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  • "As long as we do not understand that" programmatic advertising "is perhaps more than a method based on realtime bidding to automatically book, place and optimize online advertising, we are not finished with" programmatic advertising "." Mike Petersen (Managing Director DIGIDEN GmbH, Board Member CB.e AG) on the one hand sets this hypothesis, on the other hand he poses it with an article about the extended meaning of programmatic advertising.

    The article helps to understand how providers create outstanding programmatic advertising and shows that more essential than the technical method is the conceptual approach to enable consumers and providers to meet optimally, which leads to satisfaction and the respective added value. The focus is on relevant information, good communication and accessibility with regard to the presentation of offers. Read here: Article Perspective Programmatic



  • Digiden merges with CB.e

    A lot has happened at DIGIDEN in the still short year. DIGIDEN GmbH and the Berlin communications agency CB.e AG are growing together - a merging process that knows how to use the strengths of both agencies.

    DIGIDEN has been accompanying digital transformation processes since 2002 and developing applications, websites and online marketing campaigns for national and international customers. Our digital competence has become even stronger as a result of the merger, and we are now also working in the fields of corporate, live communication and branding. All areas are intertwined - this gives us the opportunity to offer our customers holistic solutions.

    Together with CB.e, we look forward to being optimally positioned for current and future specialized and holistic challenges in communication services. The agency offers a combination of business-relevant strategic advice in combination with creative excellence, digital marketing expertise and technological know-how. Read the press release here. more


  • Display Advertising Excellence

    For years, DIGIDEN has been a pioneer in campaign development in display advertising. We have played a key role in shaping and accompanying the market and the standardization of advertising formats and placements. Time to devote your own website to display advertising.

    Display advertising or banner advertising is the form of advertising with the greatest reach and the most widely accepted on the Internet. Banner campaigns are an integral part of online and mobile marketing, targeted and ideal for brand building or performance marketing. Display campaigns can be controlled flexibly and in a way that is relevant to the target group. The advertising success can be measured over the entire campaign period and creates full transparency. Display ads are essential for a holistic online campaign.

    With a new landing page, DIGIDEN underlines its many years of expertise in the conception, planning and implementation of display advertising campaigns.

    DIGIDEN specializes in developing successful banner campaigns. While in the early days of banner advertising there were primarily creative and didactic differences between branding and performance campaigns, today it is important to present different objectives in fewer motifs and formats in an efficiency-oriented manner. Even branding banners can now “sell” if the message is conveyed creatively, consistently and technically flawlessly.

    In addition to standard banners, the agency should also have expertise in the areas of interactive display ads and programmatic advertising in its portfolio. DIGIDEN works quickly and efficiently and was one of the pioneers right from the start who set and consistently expand new standards with HTML5 and JavaScript. Our intensive long-term cooperation with customers such as Deutsche Telekom, WWF, Triumph Adler and other well-known customers underline our success and quality standards in this field.

    Take a look: www.digiden.de/display-advertising/mehr


  • OVAN and DGVS develop interactive web apps

    The DIGIDEN technology partner OVAN and the DGVS are developing a web application for the mutual dialogue between doctor and patient.

    E-health, the use of digital technologies in health care, has been passed by law since 2015. With the DGVS GIT App, the German Society for Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases, DGVS for short, is taking another consistent step towards e-health. The web application developed by our technology partner OVAN contains guidelines for the treatment of gastrointestinal tumors (GIT). In this way, treating physicians and patients alike always have the best overview of the current therapies and the appropriate medications. The need-based information and the improved clarification strengthens the dialogue between doctor and patient and, last but not least, the relationship of trust necessary for a successful therapy. The comprehensible presentation and simple operation make this app a forward-looking information offer.

    The web app works on all common smartphones and is available free of charge: https://www.dgvs.de/wissen-kompakt/digital/dgvs-git-app/

    The German Society for Gastroenterology, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (DGVS) https://www.dgvs.de/dgvs-im-blick/die-dgvs/ueber-uns/ is a scientific specialist society for research into the digestive organs and was founded in 1913. Its aim is, among other things, the promotion of scientific research, the development of standards in diagnostics and the creation of treatment guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive organs.

    The advancing digitization offers doctors, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies alike the opportunity for more efficiency, transparency and topicality. DIGIDEN and OVAN jointly support the implementation of their digitization strategy. more


  • DIGIDEN ensures Bombardier's presence at the trade fair is transparent

    In order to present their tailor-made after-sales services intuitively and stylishly on a digital level, Digiden brought the application developed for the trade fair to a semitransparent touchscreen with a 55-inch screen diagonal. The screen was placed as a central element within the exhibition stand.

