How do I love my child unconditionally

I love you, my child! - Unconditionally.

To love a child means to accept them. To be accepted as it is. Not that we have to enjoy everything and find it great anytime, anywhere. But it means accepting it in its essence. Loving a child means loving them without expectations, without asking for anything, or betting on if-thens. To love a child means to get to know unconditionality.

Unconditional is a big word. Approaching a thing without conditions - who can do it today? We expect because we are used to it. We are born into a life of reward and cause and effect. And then we have a child and have to rethink, because a child does not meet expectations. It doesn't have to meet expectations because it's just there. It cannot meet expectations either, because it does not know that and if so what we would expect from it. It is there, this little person, and perhaps for the first time in our lives, we have to give without the expectation of getting anything in return.

A child is not there to give back love. It can only awaken love in ourselves that enriches us. A child is not there to make our lives more beautiful, even if a child makes life more beautiful. But that is not the purpose of his existence. Nor is it there to enrich our partnership, even if it might. It is there because it is there and explores the world with its eyes and we are allowed to accompany it on its way. We have the chance to rediscover the world, to see it anew. Yet it is not the child's job to teach us that. It happens of its own accord, without our being able to or should not claim it.

We cannot expect things from such a small person unless we ask for love. Because the unhappiness of a child when it feels that it does not meet our expectations, which are far too high, is great. To love a child means to open your heart unconditionally and let yourself be carried away on an unknown journey with an indefinite goal. If we dare to undertake this adventure, we will reward ourselves.