How many Allah can Allah create


The Koran calls on people in countless verses to recognize the work of a single Creator in the visible world (Suras 7: 185, 27:59 - 64, 30:17 - 30 etc.), especially since it is a systematic work of God in the service of People is (Suras 16: 1 - 23, 55, world view). The allusions in the Koran - there is no account of creation - reflect the examination of the biblical story of creation. According to this, God created heaven and earth in six days (Suras 41: 9-12, 57: 4, 11: 7). Theology differentiates between the initial S. (out of nowhere, ex nihilo, arab. Ibdāʿ) and the further acts of creation (like man made from clay, arab. Khalq). Based on the omnipotence of God, some theologians taught that he creates the world anew in every moment. This discontinuity - also known as occasionalism - dissolves all causality and thus explains that God could create evil without being evil himself (Satan). Philosophers and mystics developed different systems that explain the S. as emanations from an initial principle. Accordingly, everything in the world reflects God in his own way. The fact of S. establishes that the world also has an end.

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Prof. Dr. Gottfried Hagen, University of Michigan, Turkish Studies

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