    With a futuristic look, visitors were able to discover Bombardier's innovative service portfolio and access detailed information and reference projects by touch and swipe. In order to achieve an outstanding effect with the touchscreen, great attention was paid to usibility-oriented and attention-grabbing animations. In addition to conveying information, the application also impressed with its particularly appealing design and video sequences prepared for transparent screens.

    The application was programmed sustainably so that it could be integrated into a Bombardier website at http://services.rail.bombardier.com/tradefair/ after the trade fair. more


  • Campaign against rhino poaching

    As part of a current fundraising campaign by WWF Germany, the focus is on global poaching of rhinos and the associated illegal trade in their horns as an internationally organized crime. The rhinoceros horn has become a coveted status symbol in recent years. In addition, it is said to have an antipyretic and anticonvulsant effect in traditional medicine, but this has not been scientifically proven. According to WWF, an average of three rhinos per day are poached. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the black rhinoceros in particular as critically endangered. To protect the rhinoceros, the WWF is launching extensive rescue operations in Kenya.

    With a suitable banner campaign and the claim "With my horn, I lose my life too", we were able to bring our digital expertise to the project. With the help of HTML5 templates, the eye-catching motif was implemented in various display and mobile formats and switched to target group-specific networks. The WWF Germany was able to achieve the entire donation goal with all measures.

    The landing page for the donation marathon can be found here: https://www.stopp-wilderei-weltweit.de/nashorn/mehr


  • Total biometric underwriting budget

    As an underwriting agent, Biometric Underwriting is a successful spin-off of the Droege Group, which in turn can look back on a long and successful history among the traditional Hamburg companies and the MRH TROWE GROUP. In Germany, Biometric Underwriting is the inescapable and strong sales partner when it comes to protecting against occupational disability.

    In the pitch, DIGIDEN won the entire budget for the creation of the biometric website, development of marketing materials optimized for deals, and the customer portals of the biometric sales partners. In addition, DIGIDEN manages the spread of the budget for marketing communication.

    The special sales orientation was also in the foreground in the development of the biometric website and ensures efficient control of target group traffic. The CMS, which is individually tailored to biometrics needs, also combines all the advantages of open systems.

    At the same time, the marketing materials developed by DIGIDEN offer sales partners à la carte support:

    The partners have access to individualized customer portals, brochures and tried and tested target group presentations. And everything else that should be necessary for the convincing acquisition and care of satisfied existing customers. With DIGIDEN's white label concept, all advertising material is individually adapted to the logo and color of the brand identity and put into an exclusive biometric partner package. more


  • Online advertising has become an integral part of the company's marketing mix. In order to reach online-savvy target groups, companies increasingly rely on display ads year after year. In addition, mobile internet usage has quadrupled in the past three years. The focus is on the display of advertising material via tablets, smartphones and associated apps as well as social media channels.

    Up to now, display ads in Flash format have been played out via the advertising networks. Repeated security flaws, together with the years-long boycott of Apple, resulted in the end of Flash technology for online banners last year. First, YouTube, then the Google network and finally the Chrome and Firefox browsers began to block Flash banners or to link the display to the fact that the user activated the advertising material himself. The effectiveness of the advertising material was thus considerably restricted, and the costs and benefits of advertising and media budgets were no longer invested profitably.

    Telekom Deutschland GmbH reacted proactively and switched completely to HTML5 at an early stage. DIGIDEN produces a large part of the display ads for the fixed network area of ​​Telekom. In the first step, active campaigns for the products from the areas of IPTV, Internet and Telephony, Entertain and MagentaZuhause were reproduced in HTML using programming technology. New campaign ideas are immediately conceived in the new banner technology. In addition to standard display ads, special formats are increasingly being used that attract above-average attention. For example, DIGIDEN creates interstitial ads with video integration and dynamic sitebars, the content of which can be flexibly adapted to the size of the browser window.

    HTML5 offers many advantages over Flash: no security gaps, more options for design and animations, lower loading times and battery drain on end devices, and playback on all devices - including iPhone and iPad. In addition, advertising media can be linked to databases so that content can be dynamically integrated into online activated advertising media.

    In addition to Telekom Deutschland GmbH, DIGIDEN has so far successfully supported its customers WWF and TA Triumph-Adler with the switch to HTML5. more


  • crusz.de - the starting point for exclusive shopping

    It is not easy to find the perfect clothes for a special occasion, be it for a gala, a ball or your own wedding. If everything is to be right, the demands are high and no effort is too great. When looking for the perfect outfit, you usually first get intensive information from all available sources - you can get recommendations from friends or look for offers on the Internet. But then you usually buy in a specialist shop with a large selection, competent advice and good tailoring for individual adjustments - a store like crusz, Berlin's top address for evening wear and bridal wear.

    The relaunch of the website crusz.de, overseen by Digiden, reflects the special requirements for digital information channels in this environment. Digital communication becomes part of a complex shopping experience in which careful consideration is given to which dress or suit is the right one.

    crusz.de therefore initially concentrates on staging high-quality fashion convincingly and has a very flexible design grid with plenty of space for high-quality product images. A sophisticated responsive design ensures that crusz.de always looks good regardless of the screen size and the devices used: The design adapts to the environment used and is optimized for the views on desktop, smartphone and tablet. This is particularly important in view of the rapidly growing number of accesses from mobile devices.

    A well-maintained news area and several directly connected social media channels provide competent information on fashion trends, current deliveries and special offers.

    crusz.de was implemented on the basis of Wordpress, but heavily adapted and expanded in order to be able to optimally use the flexible design options of responsive design. Subtle animations and effects set design accents and at the same time promote usability.

    With the relaunch of crusz.de, crusz and Digiden have established a new contact point for evening wear and bridal wear on the Internet that meets the high demands of the crusz store and its customers. More


  • Digiden launches children's iPad app "Pauls Berlin"

    "Pauls Berlin", the iPad app developed by Digiden GmbH, aims to bring children closer to the city of Berlin with loving illustrations and didactically meaningful games. "Pauls Berlin" offers children who use more and more modern media such as smartphones and tablets a playful opportunity to fulfill their urge to discover and to combine it with local knowledge about Berlin.

    Accompanied by Paul, you can test your skills in a total of six different games, train your concentration and fine motor skills and put your knowledge of Berlin to the test. You can also choose to play the games individually or go on a discovery tour through Berlin with Paul. The latter entices with a tricky bonus game.

    "Pauls Berlin" was developed for children in the 1st and 2nd grade, but with the help of their parents it can also be played by children older than 4 years. On Paul's website www.paulsberlin.de you can find more information about the game and the team behind Paul.more


  • TA Triumph-Adler: Address the target group with display ads "Pains"

    TA Triumph-Adler, the specialist for document and information management, was able to improve its market position in the first half of this year. One of the successful marketing strategies is the integrated addressing of precisely defined target groups via different channels, especially online.

    At the beginning of 2015, an image campaign put the company in a new light and set the course for success. DIGIDEN is successfully implementing the current 2015/2016 campaign for the online sector, just like the advertising material in 2014.

    As a consistent continuation of the image realignment last year, this year's campaign focuses on solution-oriented topics for the target group. These so-called “pains” address five typical problems in medium-sized companies - digitization, automation, process optimization, security and consolidation. A content hub specially designed for the campaign is intended to provide users with deeper insights and sensitize them to the topic.

    When realizing the online campaign, DIGIDEN is already involved in an advisory capacity in the early phase in order to ensure optimal awareness of these topics and the corresponding click rates. For the first time, DIGIDEN implemented the animated advertising material for TA in HTML5 instead of Flash in order to be able to display the banners on all mobile devices and to bypass Adobe Flash blocks from various browsers and networks. In addition to the conception, design and programming, DIGIDEN also takes on the optimization of conversion settings, implements a comprehensive SEA campaign and advises TA on on-page optimization for improved lead generation. more


  • HTML5: Revolution in online advertising

    For years, flash-based display ads dominated online advertising. The simplicity of the display spoke for itself: only the widespread Adobe Flash Player was necessary to reach the target group with the banners. The end of Flash has been predicted for years - not least because of the exclusion of software from Apple Mobile Devices. Steve Jobs declared war on Flash Player in 2010: the system was closed, too insecure and would not withstand the development of mobile devices. Five years later, a large part of the advertising material is still implemented in the Flash standard, although the advertising market for tablets and smartphones is growing rapidly every year.Sales for mobile display advertising in Germany rose by an unbelievable 128% from 2013 to 2015.

    A few months ago, Flash hit the headlines again due to security vulnerabilities. The world's largest video platform, YouTube, is one of the pioneers. In the summer of this year, the Google company completely switched its players to HTML5. Even the most commercially successful browsers Firefox and Chrome said Flash “never to see you again”. Chrome even provided Flash advertising material with a “transparent gray veil” and a play button by default. As a result, the corresponding ads only ran when the user actively interacted. The slow death of the Flash player does not seem to stop any more. The solution for the advertising industry and also for DIGIDEN's customers is called HTML5. But this new technology also poses new challenges for agencies in the production of advertising material.

