How does the Facebook integration work

How does Facebook work? Structure, networks, content

Facebook is a worldwide used social network and part of the online marketing orchestra. It helps to increase the reach and presentation of companies, both in B2B and B2C context. (P)


Every user has his own Facebook timeline in which he (filtered by Facebook) gets the latest posts from friends, groups and (company) pages.

Profiles and pages in Facebook

Free user profiles

Anyone aged 13 and over can log into Facebook free of charge and thus create a profile. To do this, you have to enter your first and last name as well as your birthday and email address. The gender and mobile phone number can optionally be stored. Names are not verified, so pseudonyms are sometimes used. As a business user profile, however, you should enter the correct name. Even if younger people used to be active on Facebook, the current trend is towards an older audience.

Company page

Each user can also create pages and assign them to a topic. The creator of the page is automatically the administrator of this page, further administrators can be added. On the corporate side, the goal should be defined in advance. An editorial plan is helpful and avoids unwanted contributions on the company website. Other users can like the company page and be notified of interactions. Other users can also comment on and like posts on the company website. Since positive as well as negative contributions can be made, it is extremely important to regularly check the company page and lead the interaction.

Careers page

You can also create a career page on the company page, on which you can advertise specifically for employees. The employees can describe their activities here and the company can present itself as an attractive employer. Company outings or special events are particularly popular.

Groups in Facebook

In addition to company pages, groups can also be created. However, the number of members is limited here. In the case of groups, members can also publish their own contributions, as well as like and comment on other contributions. Therefore you have to check regularly whether you have to react to a post or comment.

Optimize company website

Constant work on the company page is extremely important for Facebook B2B marketing. Therefore, it should be checked regularly whether all data are correct and whether all contributions are correct and meaningful.

Company information

Unlike at the beginning, the full company information is no longer displayed on the start page of the company page, but only a short version of it with:

  • Phone number
  • Messenger contact
  • Company website
  • Type of business
  • Imprint (is extremely important, otherwise you can be warned)
  • opening hours

On the left side you will find the category "Info" under which you can enter further information, such as the year of foundation, a company presentation and milestones, etc.

Posts on the company page

The focus is on posts on the company page as they are listed directly on the home page.

Multiple company pages

If the company is active in several countries and languages, country-specific company pages are recommended. The same applies if you have different subsidiaries with different specializations.

Network building with Facebook

Building a network on Facebook is not easy. The more interactions that take place, the more likely you are to increase your network. The best multipliers are the employees in the company. They should like the company page and share or comment on the posts.

Multipliers for reach

Facebook is a great way to gain reach at low cost. So-called influencers can help.

Interaction with posts

Facebook posts can be "liked", shared or commented on. The more interaction takes place, the faster the range increases, and the network is therefore constantly being expanded.


With the "Like" button ("thumbs up" icon), users express their interest in this post. You can now choose between other symbols:

  • Heart: "Love"
  • laughing smiley: "Haha" (super funny)
  • astonished smiley: "Oh"
  • crying smiley: "sad"
  • angry smiley: "angry"

Posts can be shared and thus gain additional reach, since the post is then also seen by the person's "friends". Therefore, it is extremely important to always post value and something unique so that it is shared.

Leave a Comment

Anyone can comment on posts on Facebook. It is therefore extremely important to respond to the comments if necessary. Above all, negative comments should not simply be deleted, but answered openly.

Content distribution

Facebook is an excellent tool to further distribute company content. Several million interactions take place on Facebook every day, so your own content can not only be seen by people who already know your website, but also by other active Facebook users.


The content can also be edited and corrected afterwards, but since "fans" are informed immediately about new content, they should be checked beforehand. It is also important to discuss in advance what the goal is and thus also the editorial style.
An editorial plan of what is posted when is helpful, as you can create the content in advance and superiors and colleagues can read and approve the content before it is published. In principle there are different options:

  • Share already existing content: Regardless of whether it's older articles or external, topic-relevant content
  • Text contribution: Short text information about announcements, innovations, promotions, etc.
  • Anteasering articles from the company website: Website articles in Facebook can also be presented on the company page. A short summary (2-3 sentences) and either an image or an open graph of the website is sufficient for this.
  • Images: Pictures say more than 1000 words - A picture on a certain topic or several (although usually only 5 are displayed at once, for the others you have to click further) is often a popular contribution that leads to interactions. Ideally, the picture should have a short, meaningful text.
  • Videos: Videos, preferably YouTube videos due to their size, can also be published

Text length

Texts on Facebook should not be too long, because from a certain number of characters the text is not visible all at once. So try to summarize the most important things and rather provide a link to the homepage, blog, etc.

Facebook integration in websites

The integration of Facebook into websites is much discussed in connection with the GDPR. In general, this involves the transfer of personal data - this is done with the use of Facebook scripts. This means that the plugins provided by the company save data of the visitors and they are not informed about it. Therefore, the use of Facebook plugins can lead to a warning.

Safe variant
Link to the Facebook profile
The transfer of data takes place Notif your just that Facebook icon or the name "to the Facebook profile" with a classic pure link to the Facebook profile on your website. That’s okay!

Advertising on Facebook

Over 1.8 billion users are active on Facebook every month, which is why the platform is extremely interesting for advertisers. A number of advertising options and extensive targeting make it possible to address target groups precisely and effectively with paid advertising. Facebook marketing with advertising is also advantageous for B2B companies thanks to the many targeting options. With the Facebook campaign manager, advertisements can be placed on Facebook as well as on Instagram and partner sites.

Forms of advertising

Form of advertising description features recommendation
Photo Ads A photo ad is a simple and quickly realizable advertising format. A text, a further link and a call-to-action button can be incorporated for this purpose Only 20% text allowed Use interesting texts. Not too much text. Use creative, attention grabbing images. People in the picture are always an emotional anchor
Video Ads Form of advertising with generally high click rates is one of the most effective forms of advertising. A text, a further link and a call-to-action button can be incorporated for this purpose Maximum length 120 minutes and file size maximum 1GB Product launches, insights into company life, customer stories so that the users are packed with story
Carousel Ads This form of advertising allows multiple photos and videos to be displayed by swiping or clicking. This draws the user deeper into the topic. Up to 10 pictures or videos can be inserted Complete stories can be told through the large number of images and videos that can be used
Slideshow Video-like display that can be created from images or existing videos. Moving, acoustic and textual elements can be used for this. In addition, the target group can be addressed differently depending on the connection speed. Length up to 50 seconds. 3-10 pictures or video Also very effective for telling a story. This can also save costs for complex video ads. A lot of testing is required, however.
collection Combination of video or photo with 4 product images. This means that products can be presented to the user more easily. Video length max. 120 minutes and file size max. 1GB Good connection of influencers in the video or photo with the products offered.