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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth

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Lord of the Rings:
The battle for middle earth

Original title

The Lord of the Rings:
The Battle for Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth is a video game from 2004 set in the world of The Lord of the Rings.

In the strategy game The battle for middle earth (SuM) you play the plot of the three Lord of the Rings films. In the two single player campaigns you play either the good side (Rohan and Gondor) or the bad side (Mordor and Isengart). In the two campaigns you can re-enact all the important battles of the film trilogy. Optionally, you can also liberate or subjugate all areas of Middle-earth. This does not have to be done to complete the respective campaign, but it does bring experience points and other bonuses. In addition to the two solo campaigns, there is also a multiplayer part in which you can choose to play against human opponents on the Internet or against the computer, and a mode in which you fight against computer opponents on a selected map.


There are two different game modes in Battle for Middle-earth:

Overview map

The overview map shows the whole of Middle-earth, divided into the different areas, at a glance. Using small banners in a region, the player can identify his own and enemy armies, select and attack them. If the player with an army attacks an area that is not yet under his control, the game automatically switches to combat mode (see below). The overview map mode is only available in the campaign, but not in combat or multiplayer. In these game variants, the game begins in combat mode.

Combat mode

In combat mode, each player has a fortress, camp or outpost at their disposal at the beginning of the game. At the beginning these consist of a main building and a wall (only the good faction has walls). In addition, depending on the size of the camp, there are 3-9 building sites available. These building sites can be upgraded with barracks, defense systems or with buildings that collect raw materials. Most of the time there are still free camps on the maps that the player can occupy and build on. As soon as you have built a barracks or something similar you can create an army and wipe out the enemy. Each faction has different units. Mordor, for example, only leads weak orcs into battle at the beginning, but after a few upgrades they have the two most powerful units in the game (Olifanten and mountain trolls). In addition, the player has powerful spells at their disposal, which can be bought with experience points. These are obtained by defeating enemy units. The command points are also an essential part of the gameplay. A battalion of Rohirrim warriors z. B., which consists of 5 units, consumes 15 command points. The command points can be increased by bonuses for won battles; 300 for the good faction and 600 for the bad faction. This great contrast is balanced out in the game by the fact that the good faction not only has the average stronger units, but also has numerous heroes.

Heroes are overpowering units known from the films (e.g. Legolas, Gandalf, Faramir or Frodo Baggins). The evil faction also owns some heroes, but usually only one hero appears at the same time, while with Gondor four heroes can be controlled at the same time towards the end of the game. In the game, heroes can learn numerous special attacks that cause devastating damage, but which are only available at certain time intervals. These attacks are learned through roleplay-like level increases: every battalion of soldiers, almost every building and every hero gain experience. For heroes and soldiers this happens through combat, for unit-producing buildings by producing units and for farm buildings by producing raw materials. A number of advantages are gained by ascending a level. B. Level 2 regenerates deceased units over time, a level 2 Gondor smithy can develop weapon upgrades, and a level 2 Gondor shooting range can equip archers with fire arrows. In addition, units get better attack values, buildings get better defense and production values. However, you don't necessarily have to build a new army for every battle. The units that are left at the end of one battle are carried over to the next (this only applies to campaign mode).



Strengths and weaknesses of Rohan

Rohan's strengths are the Rohirrim and mounted archers, who make up an excellent cavalry. The Ents are also extremely strong. Rohan has many heroes and the best archers in the game: Elves who can camouflage themselves in the forest and draw swords.

Rohan's weaknesses include poor initial infantry, Rohan's peasants, who have no military training or equipment. Rohirrim also have an enormous weakness against lancers. Rohan's foot soldiers are defenseless against enemy cavalry in the open field, as the charging cavalry overrun the enemy, but spearmen in formation can withstand it. Rohan doesn't have spearmen, and if the archers don't have walls, Rohan's infantry are in dire straits.

Units of rohan

  • farmers
  • Rohirrim Rider
  • Mounted archers
  • Freedom archers
  • Standard bearer (upgrade)
  • Elven warriors
  • Ents (can only be recruited in Entthing)

Heroes of Rohan


Strengths and weaknesses of Gondor

Gondor's strengths are the well-equipped soldiers at reasonable prices, the excellent defense by tower guards and wall catapults. In addition there are the ranger archers, who can camouflage themselves like elves in the forest. Another advantage is the Army of the Dead, which only needs 10 special points and is the deadliest force in the Battle of Middle-earth. It can only be seriously damaged by the Balrog, who however needs 20 points and cannot win a victory over the army of the dead.

