Who sings the song King Of Rock

Elvis PresleyCareer start of the "King of Rock‘ n ‘Roll"

Chicago, 1946 - Blues musician Arthur Crudup records the song "That's All Right" for the record label RCA Victor. 639 miles away, 11-year-old Elvis Aaron Presley gets a $ 6.95 guitar for his birthday, even though he would have preferred a rifle or a bicycle. At the time, nobody suspected that Crudup's song would become the cornerstone of one of the greatest careers in rock music eight years later.

1953, Elvis Aaron Presley is now a lanky teenager and about to graduate from Humes High School. At the annual "Minstrel Show", a concert evening at his school, he is on stage for the first time. Announced as Elvis Presley on the poster, he shocked teachers, parents and classmates with his version of the Theresa Brewer song "Till I Waltz Again With You".

"It was amazing how popular I got after that gig ..."

Elvis remembered in later years. And Dwight Malone, a classmate:

"Elvis was just different. Elvis came to school in a pink jacket and yellow pants. He put one leg on the chair, struck the strings of his guitar and began to sing his heart out. That was, for me , the birth of rock 'n' roll. "

Everything starts with songs for the mother

On June 3rd, '53 Elvis had graduated from school. 15 days later, the privately rather shy teenager stood at the door of Sam Philips Sun Records on Union Avenue in Memphis to, as he explained, record a record for his mother.

Elvis sang two songs that day - "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" and "My Happiness," which cost $ 3.98.

Sam Phillips and his company Sun Records were a big name in the southern United States. In the weeks that followed, Elvis kept showing up on Union Avenue to inquire about a job as a singer in a band.

In January 1954 he even paid again for a second demo session. This time Phillips was there in person - and he wrote down the phone number of the hopeful Elvis.

But it wasn't until six months later - Elvis had meanwhile taken a job as a truck driver - the long-awaited call from Sun Records came. The rehearsals were not very satisfactory, but brought Elvis into contact with the guitarist Scotty Moore and his band The Starlight Wranglers. Of the first meeting with Presley, Moore said:

"Elvis wore a pink T-shirt, pink trousers with white stripes on the side and white shoes. I was afraid my wife would freak out. You just didn't wear these kinds of flashy clothes at the time."

Presley convinces with a break serenade

Moore's wife didn't freak out, Elvis stayed and became a member of the combo. On July 5th they met again in the studios of Sun Records. Nothing really exciting happened until Elvis - during a break - started one, his, version of the Crudups song "That's All Right". Presley's rhythm was faster than the original, it was the perfect mix of black rhythm & blues and white pop, a music Sam Phillips had been looking for all his life. It was something very personal, Elvis said later.

This July 5th, 1954, should change the music world. A white boy from Tupelo ventured into the world of colored R&B and set the course for rock 'n' roll. "That's All Right" became Presley's first single. Just three days later, "That's All Right" was heard on the radio for the first time. And when the record hits stores in mid-July, it quickly becomes a hit in the southern United States. Elvis is now more and more often performing live in front of his audience at school events, in clubs or at radio station concerts. Wherever Elvis Presely sings, the teenagers get out of hand - the age of rock 'n' roll had begun.