Florida has good orthopedic surgeons

Looking for a good orthopedic surgeon in Cape Coral

Hello "travel shag" and "Sergeant Hobbs"

Many thanks for the kind greetings, and to travel wagons, Crete is supposed to be very beautiful, had already picked out a great hotel there, unfortunately the price was higher compared to Florida, so Florida is for me as long as my husband can manage it first choice. But it is definitely a dream island, good relaxation and nice days.

It really seems to be getting better, he has treatments every day and yesterday we actually went out.
We were in Matlacha and since that was nothing for the men we went to Ft. Myers Beach.
My husband is allowed to drive and then took over again.

On our way there we were still very lucky, because in the lane to the left of us a car drove at monkey pace into the car as we stopped at a red traffic light. Whether it ended with whiplash, who knows.

The shock is still in our limbs, unfortunately there was a lot of traffic, and to help, we should have turned around, so we drove on in the stream with a pretty bad conscience, in the hope that many drivers were in the same lane and had better opportunities to help. i know pretty shabby but i hope understandable.

The caretaker has now told us about our pool, we can ignore the overflow pool.
When she took over, she said it was important to make sure that it was neither too full nor too empty. If it is too full, the lawn will be damaged.

The heating is back on, so we're slowly starting to relax and enjoy the last few days.

Thanks again to everyone, I am very happy to have found this form.

lG Biggi

And Florida is not spoiled for me by anything, I love this country and would travel here again and again.