Forty girls' skins are sexualized

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Domestic and sexual violence are still a depressing reality today. Women live most dangerously in their own homes. It is the same all over the world, including in Germany. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries in women: more common than traffic accidents and cancer combined. For women, the risk of experiencing violence from a relationship partner is much higher than that of being assaulted by a stranger. Education, income, age and religious affiliation are completely irrelevant. In Germany, every fourth woman is or has been a victim of domestic violence. Your own home is the most dangerous place for a woman.

However, women are not only affected by domestic violence in their homes, but also often additionally or exclusively by sexual violence. Contrary to public perception, two thirds of all rapes take place at home, among friends or at work. Only a few perpetrators practice sexual violence due to a mental illness. Most of them plan their actions deliberately and are aware of what they are doing. Every woman and girl, no matter how old or attractive she is, what nationality or religion she belongs to, can suffer sexualized violence. This form of human rights violation happens every day in Germany: every seventh woman has had to experience rape, attempted rape or sexual assault at some point in her life.

Through our work in the "Domestic and sexual violence" section, we draw the public's attention to these pressing issues. We advocate changes in the law and network with other women's organizations. Together with companies, we inform employees and say no to domestic and sexual violence.