Why don't most colleges teach digital marketing?

Digital media studies

Digital media - that is a term that you can do a lot and very little with at the same time, because it can encompass anything. For example, there is the design of content in digital media, the technical side to enable digital media or the marketing of digital media so that they are even perceived and used. The field of activity related to digital media is very diverse and interlinked; Knowing and being able to do a little of everything can never hurt.

Accordingly, a degree in digital media is interdisciplinary and can focus on different things depending on the course and university - but you should definitely have a weakness for design issues, not shy away from IT topics and also a little interest in economic issues . If you are also keen on communicating and are not completely overlooked by the English language (some courses offer courses in English and / or or are internationally oriented), with this basic equipment you have a very large choice between different specializations on a topic, which, there, lean let's look out the window, is pretty future-proof.

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