Why are mothers and fathers our lifelines

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Protestant Office for Single Parents

Devotional for young widowed mothers and fathers

"And on some days it hurts particularly ..." - Mother's or Father's Day in times of mourning

These days, when the children happily honor mom or dad with a little surprise in their parenting role, emphasize once again how much mom or dad is missing now.

Together we would like to commemorate your deceased partner in a devotion.
Afterwards there is still time to talk to each other:
• How do we organize these special days of the year with the children?
• Do we have a ritual that supports us as a family on a day like this?
• How do I feel about it and how are the children?

meeting Sat, 8.5. 2-4 p.m.
managementAnne-Margret Wild, graduate educator (Univ.), Naturopath for psychotherapy
Child care free of charge after prior registration.
place Garden of the Evangelical Lutheran. Municipality of Emmaus (Garden City)
Pachelbelstrasse 15th
90469 Nuremberg
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