What is gravel

Garden design with gravel and crushed stone: tips

Have you ever thought about landscaping with gravel and crushed stone? The natural materials are available in different colors, shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

Gravel and crushed stone: what's the difference?

Gravel are small stones that can be found in river beds. In flowing waters, the rock is ground smooth and given its characteristic round shape. As a floor covering, gravel is a popular element in garden design. It is commercially available in sizes between 2 and 63 millimeters and is divided into fine and coarse gravel. The price for one ton of the material is 20 euros. Gravel is pieces of rock that were created by breaking. The shape of the stones is angular and the surface is uneven. Gravel is available in grain sizes from 32 to 63 millimeters for around 17 euros per ton.

Benefits of gravel and crushed stone

Gravel is very popular because of its round shape. The natural material is available in numerous colors: from pure white to black, in yellow and red tones. The large color palette makes it possible to create interesting compositions and to match the color of the stones to the house facade or the garden. In addition, gravel has the advantage that it feels very comfortable underfoot. It is therefore ideally suited for a barefoot path through the garden. However, gravel is relatively slippery and is not suitable for all surfaces. Gravel is particularly suitable for garage entrances and areas on which furniture is to be set up. The broken rock is very stable with a small grain size and can be compacted better.