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Student life has not even started properly; one scientific term already chases the next. We have collected all unknown expressions on the subject of studies for you and provide you with the appropriate explanation at the same time. Here: What is a bibliography?

The bibliography is a very important part of any research paper. Be it a term paper, seminar paper, diploma thesis or dissertation. It must always be clear where the facts and theses that are quoted in your work come from. For this it is important to create a bibliography in which all works that have been used for the research work are included. Of course, there are good and bad bibliographies.

In principle, the bibliography only includes sources that have actually been used. Students are often tempted to include sources in the bibliography that they have not used or viewed at all, just to make the bibliography longer. Caution is also advised here, as professors like to do spot checks when making corrections. It is very easy, especially today, since many professors also require electronic submission.

The bibliography should contain all publications used. These include:

  • Monographs
  • Anthologies
  • Lexicons
  • scientific journals
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Reports
  • Festschriften
  • Publications from various institutions, etc.

With these sources, it is important that they can be clearly assigned and that each person is able to use the information to dig them out or to get them.

But there are also sources that do not fall under the above categories. For example:

  • Web sources
  • Newspapers
  • Television broadcasts
  • Movies
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Sources without an author

These can also be used if they are listed in the bibliography. For these sources, however, you should create your own rubrics in the bibliography so that everything remains clear.

It is also useful to differentiate between books and articles in anthologies and to introduce your own categories. However, if the article is listed under the articles, then the entire collection should also be listed again under the books.

All literature used should be listed in alphabetical order (family name of the author) in the bibliography. If a book has several authors, it is to be ranked after the first author. If the same author has several books, the second ranking category is the year in which the respective book was published.

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