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University of Cologne

Master of Science

The key to your future career in a global work environment

Graduation:Master of Science
Duration4 semesters
Credits:120 ECTS
Language: English

The CEMS MIM program is a delightful combination of management theory and business practice within a demanding global learning environment where language and soft skills are in great demand.

International:Internship and semester abroad (both compulsory)

This program offers you:

  • Management practice, methods and theories needed to successfully manage international organizations. This includes topics such as strategy, leadership, organization and responsible / sustainable corporate practice.
  • the possibility of problem-solving skills, communication skills, the ability to lead and work in international teams, to learn or improve hard and soft skills and process skills.
  • a unique global network and access to our CEMS student community ("CEMSies") - in Germany and abroad!

The CEMS network is a global alliance of 34 leading business schools spread over five continents and more than 70 multinational cooperations and NGOs that offer the CEMS Master in International Management (CEMS MIM). Only one of the most prestigious schools in a country can become a member of this alliance. The University of Cologne represents Germany.

Connecting with CEMSies from around the world has shown me the scale of this program. CEMS isn't just a Masters program - it's a community with a unique spirit. Combined with the academic excellence of the University of Cologne and the great partner network in the companies, this program offers an excellent opportunity for personal development and growth.

Jerome, Master's degree in International Management (CEMS MIM) at the WiSo Faculty

This program is for you if you:

  • have successfully completed a bachelor's degree or a comparable degree in management, business administration or economics - talented applicants from all over the world are very welcome.
  • have first work experience in the form of an internship, internship, project work.
  • Are not only academically successful, but also have high ethical standards: You should be able to meet cultural diversity with respect and empathy and show that you are able to take responsibility towards society.

Program overview

We prepare you for future challenges!

The CEMS MIM is a postgraduate course with previous experience. It is the pioneer of modern international management education and was founded in 1988 by the Universities of Cologne (Germany), HEC (France), Bocconi (Italy) and ESADE (Spain). For many years, the CEMS MIM has consistently been among the top 10 in the Financial Times ranking of "Masters in Management".

Corporate project

A highlight of the curriculum is a business project in which you work closely with a company representative on current business topics. The aim of the project is to apply scientific theories and methods to the respective question and to derive concrete recommendations. It contains conceptual and application-oriented elements, such as B. student presentations, case studies, discussions and guest speakers from practice.

I can't think of any other program that has the same access to the top business schools around the world, the same degree of connection among students, and the same range of corporate and NGO partners.

Marc Fischer, Academic Director of the Masters International Management (CEMS MIM), Professor of Marketing and Director of the Chair of Marketing Science and Analytical Science

Practical relevance

A strong feature of the program is the practical contact that you get as a student. Guest lecturers and competence seminars create and promote direct exchange between companies and students. We value academic strength and practical relevance in order to teach you about broadly trained and international executives.

English-language course

This course is taught entirely in English. With the application for this course you have to prove language level C1 and B2 in a second language. As a CEMS MIM student, you must demonstrate competencies in a third language in order to graduate.

Semester abroad and internship

An essential part of the curriculum is the semester abroad, which will take you to another CEMS university and another country. This will broaden your academic horizons and increase your adaptability in different educational situations. The cooperation in and with intercultural teams plays a central role in international management, which is why an international internship within the CEMS MIM is essential. The internship must last at least eight weeks and a full-time project must be worked on within the company.

International study experience

26 percent of the CEMS MIM students * at the University of Cologne have international passports. Outside the course room, the PIM & CEMS Club organizes events on and around the campus to promote social and cultural learning processes and drive the international student community.
* Average value 2018 and 2019 UoC MIM recording

Semester abroad

You will spend your compulsory semester abroad at one of the 33 partner schools:

  • The University of Sydney Business School Australia
  • WU (Vienna University of Economics & Business) Austria
  • Louvain School of Management Belgium
  • Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo - FGV Brazil
  • Ivey Business School Canada
  • Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Chile
  • Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management China HKUST Business School China
  • Universidad de los Andes School of Management Colombia
  • Prague University of Economics and Business Czech Republic
  • Copenhagen Business School Denmark
  • The American University in Cairo School of Business Egypt
  • Aalto University School of Business Finland
  • EESC HEC Paris France
  • University of Cologne Germany
  • Corvinus University of Budapest Hungary
  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta India
  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School Ireland
  • Bocconi University Italy
  • Keio University Japan
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Netherlands
  • Norwegian School of Economics Norway
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics Poland
  • Nova School of Business and Economics Portugal
  • Korea University Business School Republic of Korea (South)
  • Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University Russia
  • National University of Singapore Singapore
  • University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business South Africa
  • ESADE Spain
  • Stockholm School of Economics Sweden
  • University of St.Gallen Switzerland
  • Koç University Graduate School of Business Turkey
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom
  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business United States

The CEMS MIM is a compelling choice for those aiming for a mobile international career: 36% of CEMS MIM graduates work outside their home country.

There are potential employers in start-ups, small / medium-sized companies and large global corporations, for example in the areas of consulting, technology, consumers or the financial sector. The knowledge and skills that you have acquired during your studies will prepare you for future management positions in the areas of consulting, marketing, sales and finance.

My work with Transparency International during my CEMS corporate project was the trigger for my decision to acquire expertise in the field of climate / energy / environment. In addition, studying at the University of Cologne offered me extremely effective opportunities to learn and work in a flexible environment and showed me to use this flexibility proactively in a way that benefits me and others.