    The BVDW's online marketing group published guidelines for the production of HTML5 advertising material that were relatively late and still not fully defined. The weight of the new advertising media (KB sizes) is still very conservatively defined by the BVDW and also the marketers, despite the new requirements and existing network bandwidths. On the other hand, appropriate graphics programs for creating HTML5 banners are not yet sufficiently developed to meet these new specifications in all respects.

    Basically, HTML5 offers many advantages. At the forefront are the lower security gaps, more energy efficiency in mobile devices and a faster loading time, as elements of the respective browser are used. In addition, playback on all desktop and mobile devices can be guaranteed. On the other hand, the creation of HTML5 advertising material is more complex, since it is not produced in a closed software system, but has to be tested and optimized in a browser-specific manner.

    Over the past few weeks, DIGIDEN has worked with its customers to develop creative and successful campaigns and advertising material with sophisticated animations - with new design tools and using HTML5 programming. Online advertising is in a state of upheaval - we look forward to opening up new creative fields and realizing efficient campaigns for our customers with the usual design excellence. More


  • Digiden wins Crusz Pitch

    One of the largest concept stores for event fashion in Germany entrusts Digiden with the relaunch of its website. At Crusz, more than 4,000 dresses await discerning customers on a sales area of ​​over 700 square meters. The aim of the relaunch is to strengthen the Crusz brand and open the website to a broader target group. Particular milestones on this path are the optimization of usability, the promotion of customer dialogue and the setting of new design and content-related accents.

    Digiden prevailed against three agencies and convinced Crusz with a responsive design solution that relies on reduced and intuitive user guidance with a flat structure. Restrained design elements help to convincingly stage the fashion. Content-related on-page optimizations, together with associated measures, will position Crusz in a stable position for the highly competitive Google keyword market in the future.

    Particular attention is paid to the good performance of the website. Overall, the relaunch promises fun and a desire for more while immersing yourself in the world of Crusz fashion - whether from the desktop, tablet or smartphone. more


  • New website for Bombardier PRIMOVE technology

    With the innovative PRIMOVE technology for wireless charging of vehicles, not only trams, but also electrically powered buses, cars, vans or even trucks can be charged during operation. For example, a bus is recharged automatically and inductively in a short time at regular bus stops while passengers are getting on and off using the charging pad integrated in the lane. The charging process is seamlessly integrated into ongoing operations.

    The relaunch of the associated website www.primove.com started in June of this year at the start of the UITP LIVE industry fair - implemented by DIGIDEN. The new website provides targeted information to important target groups such as municipalities, vehicle operators and vehicle manufacturers about the possibilities and areas of application of the technology, as well as projects that have already been implemented.

    For Digiden, the focus was on building a clearly structured and intuitively usable user interface with which every target group can find the information relevant to them in just a few clicks. more


  • Play, learn and get to know Berlin!

    Children's playful intuition is sometimes admirable. The very little ones in particular absorb the impressions of their environment in a matter of seconds, learn and imitate. Nowadays, children are increasingly fascinated by modern media such as smartphones and iPads. Mobile devices have become more and more important in recent years to convey content to children in a playful way.

    "Pauls Berlin" is also about learning through play. In the app developed by Digiden, children learn arithmetic while shopping in the supermarket, train their fine motor skills and speed when sorting fruit or discover the cultural diversity of our capital. The children have the choice to prove themselves in one of the six different levels or to go on a tour through Berlin with Paul. Paul himself is always at the side of the children, explains every game and is there immediately if help is needed.

    "Pauls Berlin" is designed for 1st and 2nd grade primary school students and will be available for the iPad. The app is aimed at parents who want to make their children aware of the technological world at an early stage and who want to convey content in a playful way. The planned launch date is autumn 2015. more


  • The pitch in the European Parliament

    The information office in Germany of the European Parliament is planning a modernized relaunch of its newsletter. Every month interested parties are informed about current political issues in Europe and about plenary sessions and appointments of the European Parliament. Reports from EuroparlTV, the television channel of the European Parliament, will also be integrated into the newsletter.

    In a pitch, Digiden was able to convince the information office that it was the right partner for the next four years. Digiden not only takes on the design, the programming implementation and the dispatch of the newsletter, but is also responsible for the data cleansing, the double opt-in procedure for the verification of the subscribers and a data query. This additional information is used by the information office to cluster its interested parties and their areas of interest. more


  • Bit by bit, HTML5 has made its way over the last few years to improve mobile web usage - through lower loading times without any loss of quality in the display of moving content. Technically, HTML5 shows its advantages over HTML4. Multimedia content on a website is currently being delivered via a third-party plug-in (e.g. Flash or Quicktime). With HTML5, this dependency has come to an end. Multimedia content is integrated directly into the code.

