Can I get dental implants for free

Dentures free of charge

How can I use dentures free of charge?

Dental prostheses for free means a supply of crowns, bridges or prostheses without additional payment. This is usually only possible in cases of financial hardship, if the health insurance company pays 100 percent of the costs of standard care for low-wage earners. Under certain conditions, this is also possible regardless of income.

First: Inexpensive dentures from abroad are used.
Secondly: Treatment is limited to standard therapy, i.e. to what is defined as standard care.
Third: The bonus booklet must be kept for ten years without gaps (increases the health insurance subsidy to 75 percent). The largest cost savings result from the foreign laboratory.

How do I find the right provider?

Some dentists aggressively advertise this offer. It may therefore be necessary to change dentists for this option.

Some health insurance companies also work together with appropriate contractual partners, i.e. with dentists, dental technicians or laboratories, in order to offer insured persons care at a reasonable price or for free. They point this out, for example, when patients submit a treatment and cost plan. Likewise, large laboratories are now addressing patients directly with their advertising, who should then ask their dentist about this variant, or - if the dentist refuses, get a cooperating dentist named by the company. However, your own dentist cannot be forced to work with a new laboratory.

When do I have to pay extra?

As soon as a patient deviates from the standard care, you have to bear the additional costs yourself, both for material and for a possibly higher fee.

So if you opt for a similar or a different type of treatment, you will not receive any dentures for free.

Example: If a tooth in the posterior region has been largely destroyed but is in need of preservation or if a tooth is missing, a crown or bridge made of non-precious metal is provided as a standard treatment. This is not a qualitative restriction. But if you prefer a tooth-colored crown or bridge for optical reasons, you have to pay the additional costs privately. Implants or inlays are also excluded from the free tariff.

What are the alternatives?

If you do not want to forego the free choice of doctor or do not want to change dentists, you can ask about savings options in your own practice. There are also significant price differences in German laboratories, and standard supply is always the cheapest supply option.