Why is Germany hostile?

Translation of "hostile" in spanish

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I've never had you two like this before hostile seen.
Why? I could say because the people of the Federation hostile was.
Podría decir que porque eran hostiles a la Federación.
Would they be hostile, we wouldn't sit here together.
Then ask him if they don't let us hostile are.
One could infer that it is you hostile is.
Incluso podría decir que sus intenciones hacia usted son hostiles.
I think it is political and this country hostile.
In this sector you are facing the Borg hostile.
Would be something here hostile, if we knew that.
Si hubiera algún peligro, lo sabríamos.
I made it clear that I wasn't hostile was, but they kept shooting.
(Angel) So you're nobody hostile.
We must take note that the Lukashenko government is open to the European Union hostile is and that our demands for respect for human rights and for democratization in Belarus fall absolutely on deaf ears.
Sería conveniente que tomáramos nota de que el régimen de Lukashenko it abiertamente hostil a la Unión Europea y de que nuestras demandas en términos de derechos humanos y democratización en Belarús están cayendo absolutamente en saco roto.
It shows once again that the European Parliament is faithful to the needs and interests of the monopolies and that it serves the needs of workers and the grassroots profoundly hostile is.
Demuestra, una vez más, que el Parlamento Europeo está satisfaciendo fellmente las necesidades y los intereses de los monopolios y que especially totalmente en contra de las necesidades de los trabajadores y las bases.
maybe we are all hostile, some more than the others.
A menos que todos sean hostiles y unos sean más hostiles que otros.
The blue, purple and green beacons are hostile.
Los ríos de fuego y azufre les esperan.
First, there is a double standard when we weigh two small countries against each other, one opposes us and is us hostile, the other declares itself pro-western and pro-European.
For one parte, there are "dos pesos, dos medidas" cuando sopesamos dos países pequeños, de los que uno es contrario y se muestra hostil respecto a nosotros y el otro se declara favorable a Occidente y a Europa.
Western sources assume that the great king wanted to renew the old Achaemenid Empire, whereby it should be noted that the western sources usually correspond to the Sassanids anyway hostile were.
Las fuentes occidentales atribuyen al Gran Rey la intención de restaurar el antiguo Imperio aqueménida, pero debe tenerse en cuenta que las fuentes occidentales son por norma contrarias a lot persas.
There were enough obvious reasons to explain this, yet it is a fact that the presence of two armies within a so-called state continues to exist hostile are a permanent factor in the division.
Había razones evidentes para explicarlo, pero el hecho sigue siendo que la presencia de dos ejércitos dentro de un denominado Estado, que siguen siendo enemigos, it is a continuo factor de discordia.
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