Why do people like to flirt

Survey reveals: How Germans flirt, date & love

ElitePartner's representative survey of 11,988 German citizens provides interesting insights into love, dating, being single, sex and gender roles. We have put together the most interesting study results for you.

1. This is how it is for singles in Germany

Almost every third person in Germany is single. Nevertheless, more than 80 percent of them believe in great love. The Internet has long become an important factor in getting to know each other. More than half of the singles look for happiness on the Internet. And at least 7.4 million people in Germany got to know their partner right here.

Why singles are solo

There are not all disadvantages to being single. A slim majority say that they feel very good solo. The reasons why singles go through life on their own are very different. And many singles know very well why they are solo:

"I like being single right now." (59 percent)
"I don't have the opportunity to meet new people." (49 percent)
"I have very high standards." (45 percent)
"I'm focusing on my career." (36 percent)
"I keep running into people who don't want to commit themselves." (33 percent)
"I find it difficult to commit myself." (23 percent)
"I think my success intimidates others." (21 percent)

But there are also many insecure people and doubters:

  • "I'm afraid of disappointment." (52 percent)
  • "I'm too shy." (45 percent)
  • "I don't find myself attractive enough." (35 percent)
  • "I can't offer a partner enough financially." (30 percent)

Happy and unhappy singles

Single women between the ages of 30 and 39 are the least satisfied with being single. Certainly with one reason: At this age there is still time to start a family, after that it becomes increasingly difficult. So unfortunately you can hear the biological clock ticking and pushing. By the way: Academically educated women over 40 are the most satisfied with their single life.

2. Bad threesome: him, me and the smartphone

Yes, this finding of the study is hardly surprising: Smartphones and other social networks have a negative effect on the partnership. Just think of all those who take their smartphone to bed with them in the evening or have them on the table next to them on a romantic date. Even if you don't admit that: The smartphone in constant use definitely ensures that you talk to each other less and - oh yes, the study also says - that sex gets worse.

In addition, such a smartphone causes a lot of arguments and mistrust: the social life of the partner is often viewed with suspicion. And one in five admits that they have secretly checked messages from their partner. Here it is mainly the women who are curious: every fourth person has secretly rummaged through their chats and messages. Nevertheless, trust is rather high: 66 percent tell their partner the access code for their cell phone, and among those under 30 it is even 80 percent.

3. Dating is becoming more emancipated

It used to be customary for the man to pay the bill after the date. But thanks to emancipation, it is mainly women who now want separate bills - regardless of what the date was. Separate bills are particularly popular with the younger generation. Only every fourth woman would like to be invited.

The reasons for the split bill are not only that an emancipated woman wants to meet the man on an equal footing. Another reason is that you don't want to have a guilty conscience if the contact breaks off and for many younger people - here separate accounts are most popular - also the limited financial resources.

4. Flirting is male

Unfortunately, emancipation has not yet come to the point where flirting has changed too. While we women are on the rise, despite all the improvements, turning on still seems to be the last bastion of men. Only one in ten single women takes the initiative when it comes to their first kiss or first sex. And when it comes to compliments for him, women tend to be lazy. According to the study, Germany is a flirting desert anyway. All Germans find it difficult to compliment.

5. Feeling and empathy characterize the partner

Both men and women find it attractive when the other person has the ability to analyze his own emotional world and to talk about it. And they find it attractive when the other person is empathetic and also perceives and takes into account the feelings of others. Good manners also score - especially with women (88 percent). And women attach importance to their partner assuming responsibility and being able to deal well with children.

6. Women are better at being alone

Men are worse to be alone than women. The reason: women often show greater emotional competence. They are more socially networked and can also find closeness and security in friendly relationships. Men, on the other hand, benefit more from their partner's emotional relationship quality and therefore need it more compellingly for balance in their emotional world.

That is why men are more willing to compromise with a partner than women. And they are much more in a hurry to start a relationship than single women. Because they are much more choosy and 66 percent of them hope in their soul mate (with men it is 56 percent).

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