What is it like to be polyamorous in Uruguay

Kw24 13 06 2018

by Brändle, Anke

Is the climate going crazy? - Page 1 | Unbearable suffering - Page 2 | City should become safer - Page 5 | Photographing the beauty of home - Page 12 | What's in the DFB-Elf? - Page 13 | Rumors and a trip to Lausitz - Page 13 | With ... More

Is the climate going crazy? - Page 1 | Unbearable suffering - Page 2 | City should become safer - Page 5 | Photographing the beauty of home - Page 12 | What's in the DFB-Elf? - Page 13 | Rumors and a trip to Lausitz - Page 13 | Over hill and dale with mountain bike professionals - Page 14 | Who has a chance of winning the World Cup? - Page 15 Less

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WORLD CUP PREJOYMENT Everything about the mega event in this issue of THE CITROËN C3 AIRCRO AIRCROSS C SS AS A DEMONSTRATION CAR from € 13,490.00 1 citroen.de 1 Private customer offer for the CITROËN C3 Aircross PureTech 82 Live (60 kW) as a demo car with EZ 06 / 18 and 1,200 km, valid while stocks last. Intermediate and mistakes reserved. Fig. Shows possible special equipment / higher quality equipment. Autohaus Rüd, Inh. Jörg Rüd e.K. (H) Zinkmattenstrasse 16 • 79108 Freiburg Telephone: 0761/88 85 100 24th week l Wednesday, June 13, 2018 l Edition 111,500 Pure reading pleasure. For 66 years. www.citroen-haendler.de/rued-freiburg (H) = authorized dealer, (A) = authorized workshop with new vehicle agency, (V) = sales point freiburger-wochenbericht.de l Basler Strasse 88 l 79115 Freiburg l Telephone 07 61/45 15 - 35 00 Fitness-Loft kraft.werk Is the climate going crazy? Constant thunderstorms cloud the joy of summer summer in stahl PHOTO: BR I GI TTESAS SE from May to August 2018 restaurant and beer garden daily in good weather Lawsuit against the mother and her significant other Does the weather make you feel like the thunderstorm was pronounced- air temperature and the humidity- the sultriness robs many of them of sleep. f transfer ssball -wm everyone in the case of abuse Staufen started to create? Many people from southern Baden are high. In the last 30 days. “We can then no longer play an important factor for locally important play. For years, a boy should have felt more like the one we had in Freiburg 21 thunderstorms - temperature-regulating, abused climate with a stronger thunderstorm tendency on the big screen and meeting other pedophiles in the humid rainy season in Southeast Asia, Freiburg has an average of 33 because the moisture on the skin is that Black Forest. The surveys 79104 FREIBURG · KARTÄUSERSTR. SERSTR 99 have sold. Now the state has thunderstorm days per year in the early summer of Breisgau. “This does not evaporate,” explains the low mountain range beneficiary at T: 07 61.3 34 02 · WWW.ZUM-STAHL.DE waltschaft Freiburg prosecution speaks against a quota of 70 percent. In scientists. certain air flow constants. Meteorologists explain another “customer” - a 33- Freiburg it was one degree warmer in May when the thunderstorm formed. In the year old Spaniards - raised. He what's behind it. More than the long-term average, in addition to health consequences in the past few weeks, this has been since mid-December in What about the weather in the south - 21 percent more precipitation fell. Andreas Matzarakis, the head of the case. “What is important in this context is pre-trial detention. He gets going under bathing? Not only that the meteo- Exceptional: Already the Bioclimate Department at the Germans menhang also the intensity of the other serious sexual mistrologist Jörg Kachelmann last April was the warmest since the weather forecast increases. In need in 15 cases, week with the myth cleared up, drawing. The fact that two months after the year in Freiburg there are already about ten consequences of climate change should also be reinforced by recordings that Freiburg is the warmest city, new temperature records, days with a particularly high humidity trend, ”said Taten. Germany is (“It's all nonsense!”). are set up is based on informa- tion. Usually it is in Christians. Since the air at higher 쮿 WINDOWS + DOORS Read more about this on page 2 No, many in the region have the functions of the German Weather Service around 15 for a whole year. Heat warnings were an extremely rare event that could take place in this, it is likely to experience a kind of monsoon season in the future 쮿 VERGLASUNGEN sommer: and came out conspicuously early in the past hundred years. “That also comes to heavy rain more often. Sultry temperatures, violent years so far only in November and makes people stronger than usual What many are now asking: Let 쮿 REPAIRS thunderstorms and again and again floods December 2015 before. to create, because the organism is so different from the previous course of the like precipitation. The thunderstorms - "Individual events cannot statistically - early in the year - seriously - at the beginning of spring and summer - 79104 Freiburg warning of the German weather service - no trend has been confirmed," says Matzarakis. se conclusions on the further course of Stadtstrasse 60 tes is almost becoming an everyday occurrence. gen. The whole situation of the sultry weather has also been healthy- this World Cup summer drag? “No, Fon: 07 61/3 38 32 Andreas Christen, professor for the past two months with the holistic effects: Veins and we cannot do such long-term Fax: 07 61/28 64 44 Environmental meteorology at the university Record temperatures and frequent veins expand. Make local forecasts for people. In short, www.steinhart-fensterbau.de Freiburg, confirms that the Witte thunderstorms are definitely a low blood pressure, but in the head it is now tro- At the Freiburg Regional Court, the last was exceptional. Signs of climate change, ”says pain and dizziness as a result. and the thunderstorm against the mother and her “May was the Andreas Christians in Germany. The one of many The reason: The heart should decrease at the same time. ”For the public partner in Staufen's unheated month since the start of the case of need. PHOTO: JOERS weather record 1881. And also the humidness felt strongly by Freiburg residents is a mixture from that time pumping significantly more blood through the body. In addition, viewing and beer garden watching would not be bad! Sven Meyer Police warns of fraudsters Trial of train attendants False officers on the move The number of cases in which crime detective train employees have to answer for sexual abuse in 226 cases and pretend to be police officers is increasing rapidly, according to the police Freiburg District Court ruled between June 2013 and let. Sometimes he has the hand. The scammers warn by telephone will act from Monday, June 18, around October 2017 in the context of train movements due to outstanding school break-ins and offer to cash a 48-year-old train attendant from the 12 to 17-year-old boy who will drive them but also and to pick up jewelry and at Südbaden, who addressed himself in general and persuaded them to "keep them safe" with some amounts of money at the police station. 226 cases of serious sexual activity to accompany him to his apartment, digit area “paid”. Those already affected should not be aware of child abuse and so should the public prosecutor. There in April 2016 the accused was alleged to have been guilty of the alleged phone number of the police. He was alleged to have had sexual acts fooled for a period of time (such as 07 61/1 10) because of relevant acts. The defendant, who made the boy, was sentenced to ten months probation of having his ID card shown. and report anything suspicious to the police. from 99 Get in now with top rates! Generation Audi A1 Generati * Get it now! € * Monthly financing rate, an offer from Audi-Bank, Braunschweig. While stocks last Autohaus Gehlert GmbH & Co.KG | Tullastrasse 82 | 79108 Freiburg | 0761 / 51046-0 | www.gehlert.de No. 1 in the region.