    Since the technical turnaround of the web ecosystem had been foreseeable for some time, DIGIDEN has dealt intensively with the new HTML5 technology from the start. HTML5 is a real asset, especially on mobile devices in connection with display ads, since up to now only gifs or images can be delivered. We have already successfully designed and implemented campaigns with a number of customers.

    With the know-how gained, we can better respond to customer requests and address target groups more adequately, especially via their mobile devices.

    In the area of ​​web technology and digital communication, we have for years been committed to investing a great deal of effort in practical research in order to maintain our pioneering role in these areas. HTML5 is just one building block for other interesting developments that enrich the web. We will report on further developments.more


  • Eating well-informed at Audi

    In close cooperation with Grunwald Display Solutions, Digiden is developing a tailor-made meal and recipe management system for the Audi company restaurants at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm locations.

    The solution specially developed for Audi offers the chefs practical support with the central planning of meals in the company restaurants as well as the site-wide publication of the current menu via an attached digital signage solution. The employees can use the current daily or weekly plan to find out in detail about the additives contained in the dishes.

    Monitors in the individual restaurants can be controlled via the system in order to display the currently available menus. The software is already in use and is continuously being expanded to include functions.


  • WWF shows the claws of poaching with Digiden

    Once there were well over 100,000 tigers in Asia. Decades of poaching have practically wiped out the tiger, today only a few thousands roam the forests. The main sad reason for this is the use of various body parts to produce traditional Chinese medicine

    DIGIDEN supported the WWF's appeal for donations with the appropriate banner campaign & developed various standard and special formats. Under the motto “Show your claws to poaching”, the campaign drew attention to the daily danger of tigers. The advertising material was played out via Spiegel Online and target group-specific networks such as Axel Springer Media Impact and Google. The banners led the interested parties to the campaign's own landing page, on which, in addition to a lot of information, there were various help options. As a “donor”, ​​“sponsor” or “rescuer” everyone could participate in the big goal of the Tiger rescue program amounting to 1,000,000 euros.

    The landing page for the donation marathon can be found here: www.wwf.de/der-wilderei-die-krallen-haben


  • Speed ​​thanks to vectoring - new campaign for Telekom

    Telekom's high-speed network is getting faster and faster, not least because of the new vectoring technology. This data turbo for copper cables between the multifunctional housing on the roadside and the customer's router increases the surfing speed many times over.

    DIGIDEN developed a performance banner campaign on this topic based on the print campaign motifs. The starting point was an effective Flash animation of the new surfing speed thanks to vectoring. Both motifs were successfully used in four format adaptations each. The product MagentaZuhause L was advertised, with which the customer can now experience surfing with up to 100 Mbit / s in download and up to 40 Mbit / s in upload with the help of the new technology.

    DIGIDEN has been an agency partner of Telekom for 14 years and develops numerous online campaigns - mainly in the fixed network area.


  • TA-Triumph Adler presents your references on a microsite

    In order to offer the references of TA Triumph-Adler GmbH a befitting framework, the company decided to outsource the existing sub-section of the homepage. Triumph-Adler handed over the relaunch to Digiden GmbH.

    While the previous area of ​​references from Triumph-Adler was more impressive due to its simplicity and editorial scope, the new microsite www.triumph-adler-referenz.de is moving on completely new paths both in the area of ​​UX (user experience) and adaptivity. In addition to a full text search including filter options, the homepage contains all of the customer's references, which are displayed in an asymmetrical "tile" form with a mouseover function.

    The entire microsite is optimized for mobile devices. The customer was particularly interested in the responsive design for use on tablets, as the microsite is intended to serve as a presentation tool for the sales force.


  • Telekom is testing new Facebook advertising material

    Since the beginning of the year, the social network Facebook has offered a new way of displaying display ads.

    Since many companies, including Telekom, want to advertise more than just one product in one advertising medium, Facebook developed dynamic “multi-product ads”. The combination of several images in one advertisement ensures an eye-catcher in the Facebook news feed and increases the number of hits at the same time.

    Digiden was commissioned with the task of realizing such an advertising medium. In addition to the creation of three coordinated teaser images, a suitable text was also developed in order to optimally address the relevant target group.


