What does AU mean in K Pop

What is aegyo in k-pop?

What is aegyo? What does that mean? When was the aegyo first released and by which group was it used? Aegyo, a term we started hearing with the K-pop movement, come here to find out what it means ...

What does aegyo mean, what does it mean?

Aegyo is a term mainly used by Kpop idols in South Korea for facial expressions, gestures, and baby sounds that look cute and sweet. Today, these situations are described as sweetness among young people who are experiencing an explosion of love, trying to be sweet, and a kind of show of love. In our country, such behavior is defined as "depraved acts acting like a keeper".

Aegyo behaviors are generally performed by the Maknea (youngest member) or the Maknae lineage (the subset of the youngest members) in kpop groups.

How did Aegyo come about, which group came out?

Aegyo first appeared in 1997 with the South Korean famous pop girl group SES. Aegyo gained popularity after being used in the music video of the song “Gee” by the famous kpop girl group Girls ‘Generation Sweet and Gaining Followers.

BTS V (Kim Taehyung) is doing Aegyo

BTS's “V” (Kim Taehyung) gave examples of what aegyo is like. Here are pictures of BTS V taking aegyo:

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