Which drugstore eyeshadow palette is underestimated?

Rival loves me - Glitter all around me LE

Shortly before Christmas, the drugstore brands are knocking out tons of LE's again which, like all of them, have a lot of glitter and tinsel on the subject. Rival loves me has also come to the counter with a new LE. Due to the current corona situation, no testers are currently set up - so I bought the pallet flying blind.

With the Rival pallets, you don't take a big financial risk - the pallet cost just EUR 4.95 and it is of course a collector's item in terms of looks. The black glitter design with the silver glitter writing - the glitter fairy in me goes into ecstasy.

Incidentally, the palette contains 15 colors with 15 g filling quantity, which is absolutely clear.

Even if the palette gets my pulse pumping from a purely visual point of view - qualitatively, you get a simple - optically pimped - cardboard packaging without a mirror, brush or other frills. I can do without it anyway because I'm only interested in the colors themselves.

When opening the door at home, I was a bit confused at first glance by the color concept - but when you look at the rows from top to bottom you suddenly see a color scheme in front of you.

For each row / color scheme there is 1 matt tone, a glitter shade and 3 shimmer colors.

The matt and shimmer colors are astonishingly well pigmented and I also find the matt tones quite appealing given the low price.

Only the glitter colors are a waste of time. In principle, it is a transparent solid cream in which the glitter pigments have been added. Cardboard, sticky and impossible to place precisely on the eye. Let's think of it as a case of "well meant but not well done".


Rival loves me really cut a punch in the Christmas LE. Nice colors, nice consistency and great pigmentation for a small price - nicely packaged and presented. One of the few palettes from Rival that can be recommended without reservation, even if the glitter tones are a case for the bin.

Rival loves me is such a brand that I have a kind of love-hate relationship with. On the one hand, I love Rival because it is inexpensive, always great products with a cute packaging design. On the other hand, I hate them because, despite some really sensationally successful products, they have not yet managed to maintain a consistent level of quality that you can rely on.

Especially eye shadows were always a case of "outside hui inside ugh" - cute packaging but the quality of the colors more ... underground !!!

When this LE came on the counter, I seriously fought with myself whether I should buy the pallet or not. On the one hand, I found the packaging design cute and lovingly designed, on the other hand, the selection and composition of the colors was sooooooo boring:

How many more Brown pallets does the world need? On the other hand, these are of course the colors that always go with every woman and are used again and again in everyday life.

The design of the palette is nice - but not particularly exciting in terms of quality. Classic cardboard packaging without a mirror, brush or other frills. At a price of 3 EUR, I don't have to have that either.

However, I fell out of my mind when I swapped the colors for you:

Buttery, soft consistency, intense pigmentation and great color distribution:


I still have to recover from the shock that Rival has for the first time managed to bring an all-round successful, high-quality palette to the counters. Essence has made a comparable leap so far and I sincerely hope that Rival will maintain this level and that the whole thing was not just a one-off number.