Can you tell me an inspiring story

5 stories with which you will score points with your customers

Companies need stories. From the first cave paintings to advertising: Emotional stories everywhere! But what happens when we talk about our business?

This article is the third part in the storytelling series. They experience, how to use gripping business stories and thus trustworthy ones Build relationships and sell your products more easily.

“Perhaps you are now asking yourself: What stories can I tell in business? After all, storytelling is not a fairy tale hour, but strategic communication with an intended goal. ”Oliver nodded. "Yes exactly. What story can I tell so that my customer trusts me and ultimately buys from me and not from the competition? "

If you want to use stories successfully in customer meetings or presentations, it is helpful to have different story types up your sleeve.

“Do your customers recommend you to others? Do you have references? ”Oliver thought for a moment. "Yes, of course, quite a lot." The storyteller smiled. "Then you also have a lot of customer and sales stories."

They describe how a customer successfully solved a problem. With your help, of course. The listener learns from an example how you work and why working with you is worthwhile for him.

"Ah understand. And then the customer is the hero? "

"Correct. Tell about someone who's had a problem similar to your customer's today. Then you no longer need to convince. That does your story for you.

  • What challenge did your customer come to you with at the time?
  • How did you solve the problem? Describe the individual steps.
  • What exactly was the result?

Customer and sales stories are particularly credible and create trust.

"Oliver, what drives you out of bed in the morning?" He looked at the storyteller questioningly. “I beg your pardon?” “I'm sure you understood me. What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? And please don't say the alarm now. ”Oliver laughed.

“There's a reason you have this exact job at this company. Just like there's a reason people start businesses.

Brand and origin stories reveal a lot about your motivation and your values. These are the things that set you apart from others. If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, tell THIS story.

If customers recognize yourself in your career and your values, you will be more likely to choose your product. That's why I like Innocent smoothies so much. I found myself in the story. "

  • What made you where you are today?
  • What obstacles did you overcome to achieve this?
  • What is particularly important to you in your work?

Oliver put the pen aside. "Customer stories help me to sell my products more easily and with my brand and origin story I differentiate myself from the competition?" The storyteller nodded.

"How can I communicate a certain message in conversations or presentations and make a point?"

"This is a very good question. Tell a story with an AHA moment. These can be everyday experiences in which you have recognized or learned something crucial. Do you remember Covent Nick? "

"Yes, of course: It's better to participate in life, than being a spectator. That was nice news. "

"Exactly. And it stuck with you. Of course I could have told you that without a story. You would probably have nodded in your agreement, but I really wouldn't have reached you, right?

Stories with AHA moments don't need to be big and dramatic. Nobody needs to land on the Hudson River or climb Mount Everest. Take an experience in which you have learned something and with a little work and structure you can create an AHA moment for your customers. "

  • What were the weird, bizarre, embarrassing, happy, sad and inspiring moments in which you learned something important?

“What if I don't really want to talk about myself? Sometimes I feel really uncomfortable? ”“ It's very easy, ”said the storyteller. Tell stories about others. "

“Who was the last person who inspired you?” Oliver ponders for a moment. “I'm reading the Elon Musk biography right now. I find it very inspiring how big and ambitious his goals are. "

"And if you want to talk to other people about big, ambitious goals ..."

“Then I tell you about people whom I find inspiring because of their goals? That's really easy. "

“Biographies or audio books are an excellent resource. Leaf through your daily newspaper. Many successful films are too Stories about othersor based on true events. Just think of it Sullywhen we're talking about landings in the Hudson River. Or Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book and for me too The boy needs some fresh air.

  • Who last inspired you?
  • What were the last films you saw?
  • What were the last books you read?

… Steve Jobs always said one more thing at the end of his presentations. "

"Are you telling me a story about others or one with an AHA moment?" The storyteller nodded appreciatively. “You see, it's very easy to understand.

Also, always pay attention to the small moments. I mean short stories. Perhaps you noticed or happened something on the way to the customer. Or you read something in the newspaper. If this story fits your topic perfectly, you can start your next conversation even more personally. "

"OK. Now I have five different story types that I can use. The best thing to do is sit down today and write down 2-3 examples for each species. "

“And how you can build a gripping business story from these stories, we will discuss in 14 days at our next meeting. By the way, my name is Michael. "

Join Oliver on his journey to becoming a business storyteller. Feel free to write me what your experiences with stories are and leave a comment. I look forward to your opinion.