What is anxiety reduction

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This diploma thesis deals with the subject of fear in the subject of exercise and sport and focuses on the development of a teaching concept to reduce fear among students. The work is divided into two sections, a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part begins with a definition of terms and provides an overview of the spread of anxiety disorders. Then the causes for the development of fear, their various manifestations and their symptoms are explained. In the following, the specific manifestations of fear in physical education are discussed and their effects on physical activity are explained. Various educational measures for fear reduction in physical education are shown. The last section of the theoretical part relates to the educational standards for the subject of exercise and sport. The practical part includes a developed movement concept to reduce anxiety. Different forms of games and exercises for relaxation, for promoting group cohesion and self-efficacy as well as for building trust are presented. This practical program serves as an orientation for the design of fear-free lessons.

The present diploma thesis deals with anxiety in physical education, with a main focus on developing a teaching concept for reducing anxiety among students. The thesis is divided into two sections, dealing with theoretical and practical aspects, respectively. The theoretical part begins with a general definition of anxiety and provides an overview of the prevalence of anxiety disorders. Subsequently, the origins of anxiety, the distinct types of anxiety disorders and its symptoms are elucidated. Furthermore, the specific manifestations of anxiety in Physical Education are thematised and their impact on motion behavior is explained. This is followed by an outline of different pedagogical principles for reducing anxiety among students. In the final section of the theoretical part, the connection to the Austrian educational standards for exercise and sport is expounded. The practical part contains a sport-based program for the reduction of anxiety. Included are various games and exercises in the categories of relaxation, trust building, promotion of group cohesion and self-efficacy. This program was developed to serve, as an orientation for physical education teachers in order to create anxiety-free lessons.

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