Breast augmentation is very painful

Breast Augmentation Pain - What Is Normal And What Is Not?

Breast augmentation (breast augmentation) is a major invasive procedure that requires a longer healing process. Any pain that occurs is completely normal.
As an experienced surgeon in the field of breast augmentation, I would like to explain to you in this post about the different types of pain after breast augmentation and show you which ones are normal and when you should notify your surgeon.
The pain sensation differs from woman to woman and depends on numerous factors, such as the access, i.e. whether the implants were inserted through the underbust or the armpit, for example.
The pain is usually described as a strong feeling of pressure or tension, comparable to sore muscles. As a specialist in the field of breast augmentation, I offer you:
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Breast pain after breast augmentation?

Of course, chest pain is probably the most common, after all, in two of the three possible approaches, the implants are placed over the chest.
In particular, getting up from lying down is perceived as very uncomfortable to painful.
Jerky movements and physical exertion can cause more severe pain for a short time.
You should therefore avoid such movements completely in the first few weeks so as not to impair the healing process.

Back pain after breast augmentation?

Pain in the back after breast augmentation can occur just as often.
Some patients feel this pain even more than that in the chest area.
This pain rarely lasts longer than a week. If this is the case, you should notify your surgeon.

Swelling and bruising after breast augmentation?

After the breast operation, there may be more or less pronounced swellings on the breast, as well as bruising and bruising. Regular cooling with cooling pads will quickly subside the swelling. If you wear solid sports bras, this can also have a decongestant effect.

Pain after a breast augmentation while sleeping?

Stomach sleepers in particular can experience pain after breast augmentation if they sleep on their stomach, although they do not otherwise feel any pain.
However, only sleeping on your back is allowed for the first time after breast surgery.
Elevating your legs and warming can relieve other pain and let you sleep in peace

Pain Relief Drugs After Breast Augmentation?

Many women resort to medication to stop them from feeling pain. Great caution is required here.
You must always discuss the use of pain relievers with your doctor. Only take prescribed supplements.
For pain after a breast augmentation, medication with a blood-thinning effect should never be taken.
Doctors usually prescribe ibuprofen, novalmine sulfone or paracetamol, as these have a particularly pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect and do not lead to complications.

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