2 LO K A L E S Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 “Joyride” for the fire brigade anniversary in Opfingen The Opfing department of the Tuniberg communities celebrated with a large parade the many spectators on the streets. Height- Freiwilligen fire brigade Freiburg celebrates its 150th anniversary. 25 point was the presentation of two historical hand syringes. In addition, there were old-timer fire engines from Freiburg, the Breisgau and there was a historical demonstration exercise in front of the Opfingen town hall. PHOTO: Z V G Unbearable suffering Abuse case from Staufen: Main accused have to answer to the regional court in Freiburg The own mother and her partner are said to have misused a boy for years in South Baden. Visit our needs and have sold to other pedophiles exhibition in the. The horror couple has been standing together at the PLAMECO specialist company Kleinhans at the Freiburg Regional Court since Monday. NEW (T) ROOM CEILING Am Elzdamm 36/1 79312 Emmendingen During the three-hour reading of the in just one day! Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Then call right away! 07 61 - 6 00 86 82 Hellmouth. What came to light there at the regional court in Freiburg is so dark, brutal and incomprehensible that it shocked many of those present. The two defendants, Lisa G. (48) and André C. (39) - names changed - are the main culprits. suspects in the Staufen abuse process, which the police consider www.ags-freiburg.de to be the worst child abuse case in the history of Baden-Württemberg. Between 2015 and autumn 2017, the accused mother is led out of the large courtroom of the regional court on Monday. PHO T O: DP A / S E EG E R INHERCHT the birth mother and her TAX OPTIMIZATION should be offered to previously convicted men all over Europe for the sexual abuse of a child. They traveled to South Baden, disgusted pain and the disgust that the boy had to endure. The main culprit, I put on this shoe. ”He himself has a heavy child- WITH THE partner in the most massive way of the now 9-year-old son, he needed the boy in the presence of the couple and paid for it. That while all these atrocities were being read out showed the mother had been raped, he explained about his background. Who have "SUPER LEGACY". Previously, the two spectrum of bezaling had ranged from no excitement. Outwardly, mother has been silent so far. Your defense- »QUESTION: Together with my wife, I would like to spend several months on a mentally fast-food menu up to 10,000 euros. lost she sat stoically on top of the prosecutor, however, declared on Monday that he would draw up his will, in which we initially opposed- Prof. Dr. Johannes impaired girls passed away, the abuse also occurred in the bank. No trace of remorse or the client was about to testify. to the respective sole heir. Our two Gröger that is the daughter of a friend. Absence of paying celebration - when sadness. Your partner, who ended in the martyrdom of children, should only inherit when the last of us lawyer, Lisa G., had the 3-year-old from time to time one was among themselves. Under the infinite contrast to the mother of almost a child by a special command to take care of her, the adversities that he looked dressed up, also showed do-access in the fall of 2017. He's pissing. We have now heard that we may be a lawyer specializing in inheritance law and relieve the mother. The first day of the negotiation revealed no signs of empathy. Since then it has been in considerable tax allowances, which our children in T: 0761 38 56 90 terrible truth only came through te, is one of the most disturbing that there were moments when you could take care and live with a care claim could, but thereby “give away” as it were. There are confiscated videos here. Mother to win her son permanently humiliated - impression that he is enjoying his family - he is trying to find ways of trauma, flexible arrangements that give the long-lived one of us a The couple are, among other things, threatened and even degenerate. process, it is said. Give eight more leeway? Serious rape and coercive kind of abuse - regularly as The 39-year-old, who is in the case of the case »ANSWER: Basically, prostitution must already be finally regulated in a will in over 58 cases to the burden of" child whore "," filthy bitch " or some pedophile forums. The public prosecutor will be who exactly should receive or inherit what. In particular, it is not allowed to be placed. Almost all of the deeds are "pig" on video. The fact that her partner gave her men a "horny daddy" incurred long prison sentences and, for example, to name or commission a third party who should then determine who, for example, B. documented and the son made a confession with “You're daddy's little one, coolly and away. Which will inherit the accused. There are very few exceptions to this principle. So it is z. B. Judiciary evaluated. The boy became a whore ", was also charged with" apart from a few small things - preventive detention. The judgment possible, the naming of an executor of another via the Darknet pedophile to the horrible everyday life like the keiten “correct. “In the end, I'm the one who should fall in mid-July. To leave Sven Meyer to a person or institution, or to make the beneficiary of an heir dependent on the occurrence of a certain event or a certain fact (e.g. the birth of a child). The "disinheritance" in the event that, for example, a child asserts his or her compulsory portion when the first parent dies is such an exception. Does the CSD in Freiburg fail? New job for Helga Mayer-Salomon The little-known “super legacy” offers the city and organizers a special opportunity to exhaust tax-free amounts. This allows the heir (in this case the personnel changes are there in the There is trouble between the administrative office for project development and the city-sole inheriting spouse) to determine which child, for example, which amount is to be renewed for Christopher Street Day (APS ) is to receive based on the form of a legacy. In particular, it can make sense that the large parade of the community - large-scale projects such as the construction of the SC - the surviving spouse is given the right to each descendant of e.g. gays, lesbians, stadiums. One of the new positions over l 400,000.00 (current allowance) to be allocated as a legacy of the deceased. Bisexuals and transgender people, and takes Helga Mayer-Salomon. With such a “super legacy”, not only the tax allowances of the city of Freiburg can. As already in the pre-departure of the deputy of the children can be optimally used, but it can also be achieved, year the city wants to prevent that head of office Thomas Dettling from old age, that the children do not assert a right to a compulsory portion to which they are entitled, the parade through the Kaiser-Joseph- founding in mid-2019, she will take over the surviving parent, leaving them "unmolested". Road pulls. This post is also decisive. There is also »TIP: The formulation and content of such a legacy security concern. Communi- on July 1, a new staff position, which requires a high level of expertise and experience in the design of the testament, was adorned the ban only shortly before the current OB spokeswoman decrees. Even the smallest mistakes can lead to ineffectiveness and serious relocation. Should the parade be taken at the Stefanie Werntgen. result in tax disadvantages. It is therefore imperative to direct the collection by the city center, the changes should be recommended with the expert advice, preferably by a specialist lawyer for inheritance law. do the organizers think about it Christopher Street Day, which is to take place in Freiburg on June 23, is discussed by future Mayor Martin Horn, considering canceling the parade. possibly on the brink. PHOTO: W I N FR I ED ROT HER ME L / D PA says a message from the city.

4 DATES Freiburg Weekly Report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 “Mehrklang” celebrates its anniversary concert in the Archaeological Collection On Saturday, June 16, the program will be celebrated. Mehrklang-Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Freiburg celebrates its ten-year best The concert will be opened by choir singing with works by P. Hindemith. Beginning is at 7 p.m. and at 9 p.m. and O. Messiaen, you can continue to hear a clock in the Archaeological Collection - wind solos as well as the first movement by I.Development of the University of Freiburg in the Herderbau Xenakis “Pléiades” for six percussi (Habsburgerstrasse 114). There are onists. Admission: 20/10 euros, admission of antique originals and casts from 6.30 p.m. Tickets at BZ-Karten- Greek, Etruscan and Roman service 07 61/4 96 88 88 and at! "# $%" & '((Scher art, which in the musical www.reservix.de. PHOTO: MEHRKLANG%) '(* +,' (! ""! # '((! "" - "" $ $% &' (% '. (! "" / $ 0) &' (* '(! "" Powerful medieval rock District festival News about incontinence and pelvic floor weakness On Monday, June 18, 2018 from 5:00 p.m. in the Bürgerhaus Seepark, on the weekend Gerh.-Hauptmann-Str. 1, 79110 Freiburg, an information event will be held by the continence center of the Freiburg University Medical Center. Haslach celebrates June 17th and 17th Experts from various departments want to inform you The band “In Extremo” is coming to the ZMF on July 29th - we are giving away tickets for its 12th district festival. On Saturday and discussing with you. Admission is free. “In Extremo “With over 1.5 million records sold, the thonwiese awaits the visitors to the melancholy from 12 noon to 10 pm a most successful medieval rock-bu nth program. For the first time, the celebration will take place over two days. On Sunday © YakobchukOlena band Germany. For more than 20 years, they have been delighting their fans with an ecumenical service at 10 a.m., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. a morning pint with centuries-old instruments, as well as exotic harmonies and there is a game course for children. powerful heavy guitars. On July 29th (8 p.m., circus tent), ogrammed no prs through e-learning will be performed at the ZMF. Nostalgic fair rn Scheite Find out now! Tel 0761 21443430 "In perfection" - this is how the Stühlingen band name "In Extremo" translates from Success to a new job! Latin translate. A name, the Bürgererverein organizes the development of the Berlin church square from retraining IT specialist (IHK) 07/09/18 medieval rocker early on Thursday, June 14th, 6 p.m. until> system integration with MCSA certification . In two decades Sunday, June 17th, the nostalgic> application development with Oracle certification is the Berlin medieval rock band fair. Every day from 3 p.m., it invites courses with international certifications to one of the most popular and successful German formations for driving the amusement rides> SAP® courses. The prices of the meals for beginners and advanced users have also grown together on 25.06.18. stay nostalgic. On the best of compilation> MCSA / MCSE Server 2016 07/17/18 Individual GFN job coaching (AVGS) at any time "40 true songs" are 40 song highlights from over 20 years of band- The medieval rockers from "In Extremo" PHOTO: R OBER TEIK ELPO TH Festival for children and develop your new future prospects now! history united. At their concert youngsters they also play classics Mediaval freaks ridiculed, the concert of "In Extremo" on July 29th GFN AG | Training center Freiburg | Unterwerkstrasse 5 like “Neunerle” or “Merseburger Berliner” today with over 1.5 million at the ZMF. If you want to win, call the Social and Youth Center Tel 0761 21443430 | [email protected] | www.gfn.de Zaubersprüche II “, numbers like the sound carriers sold as the successful - from today, June 13th, to Sunday, 17th Breisacher Hof organized on If the personal requirements are met, you can contact the Employment Agency (education voucher), the Job center or other cost bearers are funded 100%! "Kiss me" and "Liam (with Rea the richest medieval rock band in June, midnight on 01 37/9 37 95 Friday, June 15, 2 pm the 19th Garvey)", to newer tracks in Germany. 95 (€ 0.50 per call from the German Mooswald district festival for children such as “To be free”, “Heaven and landline / mobile phone tariffs and young people. Groups from Hell”, or the latest live anthem tickets at www.zmf. de and differ) and calls the Stich youth institutions and schools “Sternhagelvoll”. by phone at the BZ card service under “In Extremo”. Participation from 18 to present music, dance and the band has changed from medieval 0761/496 8888 as well as at all years. Good luck! A raffle theater performances. On young markets in the province up to the first known VVK outlets. by: Freiburger Wochenbericht Visitors are waiting for Bubble Soccer, League of German Rock Music - Der Freiburger Wochenbericht Verlags GmbH, Basler Strasse 88, PS-3 tournament, bouncy castle, child labor. Initially as a curious raffle three times two tickets for the 79115 Freiburg. make-up and creative offers. Festival for poetry in the literary house “Lauter quiet reading concerts” from June 22nd to 24th - poets, sound and performance artists perform 15 word, sound and performance artists The Bernese narrator Michael Fehrrin Martina Hefter, Hausach's Südufer-Chor invite you from 22. to and the guitarist Manuel Troller, the poet José FA Oliver and June 24th in the Literaturhaus (Bertold- “Glanz und Schatten” on Saturday- Bern poet and musician Raphastrasse 17) for Freiburg's first evening (5.45pm) “Songs & Stories” el Urweider. On Sunday (5 p.m.) a poetry festival. In their luggage: between blues and jazz, recitation, the south bank choir of the E-Werk carries “Lauter quiet reading concerts” and brings singing to the ears. Under the direction of Jan F. Kurth Your way to> after secondary school graduation or verses as audio and show pieces, love songs before, partly from the inter-9th / 10th grade at the grammar school, soft tones and loud rhythms. Südufer-Chor carries national repertoire, partly impro- general education> single, more manageable As a duo find love songs at the festival in front of a newly translated Min Abitur school association Marcel Beyer and Christian Dierstein from the Freiburg ensemble recherche create the finale on Sunday evening (7.30 p.m.) the Ingeborgnes singing selection from the anthology “Impossible Love”, accompanied by 11th - 13th grade> core subject lessons in divided class sizes (June 24th, 11 am) together. Bachmann Prize winner Nora Gom- pianist Tilman Fehse and Perkus-> continuous additional offers poet Dagmara Kraus works wrestler and drummer Philipp Rike Scheffler transforms texts into sound sionist Konrad Wiemann, including math and German with the composer and guitarist Scholz: Your program “Peng Peng architectures. PHOTO: VALERIE SCHMIDT supported by the voices of José F. risten Matthias Kadar (June 22nd, 15 peng “interweaves jazz and poetry. A. Oliver and Rike Scheffler. Information afternoon registration possible at any time - 23 June, 12.45pm) together: After finishing off with an aperitif (7.30 p.m. Almut Sandig with voice and effects - The complete program on Thursday, 14.06.2018, also for career changers. The artists design a “wild clock”) Peter Licht sings about the “electronic poem” on Friday www. literaturhaus-freiburg.de. 4 - 7 p.m., Victoriahaus, Friday ”with poems sung at the opening of the reading concerts“ Das und Rike Scheffler (2 p.m.) - tickets online at www.reservix.de Basler Straße 61, www.paula-fuerst-schule.de and a between the languages ​​swish of the world ”(9 pm). Am delt your texts in sound architectures. and at the BZ-Kartenservice, 07 61/79100 Freiburg Telephone (0761) 888 57 05-0 and genres dazzling program. On Saturday (11 a.m.) Ulrike conjures up poems by 4 96 88 88.

Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 LO KAL ES 5 sex crimes in Colombi Park Syrian refugee (23) is said to have raped woman (25) in Colombipark - the man is in custody The Colombi Park in the heart of Freiburg does not come out of the negative headlines: After the park has repeatedly gained an inglorious reputation as a drug trading center and location for sexually motivated and other attacks, a woman has again become a victim of sexual violence there: a 25-year-old was caught early on Saturday morning raped there. A Syrian refugee (23) was arrested as a suspected perpetrator in the hours after the crime. A planning office is working on behalf of the city on proposals for how to make Colombi Park safer and more usable for everyone who recently lived in a refugee group. The redesigned square of the old synagogue (photo) has shown that lings accommodation on the Kaiserstuhl and that such changes are possible, says Frank Uekermann from the municipal gardening and civil engineering department. PHOTO: SCHUH is already at the scene of the crime in Colombipark because of several cases: a 23-year-old town was arrested by police officers from Syria under urgent suspicion of being assaulted by the police. He is said to have raped a young woman. known. The alleged perpetrator left his rucksack at the scene of the rape, which, according to the police, did not contain any personal documents. PHO TO: BE R N D PE T E R S made. According to police reports, the attacker fought vehemently against the pre-trial detention, the investigation administration takes stock of the previous security project and presents further plans before attacking his victim in front of the perpetrator and was injured in the act. last. Witnesses who were in the area of ​​the Dreisam in the late year of the murder of the Dreisam in the late year of the murder of the Dreisam person who are now calling from the investigators, the attacker and the neighboring fled, when she managed to get the police to Freiburg Eisenbahnstrasse and the tram stops and many percent security Parks on Saturday Paths in the city are better. Freiburg's designated Mayor in 2016, thanks to a video from which the police are urgently wanted as a witness, had his rucksack illuminated with suspects at around 6.40 a.m., hedges back. Martin Horn proved this after the attack by the tram. And approached and then made observations in the park personal documents at the scene of the crime, cut and communicated to the security in on the weekend that he was prosecuted even despite the declining number of crimes, where it was the violent back. A few hours later you could be asked to contact the police for schools and day-care centers as well as for the security in Freiburg is very important in Freiburg, the crime was always common. The woman he was arrested. He is now sitting in to report. Bernd Peters is: He wants women to be afraid - even so high that the subject of the city administration can move freely in the city, so surveillance of hot spots as in the has been increased. The city of Freiburg the politician who was justified in his office Bermuda Triangle on July 1st. yesterday had a positive interim success with the balance sheet of your project “Sicherheit antritt. This means that you are “one hundred percent in line”, according to Breiter. Ramon Oswald, head of the enforcement service, gave in his balance sheet of the and order “presented. Business Run Mainly urban enforcement video surveillance at hot spots? The work of the once controversial security service, who is on duty every day “a successful project from the three stiffeners in two shifts in the weekly report from beginning to end”, explained Currently, according to Frank Uekermann from the city, insights into the success at the 2018 Business Run for Mayor Stefan Breiter (CDU) municipal gardening and civil engineering office, work of his team: it ranges from the Freiburg weekly report: at yesterday's press conference. In the coming months, a planning office is working on behalf of a conversation with celebrating high school graduates, customer advisor Marco Thoma. The city's proposals for how to dump their rubbish on the Dreisam, the 5.2 kilometer long running project will be evaluated. the park should be safer and for all areas of the population, right up to the mediation route as the fastest of the BZ media. Nevertheless, there are also recuperation groups that can be used again in disputes in pubs or groups that start as a team with a feeling of security, such as can do. The redesigned noise complaints. Take the walk in 20:01 minutes and land the rape of a 25-year-old square in the Old Synagogue. The role of "policeman at the end in 59th place out of 6,500 part- The FWB team at the 2018 Business Run (from left to right): Evelyn Rosenthal, Gabi Frau in Colombi Park. “Also mine showed that such changes corner”, with which the police pick up. Congratulations! Koch and the top runner of the BZ Medien Gruppe, Marco Thoma. PHOTO: F W B Wife and my daughters have been able to be. The subject is also not fears because of her workload, ”said Breiter. The case is “via video surveillance as a means that can offer more. “In surprise” came and had it Crime prevention was “helpful, we are a little bit like social“ saddened and shaken ”, says the office,” says Martin Schulz, who works “, says Oswald. “You have to go a lot further. The incident makes the project "security and order" in chatting to the people. "But it is clear that it runs a hundred city hall. The education of Bernd Peters rock band "Excess Inside" wins Légère Unplugged "Excess Inside" has won the Bad Dürrheim Légère Unplugged music contest. The Freiburg acoustic rock band rocked the chestnut garden of the Greifenegg Schlössle at the grand finale of the best musicians and bands from the region on Thursday - and was voted the best music act of the evening by the enthusiastic audience. As the winner in the final of all categories, the band received another 1,500 euros, which were presented by Bad Dürrheimer's managing director Ulrich Lössl. Also there were pop singer Max Trieß from Freiburg, singer Julia Lauber and the "Wise Dietkron Band". PHOTO: BADEN.FM

What do you trust our Ju The Freiburg weekly report wants to know: Who is playing for the World Cup trophy and how does German perform Here are the answers from seven personalities from politics, sport and business in the region and for our readers there is the original World Cup ball to win from Adidas. The Freiburg weekly report is giving away an official World Cup match ball "Telstar18" provided by Sport-Eckmann, valued at 149 euros (manufacturer information). To participate, call 01 37/9 37 95 95 by Wednesday, June 20, 12 noon (€ 0.50 per call from a German landline / mobile phone tariffs may vary / participation from 18 years of age) and state the keyword "World Cup Ball". A competition by: Freiburger Wochenbericht Verlags GmbH, Basler Strasse 88, 79115 Freiburg. Good luck! T he anticipation of the tournament is very great, as my three boys are also gradually reaching an age at which they are consciously experiencing the World Cup - with Panini pictures and everything that goes with it. I myself have more time to watch the games - without I a training plan and the many I trust our boys on appointments with a professional player. In any case, the final, maybe even the world championship title I can easily find a clear favorite - I'm happy - but admittedly. We have a good starting some top teams that you have to count to a mixture of experienced enthusiasm among the favorites, such as players who are reigning world champions - once again a Brazil, France, Spain, and from boys, talk and mitfie or even Germany. snappy players. To the circle I myself am di At the same time I am a fan of the favorites for me are World Cup games-Hopp South Americans, the good still the French and the Germany-Sp. Mixture of mentality and Brazilians, both of which bring me extreme quality in Munich. Uruguay, have strong squads. In a solar fair, Chile or Argentina, like in the last third game, I will therefore trust outsiders to be able to have a say in a European Championship, when Portugal won everyone over at the Public View word for the title, I think at this arena. Maybe tournaments don't care. My favorite job is to travel to the English for a football game and I will be the surprise. It's a shame that Nils goes to a big TV to play games there Petersen is not at home or I go to the public of a sports bar. I think he's viewing. But this time I'm doing well with the team in the final during the World Cup on vacation - German Bet would have, as someone who doesn't have any and therefore doesn't even know, I can then make another chance to score. where we watch the games i'm sure that will be. Team min Julian Schuster, former the semi-finalist captain of SC Freiburg Mario Medewaldt, will be business. Player leader MediaMarkt Freiburg Brazil and Fr stronger than us e Daniel Strowitzk FWTM store PHOTOS: J OERS / MEYER / RESETZ / SCHUH - GESTALTU NG:

