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18 breakfast bowls for a perfect start to the day

Apple pie smoothie bowl

A piece of apple pie to spoon? Sounds like heaven! Denise puts you in an absolute autumn mood with her warm porridge, because her creation from oat flakes, apples and nuts is a real feel-good breakfast for cold autumn days. To the recipe

Kiwi smoothie bowl

Smoothies to slurp are always delicious, but sometimes it can also be a smoothie bowl that you can decorate with all kinds of goodies. The dear foodistas set the best example, and their smoothie bowl is hard to beat in terms of beauty. To the recipe

Tropical white oats

Daniela has brought her favorite breakfast from Thailand. In your bowl, oatmeal gathers cooked in a mixture of coconut water and coconut milk, peppered with fresh coconut and vanilla - a tropical soul food that puts you in the holiday mood right away. To the recipe

Granola without sugar

Tina found inspiration in London to conjure up her own favorite granola and here she reveals her recipe for true crispy happiness. With oatmeal, nuts, cocoa and dried fruits, you can make a large portion of the delicacy in the oven and then enjoy it for several weeks with yogurt and fresh fruits. To the recipe

Green smoothie bowl

Things often have to be quick in the morning. But that doesn't mean you have to eat a boring sandwich. A delicious smoothie bowl can also be prepared in no time at all. Tine's green power breakfast also keeps you full for a long time and provides you with healthy nutrients. To the recipe

Winter baked apple porridge

No sooner have we guessed it than winter is knocking on the door again. So that you are well prepared, you can make a note of Sabrina's baked apple porridge for cold days. Not only does it taste incredibly delicious and fill you up for a long time, it is also steaming on the table in 10 minutes. To the recipe

Pumpkin and millet porridge

With Lea's millet and pumpkin porridge you start warm and cozy into cold autumn days. Thanks to millet, you are well supplied with important nutrients that you need for the cold season. The cinnamon-aromatic pumpkin melts with spices and nuts to create a wonderful autumn breakfast bowl. To the recipe

Crunchy muesli with macadamias, blueberries and orange

Crispy granola made from wholegrain flakes, macadamia nuts and dried blueberries with an autumnal aroma of orange and cinnamon - there is hardly a better way to start the day! Getting up in the morning is particularly easy with Jessica's crispy dream. To the recipe

Emmer grain porridge in 3 autumn variations

A time is dawning in which one would love to cuddle up in the warm blanket a little longer in the morning. However, the prospect of a warm porridge will get you out of bed in no time. Thanks to Hannah-Lena's inventiveness, it never gets boring, because she gave us the recipe for an emmer grain porridge in 3 autumnal variations. Whether pears with dates, cinnamon apples with blueberries or figs with grapes - every cloudy morning becomes a pleasure. To the recipe

Plum berry bowl

It doesn't always have to be plum cake. You can also conjure up a delicious smoothie bowl from the sweet fruits. This not only gives your breakfast an intense color, it also tastes wonderfully like autumn. To the recipe

Yogurt with orange, plum and sesame-almond brittle

Summer is coming back with this breakfast bowl! The combination of yoghurt, orange, plums and crispy almond brittle invites you to feast early in the morning. To the recipe

Ayurvedic millet porridge with fried apricots

The basis of the Ayurvedic breakfast is a cereal porridge. This is topped with a wide variety of seasonal fruits. Hannah's choice falls on fruity cinnamon apricots and freeze-dried raspberries - quick to prepare, tasty, clean and Ayurvedic. To the recipe

Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

Stephanie's smoothie bowl puts you in the best summer mood right away. Pineapple, apple, orange, peach and coconut milk are pureed and served nicely in a pineapple. In addition to fruit and amaranth, chia seeds and pollen are also found on top. To the recipe

Spelled semolina porridge with applesauce and caramel almonds

At Nike, there is a warming spelled semolina in the bowl in autumn. With applesauce, figs, dates and crispy caramel almonds you can really enjoy yourself. To the recipe

Raspberry Chia Pudding

Mara's raspberry chia pudding is convincing across the board. Your satiety breakfast is not only eye-catching in terms of appearance, the combination of chia seeds, raspberries, coconut flakes and oat flakes is also impressive in terms of taste. To the recipe

Porridge with almonds, orange and lavender flowers

No time to have breakfast? The excuse doesn't count! Because while the porridge is simmering, you can relax and get ready. Try out Kaja's creation and top your breakfast porridge with oranges, pecans, lavender flowers and rose water. Wonderfully fruity and crunchy! To the recipe

Acai bowl

The hyped acai berry comes across especially in fruity bowls. It contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and tastes delicious too! Michaela gives her recipe for a bowl of healthy delicacy here. To the recipe

Acai bowl © Michaela Harfst | Transglobalpanparty

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl with blueberry granola

Here, in addition to the creamy Greek yogurt, you get a crispy blueberry granola, crunchy nuts, fruity bananas and fresh berries in your bowl. A breakfast that is not only a visual experience! To the recipe

Ice cream or yogurt? Do both!

If it's about creamy desserts, then this is it 2-in-1 ice cream maker and yogurt maker Elisa right at the front. Regardless of whether it's an ice cream classic or new creations - thanks integrated compressor she conjures up ice cream for your in-house gelateria in no time at all. Is yogurt with muesli and berries a must for you in the morning? Elisa makes it fresh for you every day - conveniently at the push of a button.

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