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White Cabbage Day - National Cabbage Day in the USA

Vegetable fans watch out and join in. The February 17th you should definitely consider yourself as an American Day of the white cabbage (engl. National Cabbage Day) notice. But that's not all, because in many older online calendars this event is actually known as World Cabbage Day. Reason enough to add this Food Holiday to the calendar strange holidays from all over the world and to shed some light on his story with the following lines. So why do we celebrate Brassica oleracea var. Capitata on this date in February?

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When is Cabbage Day?

The day of the white cabbage (English National Cabbage Day and World Cabbage Day) always falls on February 17th of the year.

Who started National Cabbage Day?

As with so many other culinary celebrations and action days in the United States, it is unfortunately also the case with National Cabbage Day that its origins or backgrounds are not particularly well documented.

Although most of the popular websites and online portals on the subject of food holidays list this event for today, February 17th, information on a specific initiator or the exact year of foundation is missing in these reports. But that's a well-known problem in the calendar of the strange world days (see also the article on the US Eat Brussels Sprouts Day on January 31).

Why does US Cabbage Day fall on February 17th?

In view of the lack of background information, it becomes clear relatively quickly that the selected date also falls within the range of an arbitrary calendar setting. February 17th falls into the typical white cabbage season from late autumn to winter, but why it should be this date is not explained or explained in more detail.

To make matters worse, the white cabbage is generally sold as a winter vegetable, but the vegetable actually grows from April and some varieties can actually be bought all year round.

In this respect, it seems to me that there is a substantive connection to World Human Spirit Day, which is also celebrated today, the US American Day of Coffee Latte (National Café au Lait Day) or the day of spontaneous niceties (English Random Acts of Kindness Day) in New Zealand and the USA is also very unlikely.

Kitchen Knowledge: Five Curious Facts You Should Know About White Cabbage

As always, when the background to a curious holiday is rather unclear, it is wise to focus on the existing facts of the celebrated object or occasion. And in the case of white cabbage, too, there are a whole lot of interesting facts to report. The following list from the Kitchen Knowledge category provides five curious facts that you should know about this type of cabbage:

  • Let's start with a linguistic approximation. Because on closer inspection, the white cabbage has a whole range of names: white cabbage, white cabbage, capes, capes, cappus, cabbage, kobis or just cabbage. As a rule, these are derived from the Latin word capitum (dt. The head). The shape of the vegetable was almost certainly the inspiration here. Both the French caboche and the English cabbage refer to this Latin tribe. By the way, the Americans got acquainted with vegetables through the French Jacques Cartier.
  • Let's stay with the language for now. Although British and American soldiers coined the term Krauts as ethnophaulism for the Germans during the two world wars, the white cabbage is definitely not a German invention. As a cultivated plant, the vegetables, like all types of cabbage, originally come from the Mediterranean region and were already a popular food in ancient Rome. Perhaps the synonymous use of the Kappes, which is common in the Rhineland and the Ruhr area, describes no less than nonsense or nonsense.
  • However, one was probably not completely wrong with this ascription. Because even if the term Krauts primarily refers to the excessive consumption of sauerkraut by our compatriots, the white cabbage is still considered the best-selling type of cabbage in Germany. And the majority - around 90 percent - actually comes from the local regions, where the largest closed cabbage-growing area in Europe is located in Dithmarschen.
  • Already knew? Cabbage heads are still harvested by hand.
  • White cabbage is healthy. Especially in winter, the vegetables offer a lot of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Popular dishes with white cabbage as an ingredient include hearty stews, cabbage cakes, cabbage rolls, but also delicious, fresh salads.

With this in mind: Bon appetit and a great National Cabbage Day to all of you. Whether in the United States, Germany or anywhere else in the world.

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