How can I make myself puke

How can I best induce nausea in an emergency? What if I ate the wrong thing or took too many pills? I heard you drink salt water?

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Depending on what you poisoned yourself with, you should never induce vomiting! It is best to call the poison control center immediately, e.g. B. Berlin poison hotline: 030-19240. Do not give salt water!
High speed
Copper sulfate works too, no idea whether this is healthier or worse than salt water.
However, nausea is not always the best solution. There are poisons that shouldn't pass through the esophagus again.
So better first of all. Emergency number.
Highly dangerous tip! Copper sulfate leads to symptoms of poisoning,
and can damage the liver and kidneys! It is used to combat algae
and in industry.
It generally helps to just stick a finger down your throat. But I would really only do it in an extreme emergency, because something like this can very easily tempt you to get rid of too much food in this way after a meal. Boulimie sufferers, for example, also like to use this method. So in any case, caution is advised.
Mirko G√ľnther
Salt water causes an instant nausea in most people. Coarse sea salt is best, however, as it irritates the throat even more. Otherwise there is of course the well-tried "finger in the neck" method, which usually works immediately.
You should always call the poison control center first, because vomiting is not the right solution for everything that can be swallowed. If, for example, children have rummaged through the cleaning supplies, you may make it worse with nausea.
Bulimic cat
finger inside the neck helps best :) I always do x3
Call a doctor, call the fire brigade 112, or go straight to the nearest hospital, inducing vomiting can be negative in case of doubt. And most importantly, keep calm.