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YouTube Premium: Super cheap thanks to VPN

COMPUTER BILD shows how you can get YouTube Premium at a bargain price.

Attentive YouTube users should already have noticed that more and more advertising has been placed in the videos in recent months. While you were able to enjoy most of the video clips undisturbed in the past, you have to reckon with the fact that the commercial block will increasingly become a brake on fun in the future. If the advertising bothers you and you want to go back to the ad-free YouTube paradise, there is only one way out: YouTube Premium. However, YouTube charges around 12 euros per month for the premium service in this country. That is comparatively sporty, in other countries you pay much less, for example in Argentina. There the standard tariff costs a stupid 1.10 euros per month and for the family tariff you shell out a slim 1.65 euros per month. In the latter case, you share the account with up to five people who live in the same household. In just a few steps, COMPUTER BILD explains how you can get the premium service for little money and what you need to consider.

The best VPN services

YouTube Premium: What's in it?

First things first: commercial breaks are a thing of the past with a Premium membership. The paid tariff also enables video and music downloads as well as background playback. The latter feature continues videos on the mobile device when you open another app or the screen is turned off. Even the entire world of YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Kids and Google Play Music is included. Not to forget: access to YouTube Originals. These are films and series specially produced for YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium: Select a VPN provider

In order to benefit from the super low prices in Argentina, you first need to create a YouTube premium account overseas. But don't worry, you don't need to drive to the airport and get on the plane, just use a so-called virtual private network, or VPN for short. This allows you to travel virtually to any country and bypass any country lock.
There is a pleasingly large selection of VPN providers, but not every VPN service is suitable for every purpose. Since you only need the VPN service once for the registration process with YouTube Premium, a free service is completely sufficient. We have chosen TunnelBear, which you can get as a free version in our download area. You can of course also use other VPN services. It is only important that the provider operates suitable VPN servers in the target country. In our case in Argentina.

As a user of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or BBC iPlayer, you should perhaps consider switching to a paid VPN service. The catalogs of the streaming services differ from country to country and are protected by geoblocks that cannot easily be bypassed. For example, Netflix in Canada offers a much larger pool of films and series than in this country. Good VPN services help, among other things, to bypass country blocks and make hidden content accessible. We recommend NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN, for example. Both services are also suitable for registering with YouTube Premium in Argentina. And both offer clear advantages in terms of security, privacy and speed when you are on the Internet. They also operate VPN servers that are specially optimized for streaming.

Good VPN services such as NordVPN (picture) and CyberGhost have a server infrastructure distributed around the world, including in Argentina.

YouTube Premium: Bypass VPN country blocks

Once you have decided on a VPN provider, installed and started the program, first open the server or country selection. Select Argentina as the location. Once connected to the Argentine VPN server, start your web browser and open the YouTube Premium homepage. Now check that you are actually connected to the Argentine YouTube page. If the YouTube logo has the abbreviation "AR" in the top left and the prices are shown in Argentine Pesos (ARS), everything is fine. By the way, language skills in Spanish are not required. The website is presented to you in German, just with Argentine prices.

YouTube Premium: Set up a Google account

To sign in to YouTube Premium, you first need to set up a Google account. We advise you to create a new Google account. Otherwise, a Google Pay profile that is already linked to a Google account would be deleted. In this process you would also lose all purchases in the Play Store, for example apps, music, e-books. Therefore, it makes more sense to create a new account and set it up later as a second account for YouTube. On the YouTube Premium homepage, first click on in the upper right corner Log In and follow the steps to set up the Google account.

If the price is in Argentine Pesos (ARS) you are on the right track.

YouTube Premium: Get a subscription

Once you have created the Google account, open the YouTube Premium homepage again. Make sure that the VPN connection to Argentina is in place and that the Argentine YouTube page is displayed. At the top right of the website, you should see your abbreviation in a colored circle. This shows you that you are now signed in with your Google account. If not, click on the login button there and enter your login data.
If you opt for the standard tariff for a single user, first click on the button on the YouTube Premium homepage Try it for free. This tariff currently costs the equivalent of 1.10 euros per month. A form opens in which you enter your credit card details and billing address. German debit and credit cards are also accepted as means of payment. Enter an address in Argentina as the billing address. Don't worry, Google won't verify the address, it just needs to be real. This can also be the address of a fast food restaurant in Buenos Aires that you found using Google Maps. Once the form has been filled out in full, you can conclude the subscription contract by clicking on the to buy-Button off.
If you would rather have the family package, which is suitable for up to six people, then click on the blue link on the YouTube Premium homepage Family membership. The family package currently costs the equivalent of 1.65 euros per month. A gray box with a blue one opens on the start page Try it for free-Button. Click on it and proceed as described above for the standard tariff. After purchasing, you can easily add other Google accounts as family members later.
Note that in both plans the contract is automatically renewed every month. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time via the YouTube settings.
As soon as the purchase is complete, you can disconnect the VPN connection again. From now on, log in to your newly created Google account as normal and enjoy the premium functions of the streaming provider.

YouTube Premium: Terms of Use

In the terms of use, the streaming service points out geographic restrictions and requires that its users agree not to "provide false, inaccurate or misleading information in order to falsely impersonate a resident of a country in which the paid services are available You also agree that you will not attempt to circumvent any restrictions on the use or availability of the Paid Services or the content available on the Paid Services. " Violations of the terms of use can result in the account being blocked or even deleted. So it's a game with fire if you set up the YouTube Premium account abroad with the help of a VPN - albeit a lucrative game.

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