Yvonne Mitschka, Partner Banker of Green Economy Transition Financial Institutions at EBRD and CEMS alumna of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne


  • 97% are employed or continuing their studies within 3 months of graduation
  • 75% work in multinational companies
  • 51% work for CEMS cooperation partners
  • 76% speak three or more languages ​​fluently

Application information

Admission requirements and selection process

Admission requirements

The admission requirements must be met by the application deadline and are as follows:

Bachelor's degree or comparable degree

in business administration or economics with extensive knowledge of business administration, economics and quantitative methods

Anyone who has not yet fully completed their bachelor's degree can apply if they have completed at least 70% of the required course work and have made up the remaining course work by September 30th at the latest. The course-specific admission requirements (including the overall grade) must already be met on the basis of the examination results available at the time of application.

Overall grade of at least 2.5 (German grading system) in the Bachelor's degree
Fulfillment of the following professional requirements:
Technical requirements.... at least 48 ECTS in Business Administration / Management Studies
... at least 16 ECTS in economics
... at least 10 ECTS in statistics / mathematics (methodological competence, no user competence)
Linguistic requirements  

Please note the "course classification list".

Selection process

  • Academic performance: Bachelor grade [51-26 score points]
  • GMAT or TM-WISO test in English: not mandatory, but highly recommended [24.5-0 points]
  • Interview: includes training, motivation, analytical and communication skills, demeanor and integrity, international experience [24.5-0 points]

Applicants who are shortlisted after the written application has been evaluated will be invited to a selection interview in Cologne, which will take place between the end of April or May.

The admissions office will announce its decision by mid-June at the latest. Enrollment usually takes place in July.

The detailed evaluation can also be found in the admission regulations and in this PDF.

Application deadline and process

All documents must be available in German or English and by March 31 can be submitted via our campus management system KLIPS. In the case of documents in a different language, an authorized translation into German or English must be attached. It may be that we have to request further documents at a later stage in the application.

Applicants with an em bachelor's degree acquired abroad must also apply by March 31 apply online via uni-assist. Uni-assist recommends submitting your application at least eight weeks before the deadline. This ensures that uni-assist can inform applicants in good time if they have to submit further documents.

You can find detailed information about the admission procedure and the admission deadlines on the application website. It is not possible to apply for a higher semester, as the course can only be successfully completed if it was started in the first semester.

If you have any further questions about the application or admission process, please contact our WiSo Student Service Point. If you have any questions about KLIPS, please contact the admissions office.

Application documents

1) All applicants must apply via KLIPS by March 31. Students at the University of Cologne use their KLIPS account. External applicants please create a new account. Please read our application information.


  • B.achelor certificate | If you have not yet completed your bachelor's degree, but have passed at least 70% of the exams (at least 126 credits for a 180-credit bachelor's degree), you can apply with a certificate of all credits you have earned so far and a preliminary average grade calculated and certified by the examination office . Please note that the remaining credits must be completed by September 30th.
  • Transcript of records | A.List of all modules and courses taken with grades and credits
  • Transcript of semester abroad | only if examinations taken abroad are also to be taken into account in the admission criteria | The courses must be recognized by the home university as part of the bachelor's degree and noted in the transcript of records.
  • University entrance qualification | A-Level / Abitur / High School Diploma
  • Official description of the content of all Bachelor courses taken | e.g. course catalog / module catalog or PDF file with a link to the online course description (see FAQ 1.12)
  • Proof of proficiency in English | CEMS language 1
  • Result of the study aptitude test | GMAT or TM-WISO English version: not mandatory, but highly recommended
  • CEMS application form & explanation of the CEMS languages
  • CEMS Motivation Letter
  • CV in English
  • Certificates of all internships, training courses and occupations listed in the curriculum vitae | For all voluntary and extracurricular activities listed in the application, please provide a contact person (with email address and telephone number) and a website address

2) Applicants who did not acquire their Bachelor's degree in Germany must also apply until March 31st apply online via uni-assist. For your online application, please select "winter semester" and search for "University of Cologne".

Please note that you have to document your training in detail. You start with the certificate of the last school you graduated from (which entitles you to take up university studies in your home country) and go up to the current status of your university studies. In addition, you must submit all documents in the original and also in translation either in German or in English.

Uni-assist recommends applying at least eight weeks before the deadline to submit. This ensures that uni-assist can inform applicants in good time if they have to submit further documents. The application will only be evaluated after the processing fee has been paid.

The following documents are required by uni-assist - certified documents are recommended, but not mandatory.

  • (translated) Bachelor's certificate or certificate for 70% of the course (and Transcript of Records) | Please submit all certificates in full: the diploma certificate as well as the overview of subjects and grades. You may not omit any parts of the certificate or individual pages. To convert your grade, uni-assist needs the grading system that your university uses for your degree. You can read more information here.
  • (translated) university entrance qualification | A-level / Abitur / High School Diploma
  • Proof of English language skills
  • all of the above documents in the original language | Only if the original document is not available in English or German. You can read information about translating documents here.
  • only for applicants with a Chinese (except Hong Kong) or Vietnamese Bachelor degree | Original APS certificate | certified copies cannot be accepted!
  • please check whether you need to provide additional evidence depending on the country of origin
  • not compulsory, but useful for the Uni-Assist assessment:(translated) Diploma Supplement

Further information and contact

We are happy to support you in your ambitions:

For students, the WiSo Student Service Point offers student advice as well as support for choosing a career, career planning and the application process: