Why is plagiarism illegal?

Buying plagiarism on the Internet: is this a punishable offense?

Many of us are awakened by the Internet Bargain hunter. Because nowhere else can you Offers from various dealers so easy to compare. It will Price comparison portals questioned, Discount coupons wanted and unknown shops discovered from all over the world. But the search is not always from success crowned.

Because it may end up after a more or less long one Shipping time not that desired product with us. So it happens again and again that the supposed bargain as Brand counterfeiting and the customers instead of original goods Plagiarism to buy.

But with which ones Consequences Consumers need to anticipate accidentally or knowingly Buy plagiarism online? Is this punishable? And there is one Liability claim towards online retailers? The following guide provides answers to these and other questions.

FAQ: Buying plagiarism

Can I buy plagiarism while on vacation?

Anyone who brings counterfeit products from a vacation trip must - as long as the statutory allowances are complied with - usually not expect any sanctions for a violation of trademark law. However, this only applies if the authorities do not assume commercial use.

Which regulations apply to online orders from abroad?

The purchase of plagiarism over the Internet constitutes a violation of commercial legal protection and is sanctioned accordingly.

What are the consequences of a trademark violation?

As a rule, the goods are confiscated and destroyed by customs. In addition, those responsible must expect a warning including a declaration of discontinuance.

Can I buy counterfeit brands online?

Again and again the on the Internet supposedly Branded goods ordered cheaply as bad Counterfeit out. Of Brand counterfeiting A wide variety of products are affected, such as expensive luxury watches, Handbags well-known designer and expensive electronics. But you have to Sanctions expect when you consciously or unconsciously buy plagiarism on the Internet?

Run for a vacation for private purposes Counterfeit products from abroad usually represent this no trademark infringement However, the authorities decide in each case Individual casewhether the order is actually going to private purposes he follows. With a Destruction of the goods but is to be expected in most cases.

From one commercial use for example is to go out when you several identical replicas to buy. Because in such a case it is from one Resale go out so that the Order and import is to be regarded as a violation of trademark law. Trademark law is a possibility of industrial legal protection.

Exists a justified suspicion on a trademark infringement, the inch the Confiscate goods. In addition, the Rights holder - i.e. the manufacturer of the original product - informedthat for commercial use Plagiarism introduced were. In addition, the customer will also be informed about the Confiscation and a threatening one destruction informed.

people that Buy, introduce and resell plagiarism usually have to expect a warning. In the course of this, the rights holder also becomes the Submission of a cease and desist declaration request in the future further violations against trademark law prevent.

On the other hand, order plagiarism via the Internet, you have to expect sanctions in principle, because one commercial use cannot be ruled out. Finally, deliveries can be made on dozens of packages divided up become.

Receiving counterfeit goods on the Internet - what now?

However, the Acquisition of counterfeit trademarks not always deliberately. Because under certain circumstances advertise the providers with Originals, only to then Send fakes. But which one Expectations have people who unwittingly plagiarism order online? Is this a fraud?

Basically, becomes a Item under a brand name offered, there is a claim on it, too Original goods or. damages to obtain. However, the enforcement possible legal claims outside of the EU difficult to make. In addition, it is often not possible to guarantee that although you want to buy originals instead of plagiarism, you will get yours Can assert claims.

Hence, consumers should carefully consider what they are order abroad. Are the products compared to the regular price very cheap, it is not uncommon to assume that you Plagiarism to buy.

Experts also already advise the payment possible Precautions to take. For example, with a Payment by direct debit the amount within 6 weeks easily through your bank book back to let. Alternatively, in an emergency, a payment can be made with PayPal also theirs Buyer Protection step in.

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Buying plagiarism on the internet: is this a punishable offense?
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