Private colleges accept students with full fee

Studying at private (technical) universities and private universities

Anyone in Germany who has the necessary change, BAföG, grants or loans for tuition fees can hope for a quick start in their careers. Because at the private (technical) universities and private universities you can establish contacts with companies at an early stage, e.g. through internships. Lectures are often given by personalities from the field who give you a good insight into them. As a graduate, you usually have better chances on the job market. The cooperation between the private university and the economy means, among other things, that companies choose their employees while they are still at the university.

You should measure the study costs at a private university by how income expectations can change after graduation. For example, if you cannot find your desired subject at a state university or if the admission hurdles are too high, you have to consider whether you can pay the costs of studying at a private university. If your career opportunities increase by graduating from a renowned private university, the investment will pay for itself within a few years. Private individuals will inform you whether you can get BAföG and what financing options exist for the tuition fees.

The private sector is often promoted by companies. This requires closer proximity to the company. This positive circumstance is also reinforced by the fact that company representatives sometimes sit on the advisory boards of the private sector and can thus give important impulses that can be of great advantage for the teaching and thus for you. Internships and entry opportunities are further advantages of this intensive cooperation.

educational doc notice. Private universities are better suited for students with a professional goal in mind. Those who are undecided and want to keep a change of subject open at a later date have little choice.