  • Internet turbo thanks to hybrid technology

    New year, new opportunities. After starting 2015, Telekom is now presenting its new, innovative product.

    MagentaZuhause Hybrid combines the best of landline and mobile communications for faster surfing. The Speedport Hybrid Router bundles the bandwidths from both networks and thus enables a constantly high surfing speed during peak loads.

    Digiden GmbH developed two new motifs for a display campaign to reach the various target groups. The first motif is aimed at families, for example, whereas the second motif addresses innovators or bandwidth hungry people. Both creations are displayed as Flash advertising media and fallback images on target group-relevant websites and on Facebook.


  • Membership campaign

    Digiden has been developing online campaigns for the worldwide active nature and animal protection organization WWF since 2013. The panda motif calls in the current banner campaign to protect the panda's habitat and encourages you to become a sponsoring member of the WWF in order to support long-term protection of nature and animals.

    Digiden implemented several static and animated advertising media as part of the campaign. The creation included, among other things, image-text combinations that are intended to increase user awareness with teaser images and targeted addressing in order to achieve the best possible conversion. All display ads were produced with two different call-to-action variants in order to be able to better align future campaigns with the target group using an A / B test. Another part of the campaigns are different fallback images for use on tablets and smartphones in the Display Network.


  • LED catwalk - modern street lighting you can touch

    The German Museum of Technology, the TU Berlin and the BIM jointly conceived the “LED catwalk” project. From March 2015, the 1,500 meter long test track will present various concept solutions for outdoor lighting from a wide range of manufacturers. The location for the light innovations is the site of the German Museum of Technology at Gleisdreieck in Berlin.

    Digiden took on the conception, design and programming on behalf of the project partners. The website, based on Wordpress, serves the various interest groups for general information. For example, construction progress can be observed, appointments for events can be found or a visit can be organized using the site map.


  • TA Triumph-Adler is repositioning itself!

    The newly created image campaign is intended to give the typewriter manufacturer's dusty image a new shine. The new four-stage image campaign shows the user the company's change from tradition to the future.

    The online advertising material for the four campaign motifs produced by Digiden has been running since October 2014 and will continue to run until the first quarter of 2015. In addition to high-reach sites such as "Spiegel Online" and "Handelsblatt.de", this also includes special-interest websites such as "Heise Online" or "C’t Online". In addition, the campaign motifs are displayed in the respective tablet versions of “Die Welt” and “Heise Online”.


  • Till Brönner - The Movie Album

    Digiden has been looking after the musician Till Brönner's website since 2012. Just in time for the new record's release date, the management commissioned Digiden GmbH with the optical relaunch to match the musician's new CD.

    In addition to changes to the font, colors and logos, a sales-promoting landing page was designed and programmed. The users who come to www.tillbroenner.de have the opportunity to listen in, to find out about tour dates, to buy tickets or to purchase the album on popular portals such as Amazon or iTunes.


  • Magenta Eins - Fixed line and mobile network become one.

    Since September 5, 2014, everything has been linked at Telekom. With Magenta Eins, Telekom is launching the first uniform tariff that combines the mobile and fixed network needs of end customers. Digiden GmbH was commissioned by Telekom to adapt all display ads, Facebook ads and image / text combinations to the new Magenta Eins tariff.


  • The fastest connection with Bombardier.

    Every two years, InnoTrans, the world's most important trade fair for transport technology, takes place in Berlin with around 220 exhibitors. As a leading company in the industry, the Bombardier Transportation stand will definitely be one of the first points of contact for the 120,000 expected visitors to InnoTrans 2014.

    Together with Bombardier Transportation, Digiden developed a microsite to provide targeted and quick information to the specialist audience in advance of and during the trade fair. All trade fair information is bundled on the website, the products and services on display are presented, and current images, videos and tweets are published. With the help of the integrated location map, visitors can reliably find the Bombardier stands - a separate press area contains current press releases and all contact persons.


  • Handyklinik now also provides medical treatment online.

    At www.handyklinik.repair it has recently become possible to order a mobile phone repair service for a wide variety of smartphone defects throughout Germany. So far, mobile phone repairs have only been carried out at the Berlin headquarters. For the implementation of the shop website, DIGIDEN was entrusted with the conception as well as the graphic and programming implementation.

    The mobile phone repair shop based on Wordpress was supplemented by a WooCommerce plug-in, which among other things enables convenient and secure payments via PayPal. In order to make the order processing as easy as possible, a free DHL label with all important shipping information is automatically made available to the customer for download at the end of the process. A multi-level status report always provides information on the current status of the repair. The mobile phone clinic also helps with problem finding: in addition to an extensive repair glossary, a live chat is available to clarify any questions.


