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Google Question Hub: Will the Search Engine Become the Latest Question Portal?

For a year now, users had been able to ask questions in the search results themselves, but what it was all about was still unclear. The Google India Blog finally has an answer and it is Google Question Hub. A tool that should enable users to create new content by answering open questions.

How does the Google Question Hub work?

According to its own information, Google would have a variety of methods to receive questions and ultimately use them in the Google Question Hub. One of these was probably asking questions in the search engine itself for a year. It is important that all questions come from the users and, accordingly, spelling errors and misunderstandings can occur as soon as the intentions of the questioner are not entirely clear. The company also states that it continues to seek the best possible methods to gather as many questions and answers as possible. A preview of what the latest Google feature might look like was also given:

The question portal is currently in beta and is currently being tested in India, Nigeria and Indonesia. It is planned to publish this in other countries and languages ​​as well. The test phase took place with the help of journalists and bloggers, among other things, in order to ultimately enable the best user experience.

Potential competition?

In most of the areas in which Google wanted to gain a foothold, the big player automatically represented clear competition for websites that had dominated in this field until then. Google strives to serve inquiries with no click and information pages in particular see themselves as threatened by this. Accordingly, the question now arises whether sites like Quora and similar, which use a question-and-answer system, now have to fear the existence of them. Depending on how successfully Google implemented its latest feature, the Google Question Hub could be serious competition for such sites. Of course, cooperation would also be possible, with one already existing between Google and Quora, for example, but at least one thing is certain: As soon as the Question Hub is successful, clear changes could be made in this topic area, to which existing pages may have to adapt. The new function enables publishers to react faster to user intent, but ultimately traffic is lost.