Let us face an unemployed future

Labor market remains constant

The impact of digitization on the labor market will increase

The labor market in the district of the Karlsruhe-Rastatt Employment Agency remains at a consistently high level. The number of unemployed and the unemployment rate will remain unchanged in June. There was a significant increase in vacancies.

“The high demand for workers underpins the stability on the local labor market. Our focus is therefore on filling the registered jobs with the appropriate specialist staff, "says Michaela Frei, operational manager of the Karlsruhe-Rastatt Employment Agency." Often, however, the differences between the qualifications requested and offered are too great. In addition, digitization demands one Increased change in the requirements. For this reason, we constantly point out the need for qualifications. For the unemployed as well as for employees in the company, "explains Frei.

Digitalization will be accompanied by a structural change that will be greatest in Baden-Württemberg in 2035. "For this reason, companies already have to adapt the training content and think about the further training of their employees," advises Frei. With the world of work 4.0, the principle of "lifelong learning" is gaining in importance. The Karlsruhe-Rastatt Employment Agency is already very well positioned on this point and advises its customers as well as companies in the region.

In one respect, Frei gives the all-clear and has a positive view of the digitization process: “Substitutability does not necessarily mean job cuts or even the disappearance of entire professional groups. Digitization is more likely to bring about a change in jobs and professions. And that's exactly why companies have to invest in their employees, just as we optimally prepare the unemployed for the future through targeted training. "

Development of unemployment in the entire district

18,055 women and men were unemployed in June. The unemployment rate, which is calculated on the basis of all civilian labor force, is currently 3.1 percent and thus at the same level as a year ago.

In June, 5,657 people had to register as unemployed in the agency district, while 5,827 people were able to quit their unemployment in the same period.

In June, 2,318 vacancies were reported to the employer service by the companies. The total number of vacancies in the district of the Karlsruhe-Rastatt employment agency is currently 9,619 vacancies.