ungs to? hland off? n– I am optimistic that Germany will do well at this World Cup. In terms of play, the team is stronger than it was four years ago and the boys have a fighting spirit. So the DFB-Elf reached at least the semi-finals. Jogi Löw put together a great team, even if I would have liked to see Nils Petersen as a wild card. I prefer to watch the games in company - sometimes with friends or at the public world championship, the German team will be viewing at the Fiesta in Kirch- Germany, everyone is a tournament man. At the game Germany despite prophecies of doom. shaft. As soon as it counts, against Sweden on Nov.June The more difficult and restless they put a shovel, the volunteer fire brigade celebrates the tournament preparation - so it will be their 150th birthday this time, the better it will be. If everything glider airfield. The team there. I believe that goes well, I let the strengths of the Germans go to public viewing as, of course, they can't escape them. Tournament team. One cannot miss the title Spain either. As Erhard Eckmann, sports corner-guess. And I believe that Finale mann GmbH, Kirchzarten Brazil, could have an account open to me. My wish would be a good final between Brazil and Germany Germany. That is against possible if both introduce Brazil in their own. Groups each come first or, if it comes to that, each come second. I hope the Germans will have the time, but not to watch the games like that anymore. To get through easily like in the first Germany game in the semifinals in 2014. Of course on Sunday I hope that the French have to have nice weather so that we can count on it. Who can grill beforehand. Having seen the games with us, it is always a family - how strong they are - and the event. My wife is allowed in all parts of the team. N also like to fall asleep. However, you know that with the of course I express the last time, when they did the French, yes, whether or not they were very fond of our German h, the legendary 7: 1 was tolerated. Team the surge against Brazil. Since then, honestly, I've been feeling my fingers crossed that she'll repeat the summer g, if our son Lasse, this time no big World Cup fairy tale from 2014, about football it'll be tight with a German fever. I'm curious to see if we will defend the title boars. land game: “Mom, go to sleep!”. that will happen. can. But the way to get there is a long one. But some games I will be. I also believe that per. The first Stefan Breiter (CDU), look at finance for sure. I watch the French this year iel and I am the sports mayor of the German team. I am a very strong team at the Inter-Stadt Freiburg rather an acoustics spectator. men have and make it far the second and as soon as I will be in the neighbor. Even outside of the World Cup, I always hear cheers, I like to storm a foot in the Sick to the television. I often play ball games when the time is right. And afterwards football games too much. There - and then of course the women. In the USA it is better if I have them and men from SC Freiburg. German tactics drive. Will I probably watch the World Cup games at home with friends and family? Volker Speck, managing director, take a look or go to the public - hopefully Mercedes Benz center viewing, I decide participation am Freiburg Kestenholz GmbH spontaneously. r here. Certainly s Löw and his Lea Ouedraogo, at least one of the first division basketball players of the USC Freiburg Eisvögel I would estimate something. ki, sführer Messe

8 LO K A L E S Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 PRIVATE ... GAP OF THE WEEK Casual meeting with the heartthrob Matthias Schweighöfer chats with the fans at I EM MUSIC - Limp Bizkit rocks - Miss WM comes from Belgium W e tear the place down, leave the lock and will rock the next seven hours, promises Matthias Schweighöfer during his performance on Saturday at I EM MUSIC on Emmendinger Schlossplatz. And the (almost only female) 1,000 concert-goers were not disappointed - already with the second song they could no longer be held in their chairs and danced along, while the 37-year-old with his band played the even in times of streaming services Netflix & Co. I like to end one or the other evening with a great film in the cinema. On Friday there is even a special screening from the student union and the communal cinema. In the summer edition of the “Living Wall” cinema hike, normal house walls and facades are used as screens. This time it goes to the district Matthias Schweighöfer is at his concert at Herdern. The meeting point is really good at I EM MUSIC on Saturday - before that, 10 p.m. at Café Marcel in Stadt- he takes his time with our Meet & Greet winner garden. Sounds exciting! Susanne Kühnast (round picture on the right) and her companion Tanja Decker to chat backstage. PHOTOS: SCHUH catwalk a great stage figure. Rocked in the jury. The perfect prominent limp bizkit singer Fred Durst is also a rampage at 47. The band> At the concert the entertainer - and can sing. Football experts delivered perfect sound in Emmendingen - only too briefly. PHOTO: JAN THODEN He also packs away his cell phone. Before his concert, two of our readers, another World Cup roller coaster fan, sat down and just were allowed to. “Enjoy the music! Matthias Schweighöfer backstage hero David last time is meet - and he took a lot of time with Odonkor two years ago. As> Jogi Löw in the city of Porsche Design to chat. “He was easy going and discovered his wife Suzan, I was used to in Switzerland - who was personable and it was an ex-Fifa arbitrator, I was here often, but national coach was really nice get-together judge Walter von Berlin is the way looking forward to the World Cup with Matthias. He was so authentic, Eschweiler and a bit far, ”he says. And kick-off in Freiburg! as I expected and showed sports reporters how does "Waldi" follow the> When the WLAN after its uncertainty about the Kon Waldemar Hart World Cup in Russia? As a two-day failure in sports, ”Susanne Kühnastmann reveals to me. The betrayed reporter, the 70-year-old is finally back from Freiburg, who uses our Meet & Greet occasionally during the, otherwise it works! had won. Show talked to the fans that he is following the football event FREIBURG · KAISER-JOSEPH-STRASSE 211 IN he is fairly open about the - some- The World Cup title goes to Belgium: Student Zoé always likes the private, sometimes difficult - separation von Brunet (center) became Miss WM Europa-Park Kreis in Europa-Park. “I watch the games as much as I do,” he reveals. Work and private life. His two chosen, second place was secured by Miss Germany, visited, although at home with my wife. By the way, Germany ended up with small children. He tried in front of Anahita Rehbein (right), followed by Amanda, he didn't put a sofa on. “She is one right to the beauty contest always to protect the public. That is why Petri from Denmark is a football expert and up to second place: she even got another "understands the reigning Miss Germany, last name. Even if he is sympathetic: Fred Durst rose for it min- Anahita Rehbein. OUT film buddies like the native could sing a song from the stage at least our DFB boys an example from Freiburg's Til Schweiger great and sang out of the audience. take, understand, go privately separately annoyed: It was after 10 p.m., wasn't it? Ways. And why does a good hour full of vice-

Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 LO KAL ES 9 “Great all-rounders” truck rams the tram Several people are informed about medicinal plants, their effects and dangers in the Botanical Garden collision of a tram and are medicinal plants generally injured in a truck on Monday “healthier” than medication been out. A so-called conventional medicine loaded with metal parts? According to the police, a truck turned on the Are there “good” and “bad” Pflan-Habsburgerstrasse in the Germans? Where do ordensstrasse come from? The rear of the plant swiveled the raw materials of the plant tram against a passing one. At the train it came pharmacy? The nationwide and considerable glass damage is dedicated to these and even more to a larger grazing damage questions. 15th Week of the Botanical Fermentation- Six people eritten cutting verges, which under the motto “The greedings through the glass. ne pharmacy - From Hortus Medicine to Pharmaceutical Research ”. 124 million packs of phyto thugs injuring pharmaceuticals - that is, herbal medicinal products - four men crowned Baden wine queen - went over German counters in 2016. An indication A 19-year-old was attacked on Friday The winemaker's daughter and aspiring winemaker Miriam Kaltenbach (center) for the growing interest in by three men. He was Gundelfingen-Wildtal is the new Baden wine queen. Your knowledge and alternatives to conventional medicine? “Yes, around 2 a.m. on foot, the jury in the Freiburg concert hall, interested in medicinal plants, is convinced of Rempartstrasse in the direction of Wert- and the 20-year-old will be big as an ambassador in the coming year,” says Friederike Gallenmüller , hmannstrasse on the way. Three people for Baden wine go through the country. At her side are those who, together with the pharmacist, would have helped him and the two wine princesses Stephanie Megerle from Hagnau and Hannah Bettina Siedle were also injured by the exhibition, according to the police. A Herrmann from Müllheim. PHOTO: EIDENS HOLL in the Botanical Garden of the University of Men is said to be 1.80 meters tall and is leading to Freiburg. The custodian of the early 20s. This institution, which has existed since 1620, had short, dark hair, part of the anniversary of his research and not only provides information about the history, use and effects of the herbal red foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) Caution: poisonous! Bart, wore a white t-shirt with stripes and ear studs. Another is in his early twenties, about 1.75 meters tall. Own contributions for the program for the city anniversary provide helpers for all kinds of complaints, move beds. They gather who had brown hair and wore a gray but also about potential medicinal according to their top part. The police asks under In 2020, Freiburg 900 will be commercially oriented. The project dangers: “Herbal Remedies Effectiveness on Individual Organs, 07 61/8 82 42 21 for hints. Years young. This is said to be a particular asset all year round, having a reputation for being harmless. such as gastrointestinal, for example, are celebrated and a festival of the burden of city life. A broad part- There are many risks as a result of the central nervous system, heart and Friederike Gallenmüller leads as coagulate and become citizens. Hence, contributions from the citizens of different social classes should be made possible. of mix-ups, overdosing and contamination by skin. "Real all-rounders" are also included. Custodian together with director Thomas Speck the botanical false policeman from as many areas as possible in The criteria are independent herbicides, ”confirms the biologist. The Freiburg garden is a central concern. F OT OS: ZV G causes annoyance the official anniversary program of whether the project is possible- mix-ups such as between organizers awareness are taken up. Now there is a grant from the jubilee wild garlic and lily of the valley or the availability of the raw material: INFO In the event of a dispute with two employees, online forms are available, whether or not they get a budget or not. Wild strawberry and Indian “In Germany, a grocery store in which organizations, institutions decide, members of stone strawberries then only include chamomile are grown”, the poster exhibition “The green basement of the main train station, associations, individuals and project group city anniversary that for past. says Friederike Gallenmüller. The pharmacy - a 23-year-old from the Hortus Medicus applied on Sunday - others with project ideas for the various topics such as Kul - main cultivation areas for medicinal plants for pharmaceutical research "can still be reported as a police officer until the evening. For cultural projects, urban tourism, sport, city districts, universities and seven organ beds are located in Eastern Europe and China. At August 31st in the Botanical ben. Here he drew a pepper spray sub-projects and sports projects are universities, municipal offices and so the annual “Association of Imports must see strict quality garden. On Thursday, pistople out of your pocket and threatened to go through any forms available to facilities and other responsible of the botanical gardens “conceived quality controls. June 14th at 5.30 p.m. there is one of the store employees. One that is forwarded via links. are. This sub-project responsibility week turned into an equally enjoyable one and the leadership clears up a prejudice. The end of the line is the patrol of the federal police. The criteria for a small admission will also apply immediately after an appraisal of how long-term, enlightening, committed custodian: the Week of the Botanical Gardens 23-year-old Germans. Against are: A recognizable reference to the exercise with the respective application event. Alone or together- “A large part of the conventional medicine- on Sunday, June 17th from 13 to him there was an arrest warrant because of the city anniversary. Get in touch with learning and the sam you can with free admission. Medicines based on plants - 5 p.m. with coffee and cake and chens of services. He still has The event must publicly accompany further proceedings. along the bars and accompanied by ingredients. ”In this respect, there would be various family activities. All will be accessible to a prison sentence of just under two. The event is an information brochure for which there are no "good" or "bad" offers are free. Years to serve and was not primarily commercial or www.freiburg.de/2020 newly designed seven “Organ Drugs. Sigrid Hofmaier admitted to the correctional facility. E X T R AT I M E O U T C O F F E E S H O P & B A R World Cup joy with beer and empanadas Time Out is ready for the World Cup and also impresses with convincing cuisine and excellent coffee. We congratulate and wish you good luck! The time out has long been a minced meat or vegetable-filled dumplings are the perfect Union sb C + C management Freiburg: Mike Kachel Institution in Freiburg. For the accompaniment to freshly tapped beer. Pick-up: Torsten Kind-Saremba, Michael Burger Football World Cup is the location in the Time Out, the guest has the choice GV delivery: Jadwiga Cibis Talstraße perfectly prepared. There are delicious snacks and delicious snacks to go with fresh draft beer of the popular brewery between the beer specialties from Robert-Bunsen-Straße 9a, 79108 Freiburg Waldhaus, Hacker Pschorr and Fürsten- Telefon 07 61/55 95 70 or GV delivery service 07 61/5 59 57 61 mountain. Glorious victories can naturally be faxed 07 61/5 59 57 60 inexpensive dishes. Groups can also reserve tables with one of the excellent ones. Celebrate cocktails that the bar team mixes. The time out is ready for the football. A special feature: For every German ball World Cup. There is a shot on the house in the generously designed gate. A large screen with first-class quality was set up locally for the sporting event. As one of the oldest coffee roasters in all products in the samova collection, image quality thanks to an HD projector and installed.There are also two large and popular restaurants with demands on product and quality. Sustainability established: We put the largest flat screens inside the restaurant and a lunch and dinner menu. In the raw coffees for the coffee specialties emphasis on renewable and recyclable ones come from the best altitudes of the raw materials with environmentally friendly organic outside on the beautiful terrace, the kitchen is a trained cook. “He earth. Construction conditions and fair production can be roofed over if necessary. processes fresh ingredients, no methods. Groups can reserve tables for the World Cup convenience products, ”emphasizes o Bilität Qua Spiele. “Since the 2004 European Championships, we have cuddly, the great value we show in time-out football games. fake taste and goods from the region. We were at the last tournaments. Your contact person is available on Sundays and public holidays: Rudolf Schneider • Tel. 0151/16234821 • Seeberger GmbH • Ulm • www.seeberger.de The Germany Games always have brunch from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. packed with visitors. The atmosphere was excellent. Coffee and tea could always be happy and exuberant, ”says Time Out operator Björn Kuschel, who has always been enjoying himself. Since May, the coffee has been full of anticipation for the coming premium weeks in Baden-Württemberg. Manufacturer Seeberger delivered. For the time of the World Cup, it doesn't get much better in terms of taste! the kitchen team has extra in Time Out This also applies to the specialty teas - a football fan menu with popular snacks such as burgers or schnitzel from Samova, which are produced in organic quality. (mey) World Cup compiled live. In addition, the guest info, known for their good cuisine, is waiting on 4 large screens: Time Out. Talstrasse 9. Seven days on the terrace with something completely new: open the week. Reservations at: Reservations for Colombian empanadas with enjoyment and World Cup joy in Time Out: For every German goal there are 07 61/7 04 87 00, fiery dips for guests. The one with a shot on the house, among other things. New on the menu are empanadas (below). PHOTOS: ZVG www.timeout-freiburg.de at 07 61 - 70 48 700

10 E X T R AO F F E N E H A N G A RT O R E Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 One of the oldest airfields During the days of the open hangar doors, “the longing has wings” - slide show on Sunday With the slide show “Where the parachute jumpers as well as - those who look in has wings” there are restrictions - for ultralight flight - Visitors to the history of the witness and gyroplane. The Flug- Freiburg airfield. The Freiburg spannenplatz is considered to be a more powerful story based on its historical airfield for business and current recordings of tourist traffic and private planes. At the same time on Sunday, June 17 at 2 pm in the school, it serves eight clubs and 15 lounges on the gallery (1st floor) of the companies as a home and location. Flugschule FFH, Am Flughafen 11, The airfield base is also shown. There is a lot to discover in the story of the intensive care transport helicopter, the history of flying in individual hangars. Christoph 54 of the German rescue castle started in 1907 with the establishment of Flugwacht. In 2010, the Breisgau Association was secured for airships - the oldest airfields in Germany. expansion of the airfield. With ride. As the first flight operation in the former first tower is now an additional exit route from Freiburg, a balloon flight can be part of the university area. Runway and a modernized one, which in the year 1907 The airfield is approved for night flight lights corresponds to the later airfield instead of motor planes and gliders, hub Freiburg now the tightened safety took place. Freiburg thus has one of the screwdrivers, gliders and fall requirements of the EU. (Hof) Delicious steaks and sausages from the aviator grill are in great demand. PHO T O S: Z V G An airfield for everyone On Saturday and Sunday, the whole family will get their money's worth. Next weekend, the hangars will open their doors again on the day of the open Freiburg Airport for everyone who wants to experience the freedom through hangar doors up close. There will be the opportunity to do so on Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A festival for the whole family over two days: the coming Saturday and Sunday will be all about aviation. In the 111th year of Freiburg Airport, everyone will be there, who are either professional or theirs for the whole family! Spend your free time with flying: Various aviation clubs introduce themselves to you • Aviation clubs present their program and there is extensive information on pilot training. Just test a rescue helicopter ... ng • Large aircraft exhibition. The DRF-Luftrettung • Information about pilots & helicopters • Trial flights with flight provides information as well as the tech- • Parachuting aid organization and the amateurs • Live radio experience radio operators about their activities. fburg • Children's program / Hüp Of course, visitors can also get up from the ground at -6: 00 Saturday + Sunday 10 am: In addition to trial flights with planes and helicopters, you can also try your hand at parachuting in tandem on June 16-17, 2018. A special children's program with a bouncy castle and painting action DO YOU LIKE? Welcome to the enthusiasm for the little ones. Coffee, cake and ice cream are »then click on us. Freiburg Airport has a special attraction: hearty dishes from the pilot's grill in a converted aircraft. »Freiburger-wochenbericht.de 111 years of Sigrid Hofmaier since 1907 ... and the legends of aviation visit THE WEEKLY REPORT FROM 13.06. UNTIL 19.06.2018 AQUARIUS 21.1.– 19.2. CANCER 6/22 - 22.7. VIRGIN 24.8. - 23.9. You currently have over- Why are you so nervous about your happiness? Don't be afraid that you would get a job and doubt it. All you have to do is do a little bit of damage with this messiness - put your feet up. But start doing it yourself. Then everything works out. ten? The best thing to do is take a rest. You can't really afford it. FISH 20.2. - 20.3. Today the solution of an easylife - WAAGE 24.9. - 23.10. It is better to put the problem on the program. Do not hold your key back enough before you lose something! Otherwise it can be loud! Come with a thoughtless external misunderstanding. You could run into problems to fi gure your wishes. ARIES 21.3. - 20.4. SCORPIO 24.10. - 22.11. At the moment it would be the feeling you feel dazzling, because the most sensible thing to do with a certain story, you could once be really generous, no longer to move, but first an Immediately personal feeling. A financial extra allows you to wait and see how things develop. To pamper your guests. and free consultation STIER 21.4. - 20.5. arrange. Sagittarius 11/23 - 21.12. You have made a decision. Tel. 0761 612 480 00 You are required to think carefully about it, and therefore Karlsruher Str. 3 (5th floor) should ask for what is possible. And you shouldn't have any difficulties 79108 Freiburg on your nerves. Keep a cool one to represent them if necessary. www.easylife-freiburg.de Keep your head down and don't do anything wrong. TWINS 21.5. - 21.6. LÖWE 23.7. - 23.8. CAPRICORN 22.12. - 20.1. Somehow you have yourself a forgive a friend your desired goal you are deserving of a reward. Make a generous reservation for a small derailment! It would have come very close. If you only have half of the present day to yourself, and it is a pity, if your beloved are even more confident, you can just be "yourself" for once! drawing therefore gets a crack. secure further recognition.

Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 E X T R AF R E I B U R G E R MÜ N S T E RT R E F F F 11 IN BRIEF Responsible since 1890 Since 1890, the Freiburg Minster Association has been responsible for the outer stone works on the Minster. He was appointed by the then Lord Mayor Dr. Otto Winterer to finance a renovation of the Gothic church from the 13th century and reached 4,000 citizens who spontaneously joined the association and initially secured the financing of the restoration work It's one for us. To contribute to the maintenance joy, around 2.5 million euros are needed annually. Thanks! New tradition Münstertreff 2014 took place under the motto “No wonder. Handwerk “the first Münstertreff takes place in Freiburg. Pride and relief from the President of the Chamber of Crafts, Johannes Ullrich, ex-cathedral pastor Wolfgang Gaber, the numerous Freiburg residents, guests from the deputy chairwoman of the Münsterbauverein Martina Feierling-Rombach, the Münster master builder Yvonne Region and tourists came around Faller and treasurer Matthias Hirschbolz (from left) P OT O: TA BO RI gathering around the Freiburg Minster - It's done! men. They all celebrated the building as a symbol of the outstanding work of the craft and as a symbol of the region. The result: An evening in a unique atmosphere, with a colorful program in the Münster, Freiburg and southern Baden, and for more than ten years, 20,000 euros in donations for the - now the time has come: to Münster. The scaffolding-free cathedral tower is celebrated with a further celebration of 100,000 working hours, the completion of the craft of Freiburg: From Friday the 12th to the highest construction site on Sunday. On this day, October 14th, the Münsterbauverein invites you to the “tower finale”. Special occasion invite the At the same time, the visitors Freiburg Münsterbauverein and platform and the converted southern Baden handicrafts Türmerstube will be reopened. together for Friday, June 15th for the 2nd Münstertreff. "What has been done on the Münsterturm in the past twelve years is exemplary," said Chamber President Johannes Ullrich. “The fact that the renovation was so successful despite all the challenges, thanks to the interplay of planners and executors, is cause for joy and celebration.” Ceremony in the Münster The Münstertreff 2018 begins at 6.30 pm with a ceremony in the Münster. The following spoke: Edith Sitzmann, Baden-Wuerttemberg's finance minister, deputizing for the minister-president and finally undisguised sky again: the minster tower without patron Winfried Kretsch-scaffolding PHOTO: MÜNSTERB AUV EREIN man, Archbishop em. Dr. Robert Zollitsch, Dr. Sven von Ungern - close connection to Sternberg, chairman of the Münsterbauverein, and Johannes des heimischen Handwerk Ullrich, president of the Freiburg Chamber of Crafts. Musically The renovation work on the tower spire has been completed. “Since its creation, the speeches have been framed. Scaffolding will be in place until mid-September. PHOTO: M ÜN S T E RBA UVE RE I N Freiburg Minster, working closely with the cathedral organist Matthias Mai- south Baden handicraft and the baker's choirs to ensure the physical well-being of the guests. www.muenstertreff-freiburg.de INFO den “, emphasizes Martina Feierling- from Freiburg and the Alsatian The visitors can expect a colorful Rombach, deputy Vor Mulhouse. A wide variety of hand programs with sociable encounters. Until mid-June, the lightning protection team will be part of the Münsterbauverein. Factory guilds are with their genes. The guilds accompany the people in the lower areas of the Because in everyday life in Münster, flags come together at the ceremony, evening with small actions, spire helmets are renewed. From mid-June onwards, various trades will start and the flag of the shouting “Charm and Melon” will ensure that the dismantling of the interior begins in various ways: The Freiburg Steinner Guild will be the right music for this. Parts of the scaffolding in the minster tower. While the cutters, carpenters, electricians and opportunity receive their consecration. Sales proceeds go to the Weinfest there are no many other work regularly in Freiburg Münsterbauverein e.V. Scaffolding work takes place. From the 16th of the cathedral, the wonderful festival for everyone and thus in the receipt of July begins the dismantling of the stained glass window also today. After the official part, it goes to Freiburg's landmark. Outside scaffolding with changing still colorful to the Middle Ages at around 7.30 p.m. with the squat in front of the exit from the Münster Münsterplatz closures - with donations including the baker, the main portal on the Münster - there will also be celebratory exceptions for individual days, such as Tucher or Küfer. Guilds place trumpet fanfares in a convivial atmosphere from Münster - July 28th and August 15th. The end take part in the lived liturgy: The tapping of the barrel rings the bell, played by students - the scaffolding work is on - e.g. B. at the Corpus Christi- thirst quenching and the members of the Freiburg Music- scheduled for September 14th. procession. the butchers' guild take care of the college. WE CONGRATULATE! • Sun protection • Roller shutters • Terrace roof • Burglary protection Jakob Rottler KG • Customer service Bötzinger Straße 10 · 79111 Freiburg • Rolling grilles + gates Tel. 07 61/4 29 26 · Fax 49 36 69 • Garage doors info@rottler-online.de www-rottler-online .de • LIKE electric drives? »Then click on us.

12 G E S A F T S W E LT Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Golf and pampering Photograph the beauty of home Dorint Resort invites you to the Golf Cup in Munzingen - competition On Sunday, June 24, a trial course for 2 people will be held. The ADAC Südbaden large travel photo competition will start together with the Freiburg weekly report the health resort Freiburg including culinary delicacies This year too, together with the golf club, it means tuni and sparkling, refreshing drinks - watch out and join in! A pleasure golf tournament since berg. Next to ke on the golf course. The trial - this month the 9th ADAC runs the sporting event with an 18-course participant receive instructions Südbaden eV Photo competition in hole tournament, stroke play according to stable - by an experienced trainer and cooperation with the Freiburg Ford, there is for the participants try out the first weekly report together. It's about having vital snacks and beats every day on the square, which are brought to a close with a small competition culinary delicacies from the fight. Loan - the most beautiful holiday photos from Dorint Hotels An den Thermen. Rackets are put on. The beginning of the course and high-quality participants wait high-quality is at 1 p.m. to win the catering of the Dorint Prizes: This prize prizes, including a hotel, can already be in the mornings. The motto is “Look-in-the weekend in a hotel at 8.30 a.m. Golf course enjoyed the country - vacation on the doorstep! ”. including rental car. The award ceremony will be. In plain language: instead of the Caribbean or the evening gala dinner in the Rocky Mountains, there is a health resort Freiburg theme. In order to take part in the competition for golf - asked to show the beauty information and registration under the following trial course on June 24th - Germany. Take the phone number in the secretary's office until Tuesday, 19. Golfclub Tuniberg: 0 76 64/9 30 60 June, 3 p.m. at 01 37/9 37 95 95 Show us with a picture or at golfclub-tuniberg.de . how beautiful our country is - to (€ 0.50 per call to the German landline / if you even have the big sport, mobile phone tariffs can vary - from the North Sea and Baltic Sea to those who get to know the little ball from the age of 18). If you name the Bavarian Alps, Lake Constance and would like, you now have the chance: The name, telephone number and the engraving Black Forest. All motifs that you are giving away the Freiburg weekly report word “Golfcup”. A raffle by: During your vacation time inspirational at the health resort Golfcup Freiburg weekly report publishers and who show a piece of Germany are in this competition GmbH, Basler Str. 88, 79115 Freiburg. welcome. “With the travel destinations Blickfang in the southern Black Forest: Over a length of 260 meters, the Triberg waterfalls overcome a total height of the main holiday trip of 163 meters and are therefore considered to be the highest waterfalls in Germany. PHOTO: FOTOLIA / MIROSLAWA DROZDOWSKI Trend reversal: Germany is currently unchallenged with 31 percent. If you want to take part, participants can submit a photo work as part of the public front runner, ”reports Wolf- his motive to the e-mail. The photos are exclusive measures and the gang Schwehr. To use the tourism pre-address fotowettbewerb.adac @ lich in digital form for participation and tendering. the ADAC Südbaden continued: gmx.de. Corrected among all submissions - as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF The winners will be written in writing: “Five regions in German - a jury will determine the winners. As or TIF image files. The maximum notifies. From the participating country, the first ten prizes will be awarded: 1st prize: travel goods - image size may not exceed 3,072 x 2,304, employees do not exceed favorite destinations in the image points on the federal voucher of the ADAC Südbaden e.V. In and their members of the ADAC bürger. ”Value of 500 euros, 2nd prize: travel- the e-mail should be before and after- Südbaden eV Even if you stay at home, voucher worth 300 euros, 3rd name, address, Telephone number you can participate: Photography price: Travel voucher worth and age must be indicated.If you have any questions, you can call the atmospheric look 200 euros. 4th to 10th prize: In addition to the photo, please call 07 61/3 68 80 with the ADAC from the Schauinsland tower or an ADAC travel guide of your choice. put a "five-liner" in connection as a declaration on Südbaden e.V. a sunrise over the top three winners will be the subject. The image rights remain submissions for the Reisefoto-Wett-Dreisamtal. Invited to the award ceremony during the training. For the participants and bewerb 2018 please send an email to: the writing period will be a And these are the prerequisites- participants, with the ones- fotowettbewerb.adac@gmx.de. Selection of the photos submitted: The photos should be taken after the ADAC Süd has taken part / Participation is from 18 years of age. Submit - Double enjoyment in the truest sense of the word is what the Dorint Resort promises online at www.fotowettbewerb - 2017. At Kame- baden e.V., however, the end is September 30th, 2018. Pampering Golf Cup on June 24th on the Tuniberg golf course. FO TO: Z VG adac.de presents. ratyp has no specifications. Per photos submitted for the press - the judges' decision is final. directly to the planning documents (&! "'"'% "&" '', '% (!% ("0% (%%. The DB AG plans for our route section have been in Freiburg, Wilhelmstrasse , at DB Netz AG. What Freiburg residents can expect for generations to come in terms of construction and railway noise, you can find out from DB Netz AG on "& '("!,%% (&! $%%. How is Bahn AG planning our route section? What are the plans for the railways for noise protection right in front of your door? Come to the event. (') "% +'" &) ("#%!%" Chairman of the Management Board Management Board Management Board Johannes Baumgärtner Gerlinde Schrempp Dr. Klaus Gumpp Ulrich Greschkowitz www.igel-breisgau.de

