Forensic examination in accounting with an example

What is Forensic Data Analysis (Fraud Detection)?

Function | Legally required monitoring function

The protection against loss of assets and the detection of possible fraudulent acts is one of the legally required tasks of corporate supervision, the company management is personally liable in many cases (see OWIG). But how can this be put into practice with a reasonable amount of effort?

Process security - detective analysis

The best way to achieve security in your processes is through a combination of flexible analysis and automation. With IDEA you of course have the option of carrying out flexible examinations in the event of suspicion. But it is more efficient and sustainable to protect your company with the automatic version of IDEA: the continuous controls monitoring solution Alessa.

The Alessa fraud monitoring solution (based on IDEA) is an automatic system that runs in the background. It searches your data continuously for potentially fraudulent facts without personnel expenditure and reports them to you by e-mail in the event of a hit. The legal requirement for the fulfillment of the monitoring function is thus fully met. Statistically speaking, the existence of such an automated solution ensures that fraudsters do not even take advantage of certain opportunities (prevention instead of detection). The practical implementation requires experience and a sure instinct - here Audicon supports you competently and efficiently, gladly also with external technical expert support.