Gondor's weaknesses are the expensive economy and buildings at relatively high prices, in which you can never train more than 2 types of troops. In addition, all unit battalions have a strength of 5 men (as with Rohan too), which makes them easier to wear out.

Units of Gondors

  • Gondor soldiers
  • Gondor archers
  • Gondor Knight
  • Tower guards
  • Ranger
  • Catapults
  • Standard bearer (upgrade)

Heroes of Gondor

Special skills on the good side

  • Army show (all farmers are equipped with weapons and armor)
  • Heal (the selected units / heroes are healed, one unit per battalion is revived)
  • Elven gift (heroes permanently inflict more damage)
  • Allied Elves (Summons three battalions of Elven Warriors)
  • Gandalf the White (+ 100% damage from Gandalf's abilities, half recharge time for Gandalf's abilities)
  • Call Rohan (Summons five battalions of Rohirrim)
  • Cloudburst (darkness and freezing rain are dissolved and all enemy units, except heroes, are momentarily stunned)
  • Elven forest (An elven forest grows at the selected location, allied units receive a leadership and armament bonus, enemy units lose theirs)
  • Allied Ents (Summons Four Ents)
  • Anduril (Aragorn deals double damage)
  • Allied Eagles (Summons Two Eagles)
  • Army of the Dead (Summons the Army of the Dead)

The fellows

  • Merry (Rohan) and Pippin (Gondor)
  • Frodo Baggins (campaign only)
  • Sam (campaign only)
  • Gandalf (Gondor)
  • Gimli (Rohan)
  • Legolas (Rohan)
  • Boromir (Gondor)
  • Aragorn (Rohan)

Bad side

Isengard's strengths and weaknesses

Isengart's strengths include the deadly and quick-to-create Uruks as well as many soldiers, a strong economy and the hero Lurtz. In addition, you don't have to wait for an army building to be upgraded to buy troop upgrades, you can purchase them in the armory.

Isengard also has weaknesses: As the first infantry unit, the Uruks are very expensive, the fortresses of Isengard do not enclose any walls, apart from the wargs there are no cavalry. Furthermore, catapults are missing and there is only one type of shooter available.

Units of Isengard

  • Orc Worker (Sawmill)
  • Uruk-hai
  • Uruk lance bearer
  • Uruk crossbowman
  • Uruk Berserker
  • Warg rider
  • battering ram
  • Ballista
  • mine
  • Siege Ladder
  • Standard bearer (upgrade)

Heroes of Isengard


Strengths and weaknesses of Mordor

Mordor's strengths are the largest number of commander points in the game, a similarly good economy as Isengard and, with the Orcs, a starting unit that does not cost any raw materials to produce. Mordor also commands the most powerful creatures in the game: Nazgûl, Trolls and Olifanten and has very powerful siege machinery.

Mordor's weaknesses include the extremely weak orcs as the first infantry unit, just like with Isengard no walls around the fortresses and no real cavalry. The strong creatures are also the most expensive units in the game.

Units of Mordor

  • Orc Worker (Sawmill)
  • Orc warrior
  • Orc archers
  • Haradrim Lance Bearer
  • Rhûn soldiers (Easterlings)
  • Olifanten / Mûmakil (only available in certain battles)
  • Mountain troll
  • Drummer Troll
  • Siege Tower (only available in certain battles)
  • catapult
  • battering ram
  • Standard bearer (upgrade)
  • Grond (only available in the Minas Tirith campaign)
  • Tribute carts (only in Nah-Harad Campaign)

Heroes of Mordor

Special skills of the evil side

  • War song (the selected units cause more damage)
  • Industry (the selected resource buildings temporarily produce more resources and get more experience)
  • Stoke the fires (the sawmills produce more raw materials over the long term)
  • Palantir view (reveals the selected area, selected units move faster)
  • Devastation (The selected trees are felled and immediately converted into raw materials)
  • Looters (There are resources for every defeated enemy and building)
  • Corruption (Corrupts the selected area and gives a bonus to allied units, enemy units lose theirs)
  • Eye of Sauron (Summons Sauron's Eye, gives units a bonus)
  • Darkness (The whole map is covered in darkness and gives units a bonus; cancels freezing rain)
  • Freezing rain (it starts to rain and the enemies lose their bonuses; picks up darkness)
  • Call the Horde (The Mordor Orcs and Mordor Archers are temporarily produced twice as fast)
  • Summon Balrog (Summons the Mighty Balrog)

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