Schmolck in Emmendingen, Müllheim and Vogtsburg - your young star contact from the region for the region HERE IS THE WORLD CUP Public Viewing + Pubs in and around Freiburg Pages 16 + 17 Week 24 l Wednesday, June 13, 2018 l 111,500 Pure circulation Reading pleasure. For 66 years. What's in the DFB-Elf? Ballhaus inherits mockery The USC Kingfishers have a fresh breeze after the ascent. Shortly before the start of the tournament, the engine seems to stutter - but the national coach knows what he's doing. The 35-year-old recently trained for the World Cup preparation was all sweepers of the USC Kingfishers. After Spanish second division women's club other than smoothly for only one season, promotion Baloncesto Aros as well as the German German national soccer coach Pierre Hohn leaves the Freiburg U20 national team. Ball stem. Two poor appearances in basket hunters from professional background is only the second woman in the last test matches against reasons to Berlin. For him, over 16 years in the Bundesliga, which takes Hohn's former sporting first women's team of USC Austria and Saudi Arabia (1: 2 companion, Hanna Ballhaus, who looks after Freiburg (fwb) and 2: 1), the Erdogan scandal over Mesut Özil and Ilkay Gündogan or the non-nomination of Freiburg TC wins Derby top players: Not every decision- In the men's first district league. The decision had to be made by the national coach when the Freiburg Tennis Club understood the final clash of the day. But the success gave the derby against the TC Schönberg II fall. Here Joachim Löw from Freiburg has always been right. just won 5: 4. Alexander Donski and Marcus Bier- Is the German team ready for After exciting matches did they get on their nerves and both won the mission to defend their title? before the top double draws in the tie-break. (fwb) The world champion factor Freiburg will be best FOR HER The title defense with a U16 hip-hop dancer ON SITE. In modern football, the world championship is almost considered an impossible thing. What a success for the fifteen. Most recently, this art-year-old hip-hop dancer Akim played the Brazilian national Machoudi from Freiburg: At the intermannschaft in 1962, at that time the national dance battle “Funkin Sty” with the young Pélé. Since then, lez “in Bochum, the largest of its reigning world champions in part in Germany, experienced the dramatic crash. In 2002, active pupils from Haslach Runde failed under the pseudonym “Goldte title holder France in the pre-cube”. The same thing happened in 2010. At the 2014 World Cup, ex-SC player Matthias Ginter was in the squad of national coach Joachim on Saturday in the age group up to Italians. And also the German Löw. At that time he was not allowed to play in the tournament. This time the defender is likely to play a more prominent role in 15 years against the European selection in 1994 as world champion of the Löwschen rotation. PHOTO: M IC HA E L HE UBER GER competition through. For years, Bruno Lai's salesman Neue Automobile has had a bit of a dampening when she failed in the fourth student who failed the Staudinger T 0761 49022-45 final against Bulgaria. They know what the duel with the Freiburg football school is all about. Attended a supposedly ailing DFB comprehensive school, everything off, lais@bhg-baden.de still counts a reigning world champion in the world arrives. Between 2012 and 2014 eleven will never be written off what there is to be won in hip-hop dance automatically to the circle of favorites. fourth he is allowed to play 70 games as a professional for the SC: even though Löw's staff is not available. Akim's older brother, Freiburg, too. Ginter is world champion. In the past, Malik is more successful HipHop- Autohandelsgesellschaft mbH. The tournament factor if, although it was repeatedly criticized when winning the title, there is dancer. Both train in their youth - earn your trust - every day! bhg bathe | Lörracher Str. 4 “Germany is a tournament. GESUNDHEITSRESORT 2014 was not used. Second him the success right. Löw has a meeting in Haslach and tours 79115 Freiburg im Breisgau team. “This phrase has accompanied the German team for decades and FREIBURG www.gesundheitsresort-freiburg.de Freiburg is - of course - national coach Joachim Löw. The 58-year-old had a precise idea of ​​which players would best implement his specifications in the competition. (fwb) has lived in Wittnau many times and enjoys the little and is not afraid, top executives are called. Since 2002 there has been the national hype, made here to leave him at home. Example: Stefan D AS W O C H E N B E R I C H T - W E T T E R eleven always in the semifinals and is reached. The goal ferry Kießling had a bonus, who was in at least third place even at the best of times. The winner was the most beautiful German striker (Nils Peter - the national team did not matter the positive development in front of four Der Freiburg-Faktor sen) but had also played in the election. In the non-nominee years with the title in the legendary Wenndie German eleven in burger not. Löw is there at the age of 82 from Leroy Sané and Nils Petersen Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. Whether Russia is still a record goal without the 15-goal man Nils competitive game goals - Löw will also succeed in his reasons for selecting the DFB in Russia, Petersen from SC Freiburg will protect SC. Second place in the team. Even Sandro Wagner sees that despite the bumpy preparation for the must come, two players hold internal evaluation is occupied by Petersen. DFB coach not to run up to top form as a suitable point, the flag for the Breisgau is high: Candidates for the mission title uncertain - but also not absurd. Defender Matthias Ginter (Borussia Der Löw-Faktor teidigung. And once again he will write their very own Mönchengladbach tournaments) comes from The fourth and perhaps decisive, the critics of a better story. And the Germans march and went through the training dende factor, on the basis of which also to instruct. Benjamin Resetz FREITAG rumors and a trip to Lausitz Freiburg Gundelfingen Kirchzarten SC Freiburg has to worry about the whereabouts of Caglar Söyüncü and meets Energie Cottbus 25 ° in the cup Söyüncü signed a defender for another year. at SC Freiburg or does the A measure in the event of an eg Feldb r Sch T it isee 20 ° luc hs 20-year-olds switch to the English Premier League? The staff carousel at the farewell to Söyüncü? The other SC newcomers are called Mark Flek-Müllheim 14 ° ee Schwarzwaldstraße is turning. Neuken, Luca Waldschmidt and Jerome additions and farewells leave Gondorf. To do this, the sports club took part in listening. And then there is a Philipp Lienhart (21, Real Madrid) on the long trip away to the distant purchase option. Previous investment: SATURDAY SONNTAG Niederlausitz on the occasion of the first around 12 million euros. Round in the DFB Cup. In the meantime, it has been certain for the first time that Söyüncü's advisor Mustafa Breisgauer is traveling to the third division against the British Daily newspaper "Mirror" reports. steiger Energie Cottbus to Niederlausitz. The game is between 17. 25 ° 13 ° 23 ° 13 ° That the Londoners terminated for a long time and August 20. Ex-Cott bio-weather meets old acquaintances of the talented central defender. The bio-weather stimuli that occur should not be too strong and they are known to compete. On the part of SC buser Nils Petersen and Tim Klein - most of the weather-sensitive people should therefore remain symptom-free. Freiburg continues to say that it is on duty. The second southern Baden club only has problems with existing circulatory diseases, so far, association league club SV Linx. There are primarily headaches and dizziness "gunners". However: to name the newly promoted Bundesliga 1. FC Nürn- attacken. In ex-Cologne Dominique Heintz Will Caglar Söyüncü still play at SC Freiburg next season? PHOTO: K E L LE R berg. Benjamin Resetz

14 E X T R AU LT R A B I K E K I R C H Z A RT E N Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Over hill and dale with the mountain bike professionals The annual Ultra Bike Marathon once again attracts around 5,000 cyclists from the region and from all over the world as well as countless spectators to Kirchzarten Anniversary in Kirchzarten: The ultra big sport and good mood in Kirchzarten: At the Ultra Bike Marathon on Sunday, the Bike Marathon, Europe's largest, the almost 5,000 participants give everything once again - also Julian Schelb from Biker Aus and the most colorful mountain bike Münstertal (right). The traditional race has always been one of the sporty ones, whether it is a marathon, experiences its 20th highlights in the region and is considered a real acid test by professionals and amateurs alike. more emphasis on the support and everything opens up, PHOTOS: PA T R I C K S E EGE R put endurance, or rather what legs and pedals give. The organizers are very keen to prove their sprinter quality. Around 5,000 participants are expected to prove it. The special: weekend in Kirchzarten. Spectators - professionals and amateurs go. In addition, the Germans are taking a friendly format, at the Ultra Bike Marathon par - sprint and marathon champions - in the inner city we will all be on the track. “That makes scopes. Special attraction: Ama-exciting competitions are already looking for a great attraction, as expensive athletes can look for the direct route of a spectacular route amateur athletes directly with the comparison with the professionals. can offer ", according to the top athlete from organizing the event", nizier. Sebastian Eckmann also finds this to be the highlight. “We have a year on that, but the German weekend is valid. Now all the cogs in the marathon championship at the biathlon world champion have to mesh together. ”Sebastian Eck-Sonntag. Here is also one that goes to the start on the back wheel to the finish line. An exciting race can be expected for the man from the organizing committee, as there is also the ex-moun- one or two feats are the tee of the Ultra Bike Marathon 2018, all top German riders are their tainbike professionals and German mara bike cracks on the ultra bike always at the moment at full capacity - and have already announced a full start and thon master Markus Bauer - as have. And: ex-professional Markus Bauer anticipation. "It tingles again, the 79 kilometers Kirchzartener one of the numerous (round picture, left) is training with tremendous", laughs the Kirchzarte- long route to be mastered so quickly- local heroes in the field of participants. his company team. ner, whose father is already in the organization, how legs and bike carry them. Together with 20 colleagues, he has PHOTOS: PATRICK SEEGER / MICHAEL BÜHRER tion team of the traditional Renew is the so-called Gravel-Track, the Kirchzarten-based electronics manufacturer, which has been a company team for the since 1997 together with Moritz Milatz and - due to a failure, finally with gravel bikes, a leg - some of another celebrity - in 2014 - is now in its 20th on-hybrid of racing bike and mountain - they are bloody participants: Biathlage works. “At the moment we have tainbike and the latest trend in mountain biking world champions, measuring almost 4,700 registrations from the driving scene. A beginner over a distance, according to Benedikt Doll. rers from 31 nations are available. We kick the ex-professional drivers from 50 kilometers. Binnen “Moritz, Bene- are so in good spirits that it lasts against each other. "Since it's about ten weeks and I'll end up being over 5,000 again." It's a premiere in this discipline, diving then there is certainly still room for improvement - team with inten - maybe in German championship, although we, like me think a strong training of the team in sprint and marathon nice race put together fit for tung on ", so the German championship in have", believes Sebastian Bauer. that of the ex-professional cyclist. Mountain bike sprint on Friday 15th. “But we are doing the race with the“ But since I am not June, the prelude to the ultra bike is the first step and the whole marathon will be more crowded in the weekend. Made on a circuit in the coming years, of course. Supported by training, I will continue to professionalize the investigation in Kirchzartener Innerort. "The colleagues were hardly likely to compete for the best mountain bike sprinters over six different disciplines, including another German championship title." 8 pm then the Schnell in the race - The cyclists will dance to former professional bikers, by the way: To the first game of the first of their guild. Benjamin Rudiger on Sunday from 7 o'clock in the morning - Freiburg's Moritz Milatz (Vice-World- German National Football Team- from Ultra-Bike-Organizational Seniors. From the longest distance “Ultra” champion marathon and German at the World Cup in committee places visitors the event (114 kilometers) up to the short track champion cross country). “Tech Russia has to be particularly fond of the heart despite the ultra bike:“ The sprint is over 41 kilometers of skill training, we don't have to do without anyone in the Witches' Marathon. forest trail park, the mountain bike All starts were brought forward by a training area of ​​the SV Kirchzarten, half an hour. Made from 5 p.m. ”, says Bauer. “I would like to get the game between German people to go biking. For land and Mexico at Public Me, it's easy training. ”Broadcasting the viewing so that no one Markus Bauer himself wants to go to the start with the participant who has been withdrawn from football on the Ultra Bike. Benjamin Resetz These are the route profiles for the Ultra Bike Marathon 2018. PHOTO: ULTRA BIKE EXPO booth opening times: Black Forest Ultra Bike EXPO OFFERS June 15-17, 2018 Saturday: 10 am-8pm Sunday: 10 am-6pm Bicycle tubes »Evolution «27.5“ Lotzbeckstrasse 33 + Dreyspringstrasse 19 ™ 77933 Lahr WC folding tire 1 piece previously 6.95 6, - www.link-lahr.de previously 57.95- 3 pieces previously 20.85 16, - 5 pieces previously 34, - 75 25, - 34.95 "Nobby Nic" "Racing Ralph" "Rocket Ron" Giro Alpina Alpina "Montaro Mips" "Garbanzo" "Valparola XC" very light // optimally ventilated sporty MTB helmet MTB racing helmet WE WISH 179.95 so far - previously 99.95- previously 149.95- A SUCCESSFUL 100, - 69.99 119.99 ULTRA Ergon handlebar grips »GS3« pulse monitor »M400« BIKE SAMPLE CLOTHING with GPS previously 59.95- previously 199.95- 49.95 40 - 60% 149.95 REDUCED Ergon handlebar grips »GP1« previously 39.95 - CYCLING SHOES 32.95 30 - 40% REDUCED! Sport Eckmann GmbH • Stegener Strasse 14 • 79199 Kirchzarten

Freiburg weekly report. Wednesday, June 13, 2018 E X T R AW M 2 0 1 8 15 Who has a chance of winning the World Cup? On the way to the big goal of defending the title, world champions Germany could fail due to the competition - the favorites check For 52 years no foot has been able to back up after three months of injury . Everything about Argentina is to defend the title. Equal dream goal. Also the qualification aimed at Messi. This path led several teams wanting German - the team completed more confidently than in 2014 in the final. E land this historic opportunity group first. And the squad reads in a renewed attempt at itself like a who's who of the world championship title takes England into obstructing.We take a look at football: Marcelo, Casemiro (both Russia. In the junior area on the top favorites, the secret Real Madrid), Dani Alves (Paris St. were the favorites for the "Three Lions" in the year and an outsider Germain), Philippe Coutinho, Roberto was most recently successful in 2017 at the World Cup in Brazil. Firmino (both Liverpool FC). Also (U17 and U20 world champions and football history to touch in With the opening game on the bookmakers believe in Brazil 19 European champions). Whether the man - the Black Forest City. PHOTO: ZVG Thursday takes the long way - of all teams, coach Gareth Southgate's five-fold win for the World Cup has its start. Who world champion has the lowest odds. but is already ready to triumph in Russia The story D will triumph in the end, he is still world champion of 2010, Spa- to triumph is questionable. The uncertain. But the number of opponents who are Germany's denial of the World Cup trophy is currently trembling over right-wing defender Daniel Carvajal. Average age is 26 years. Want to be one of the most conspicuous players at the World Cup is large. Our overview: (Real Madrid). In the Champions League, Raheem Sterling certainly counts (he was in the man final with a muscle victor in the City). But when it comes to New in the Black Forest City in 2018 The top favorites: elimination early, his World Cup doesn't work out, an English title The soccer world championship in France's selection counts It seemed certain. But it is still more likely in four years. Russia is one of the sporting A undoubtedly to the favo- a chance that he will be fit in time for the reigning European championship major events of 2018. rituals for the World Cup. Portugal automatically counts the big exit to An exciting exhibition in the one-cup. The Vice-Euro- would like midfield- those candidates who have genius Iniesta, who could triumph surprisingly, in the over-shopping center Schwarzwald City in pameister. Freiburg will dedicate itself to July 14th over a highly- it the last World Cup superstar Christiano Ronaldo (Real will be the impressive history of the carat open tournament. Madrid) says the team is in the soccer World Cup, which is sive this year plays with Kylian Spain's coach. But the problem could be, Mbappé played for the 21st time (Paris Julen Lopetegui that everything will be on again in the end. St. Germain), the team rejuvenated, Real-Star stuck. On the ground floor of the Black Forest- Antoine Isco (Real Madrid) City will make a total of 24 show- Griezmann (Atletico and Álvaro Morata (FC outsiders with chances: felling the whole world of the World Cup A Madrid) and Ousmane Chelsea) before Belgium has the football since the beginning in 1930 until today Dembélé (FC Barcelona). In everything the attack is dangerous. experts continue to be presented on the. Interesting behind the World Cup qualification had to be the team Spain has title chances, defeated slip: There is talk of a basic information, just like Tricolore, only Sweden beat Argentina in March even 6: 1. "Golden Generation". Names such as conveyed such as player biographies and give. There is a good chance that Marouane Fellaini, Romelu Lukaku will also find something worth knowing from the tournament statistics - the 2016 European Championship finalist in The Secret Favorites: (both Manchester United), Thibaut tik. Fascinating moves, never- D Russia make it to the final. he runners-up team - Courtois and Eden Hazard (both FC enjoyable anecdotes and famous defiance of the disappointing champions Argentina is panting Chelsea) and Kevin De Bruyne (both names are documented. And performance at the home World Cup after a title Superstar de Manchester City) leave fans with lots of snapshots and players- 2014 is Brazil in this Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona / Photo: dpa) click the tongue. But whether it is the portraits in the face of Triumph Jahr again to the circle of favorites. That scored three goals in the test against Spanish coach Roberto Martínez or defeat transport their team to the 222 million euro Hawaii. But it dampens the expectation of failing to gild this generation - its very own emotionality. Striker Neymar (Paris St. Germain) said: “It's not there yet. who or not another team is on redress. We are not the best ”. The coach of the Brazilian “Selecao” around Neymar, the most expensive football player to win the World Cup, will only be on All information is also available on Superstar's come- “Albiceleste” is Jorge Sampaoli, the world, one of the big favorites on the world title. PHOTO: D PA July 15th. Matthias Joers www.schwarzwald-city.de La Ola is simple. When you have a real high performer with you for the best seats in the world - the Sparkasse credit card. This means that fans are always well equipped - whether at home or away: pull out your credit card and score points with convenient, secure payment. Of course also on the internet. Get your Sparkasse credit card now. sparkasse-freiburg.de