How much do professional product photos cost

Product photos prices

All materials that reflect light in a special way represent a particular challenge in product photography. In other words, reflective or high-gloss surfaces or transparent products.

Example chrome

Chrome, stainless steel and other shiny metals reflect the light like a mirror. If you pick up such a product, something from the environment will always be reflected in it, no matter how you turn it.

This typical material property needs to be worked out in product photography. For example, if you were to photograph high-gloss stainless steel cutlery in a closed light tent, the result would be diffuse and matt, as nothing is reflected on the surface.

On the other hand, one must of course avoid the photographer, the lamp tripod or other objects from the photo studio being reflected in the product. The reflection should rather have an indefinable, abstract shape and emphasize the shape and contour of the product.

The customer, who cannot pick up the product in the catalog or in the online shop, should get the clearest possible idea of ​​the shape, color and material of the products.

The optimum result can only be achieved with an individual light structure and the use of special light shapers. Therefore, a professional product photographer would never work with automated photo systems as they are currently widely offered.

Example glass
Photography of transparent products, such as glass, presents a similar difficulty. How is something made visible that is actually transparent? The shape of the glass is given by the contour, which is emphasized with light and shadow. The tone value of the glass should be a little darker than absolutely white everywhere (except in the highlights) so that it can still be recognized in the catalog or online shop on a white background. At the same time, the tone value must not become too dark, otherwise it will appear gray and the customer will get a wrong impression of the product.

Due to the special requirements for the lighting in product photos of glossy or transparent materials, a correspondingly higher price must be assumed.