How to Recover Android Photos

Recover photos on Android - How it works

Recover photos:

  1. Open Google Photos app on your Android device (log in with your Google account if necessary).
  2. In the top left, tap the three-strokemenu and go up waste paper bin.
  3. Here you can see your deleted items. Press and hold the photo or video you want to restore.
  4. Now tap on Restore. You can now find the photo in your gallery app, in the Google Photos app and in all albums in which it was previously displayed.

If you can no longer find your deleted picture in the trash, it may be permanently deleted.

Samsung phones also have their own recycle bin in the gallery app. In the album overview, tap on the three dots to find deleted photos. Deleted image files are kept here for 30 days.

Can't find the photo or video anymore?

If you can no longer find a deleted item in the trash, you cannot restore it. This can have the following causes:

  • You placed the item in the trash more than 60 days ago.
  • The recycle bin has meanwhile been emptied.
  • You have already deleted the picture in the trash.
  • You have already deleted the photo from the gallery app on your Android smartphone without first having it in theGoogle Photos appto have secured.

If nothing works, you can use your PC to try to restore your photos. It's that easy to recover deleted files.