of the country. Active sports such as trekking are also very popular here. A visit to the Rocky Mountains can also be incorporated into a tour of Canada. The Niagara Falls should not be missed either, as these are among the most famous waterfalls in the world and are a delight for almost every visitor.

City breaks in North America

For vacationers who like to take city trips, the metropolises of the United States are particularly suitable. New York, Chicago and San Francisco are among the most popular travel destinations. In New York, the city's landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park and the Empire State Building are the main attractions. Chicago in the state of Illinois is known for its museums and parks and is known by many as a jazz metropolis. The famous Route 66, which stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica in California, also begins here. The city is also called "Windy City" because there is almost always a strong wind here. In San Francisco in the northwest of the USA, however, attractions such as the famous Golden Gate Bridge or the winding Lombard Street, where serpentines had to be built due to a gradient of 27% to make the street passable, attract visitors.

Canada also has a number of cities that are worth seeing. In addition to the west coast metropolis of Vancouver, which is located in British Columbia, Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is located near the Niagara Falls on the Great Lakes. For travelers who want to combine winter sports and sightseeing on their North American tour, the Olympic city of Calgary near the winter sports mecca of Banff at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is worth a visit. On the east coast in the French-speaking part of Quebec, the metropolis of Montreal delights its visitors.

Combination trips to North America and the neighboring states of Cuba and Mexico

Due to the proximity to the USA, it makes sense to travel from the south of the USA to these two countries, Mexico and Cuba. Due to the difficult political relationship with, a tour of Cuba was impossible for citizens of the United States for years. Since 2015 there have been direct flights from Florida again. There are also countless flights to Mexico, as well as the possibility of traveling the country by ship from America. It is also possible to cross the border on foot on a hiking tour or by rental car or to plan a combined North America Mexico tour from the start.

North America, the continent of unlimited possibilities

The continent of North America is huge and has something to offer for every vacation requirement. Choose your dream trip from the multitude of North America round trips and look forward to a trip full of adventure and experiences.

Other types of travel in addition to a round trip to North America

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