  • 2014 is football year. The soccer world championship takes place in Brazil. Deutsche Telekom is using this major event to market its broad product portfolio through a large-scale campaign.

    In addition to the classic media, TV spots, out-of-home measures and advertising at the PoS were also used. Digiden GmbH was commissioned to provide all online advertising material with the World Cup branding. The football euphoria was transported to the World Wide Web under the motto “Real Fan Weeks for Real Fans”. The design specially created for the campaign will run over the entire period of the World Cup. Digiden wishes you a lot of fun with the excitement.


  • Digiden welcomes Maciej Pieczara as a new employee.

    The development has recently been supported by Maciej Pieczara. In addition to several technologies such as PHP5, HTML5 or CSS3, he complements the development of existing and future projects with his technical know-how. The qualified developer for information technology previously worked at RMF FM (Krakow) and Viasto (Berlin), among others. We look forward to an exciting collaboration with Maciej.


  • Telekom campaign for young people

    For the “Young” target group, Digiden created four new performance display ad motifs in a street art look. The Telekom products “Call & Surf” and “Entertain” are advertised at favorable conditions for young people up to 25 and students up to 29 years of age. In addition to being placed on Facebook, the display ads can be found on other target group-relevant websites.


  • Strong cooperation with Deutsche Telekom

    Numerous online campaigns are again planned for Deutsche Telekom this year. For areas such as landline, business customers, the video-on-demand portal Videoload and the developer network Developer Garden, Digiden is once again proving its creative diversity.


  • Internationalization of the DB Schenker portal

    After the successful completion of the relaunch of dbschenker.com at the end of 2012 with an optimized content structure, usability and state-of-the-art design, the project enters the internationalization phase. Here, too, DBSchenker relies on Digiden's consulting expertise and conceptual know-how.

    Digiden supports DB Schenker in adapting the generically designed website of the group website to now over 80 DBSchenker country websites. In addition to the extensive adaptation of generic structures and elements, individual approaches to content are also implemented.

    Together with the project management team at DB Schenker, Digiden supports the national companies in designing their country websites. After the successful relaunch of the corporate website, a user-oriented web presence with a wide range of options for addressing customers is now being implemented for the respective national companies.


  • WWF campaign to protect the tigers

    For the globally active nature conservation
    organization WWF, Digiden developed an online campaign calling for donations to save the last of the tigers. Digiden staged the advertising motif of the print campaign online and adapted different banner formats with different call-to-action variants.


  • In May 2013, the large manufacturer of safety shoes chose Digiden as its new partner for online marketing. As a first project, Digiden implemented a complex iPad app for sales staff together with ELTEN, which enables a customer-specific selection of suitable work shoes from the entire range with a click. Requirements, jobs and work situations are taken into account when selecting the appropriate models. With this app, ELTEN is going new ways in sales and can look after customers more individually and more effectively.


  • TA Triumph Adler - Digiden looks after the traditional brand digitally

    Since February 2013 Digiden has been pleased about the new collaboration with TA Triumph Adler, the market leader in the document business. TA Triumph Adler entrusts Digiden with the implementation of all digital communication measures. In addition to the conceptual expansion of social media activities, Digiden is also dedicated to the creation of web concepts, microsites and websites, and the implementation of display and SEM campaigns. For optimal support, specialists from the fields of digital communication, web conception, online marketing, design and web development manage projects and coordinate all digital activities on an interdisciplinary basis.


  • Digiden wins pitch for Developer Garden budget

    Developer Garden, Deutsche Telekom's developer network, was looking for a new agency that they could commission with the conception, design and implementation of online advertising material. Digiden successfully prevailed against the competition and thus won another Deutsche Telekom GmbH brand. The advertised budget will in future be used to bring Developer Garden's offerings closer to customers from the B2B environment.


  • Digiden and dena enter into a dialogue

    The Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH "dena" commissioned Digiden GmbH with the conception, design and implementation of a website on the topic of "Stakeholder Dialogue for the Further Development of Energy-Efficient Products". The website should provide the basis for a dialogue between the actors, present the topic, provide information and show connections. For this purpose, Digiden GmbH set up a Typo3-based backend. The front end was given a typical Dena independent look, taking into account the corporate design. You can find the web presence at www.top-runner.info


  • The best HRS deals every day with display ads from Digiden

    HRS Deals are new, attractive hotel offers in selected cities every day. The banner designed and programmed by Digiden adapts to the daily changing HRS deals. All information such as place name, price, discount, hotel name and classification are loaded into the appropriate format from the HRS database via the XML interface and adapted depending on the format.


