What are the benefits of coal power

coal-fired power station

“The coal is tipping over. It is also far too valuable to simply be burned. The alternatives have been known for more than 20 years. It is wrong that there is still no new energy concept. What is missing is a new way of thinking and acting that consistently implements the renovation. This is to be saved with the extension of the service life of nuclear power plants or the storage of carbon dioxide (CCS), which cannot be maintained. That is why the citizens' protest will continue. "
(Michael Müller, board member of the German Nature Conservation Ring DNR)

"As a valuable raw material, there is no alternative to lignite in Central Germany. With crude oil and natural gas, which are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, the energetic and material use of our lignite has an important future."
(Prof. Dr. Uhland, Minister of Finance of the Free State of Saxony, 2009)

Coal may be the cheapest fossil fuel on the market, but its market price is only part of the story. The greatest costs of coal are not taken into account: the enormous damage it causes to people and the environment. If the market price reflected the true cost of coal worldwide, the profitability of building more and more coal-fired power plants would be very different.
(Greenpeace, The Real Cost of Coal, 2008)

"We believe coal usage will increase in any foreseeable scenario because it is cheap and abundant."
Massachusetts Institute for Technology experts (MIT.Source: MIT, The future of coal, 2007)

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2010 in Energetika: The stoves are glowing, the chimneys soar into the sky - coal power dominates the country and its electricity mix. After all, your coal-fired power plants produce a lot of electricity at low prices. For this they also hunt CO2 in large quantities into the air, which is driving the greenhouse effect and climate change. For this reason, coal-fired power plants are very little respected; your population prefers to use other energy sources. You have to decide: If coal-fired power plants go offline, you need a lot of electricity from alternative sources, which have their own disadvantages. You can also invest in "CCS", which is done through research and construction of a CO2-Deposit is not cheap, but the emissions are greatly reduced and the citizens reassured. A "coal power plant 2" is a little cheaper to build and also has a CO2-Separator. The CO2- 90% of the emissions from a "coal power plant 2" can be stored - at least if you have a store that can be filled.

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