  • Till Bönner website - to the point

    Digiden designed, implemented and launched the new website of the musician Till Brönner. The website is based on the Framework Foundation and the WordPress publishing system. During the implementation, picture and video galleries as well as the Amazon shop system were integrated. Responsive layout automatically optimizes the site for all end devices.


  • A journey to new destinations: MairDumont launches 4trips.de with Digiden

    MairDumont Verlag has redesigned, designed and implemented its 4trips.de website together with Digiden. 4trips is the largest travel network in German-speaking countries. The aim was the contemporary adaptation of the design and the increase of the attractiveness for travel enthusiasts and partners. The redesign in terms of page structure, more emotional imagery, integration of customer specials and SEO ensures an increase in the number of users and thus a more successful display of all banner formats for advertising customers. Responsive layout optimizes the website on different devices.


  • Successful 4businesstrips launch

    With the support of Digiden, MAIRDUMONT has managed to set up an extremely successful B2B start-up. 4businesstrips.de established itself as a wide-reaching website for addressing business travelers after just a few weeks. The sought-after target group is addressed with the competence of MAIRDUMONT and the largest German-speaking travel network 4trips. Selected cooperation and advertising partners ensure that the right information and offers reach the user. Digiden is responsible for the conception and design. The coding was done using a responsive Wordpress theme.


  • KlassikAkzente iPad app in the store

    Digiden and Universal Music have launched a second iPad app together. KlassikAkzente on the iPad combines all the advantages of print and website and presents Universal Music's extensive range of classical music, digitally optimized. The app builds on the existing JazzEcho app. It is visually and technically state-of-the-art and consistently user-friendly.


  • MAIRDUMONT - Digiden welcomes new customers

    MAIRDUMONT is the market leader for tourist information in Germany and Europe and publishes, among others, Marco Polo, DuMont and Lonely Planet travel guides, Falk city maps, ADAC maps. The MAIRDUMONT offer also includes the business areas of electronic media and marketing. In the future, Digiden will support the southern German company in the conception, creation and programming.


  • DB Schenker - New website

    With the new international DB Schenker website, users can look forward to a completely revised user interface in a contemporary design. The new website for the world's leading logistics provider was conceived, designed and largely programmed by Digiden. The task was to optimally respond to the individual requirements and special needs of internationally operating logistics customers. The result is a user-friendly website that users can use to find their way around more quickly and access important tools directly.


  • For the world premiere of the CR-V Concept 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show, Digiden created an online special for Honda Germany. The microsite presents the new SUV in a responsive layout and thus guarantees an optimal display on all output devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or computer: users stay up to date on www.honda-crv.de about the latest developments in the Honda Automotive division.


  • Telekom business performance

    Deutsche Telekom's business customer division is expanding its collaboration with Digiden. New online campaigns for products from the fixed network and mobile communications sectors are carried out every month. In February, the focus will be on Business Basic Complete, Call & Surf and Entertain together with the VDSL topic and the new mobile phone tariffs. Standard performance formats were conceived, designed and implemented, which are switched in high-reach networks. Digiden is happy about the expansion of the cooperation and successful campaigns.


  • Digiden expands coding unit

    The Digiden GmbH development team is growing and is currently looking for reinforcements in the areas of web and mobile applications and in the programming of new, innovative online advertising materials. This development is caused by a large number of new, exciting projects. Further information can be found under Jobs.


  • HRS - Digiden makes it possible to search for hotels in four languages

    HRS entrusted Digiden with the task of expanding the current performance and affiliate campaigns for international use and implementing them in English, Italian, French and Polish. The three banner motifs that Digiden designed based on the HRS campaign will be placed on international, high-reach websites. The campaign highlights include a dynamic banner motif in which those looking for a hotel can enter their destination and travel dates and are then forwarded directly to the appropriate offer at HRS.


  • Universal Music successful with Digiden's viral campaign

    Universal Music commissioned Digiden to develop a creative online campaign for Justin Bieber's new album "Under the Mistletoe". Above all, this should attract attention and encourage fans to participate. Digiden created the "Justin Bieber Covermaker", with the help of which 3,500 covers were designed on the website after just ten days. The cover editor was created entirely without Flash in HTML 5 and JavaScript. The finished cover can be printed out for your own CD or forwarded to friends via Facebook and email. The website also offers the opportunity to watch the album trailer and hear the music from the new album.


  • New banner campaign for HRS

    At the end of 2011, the major branding campaign of Europe's leading hotel booking portal HRS started