How do scientists design experiments

Experiments with children for daycare, after-school care and elementary school

Children love research. Here you will find many everyday ideas, tips and materials for making common discoveries. You don't need any special utensils, because most of our research ideas work with simple everyday materials. Have fun trying it out and be amazed!

Find the right experiment

★ Try it now! Research ideas that put you in a particularly good mood

Confetti always works

Small, colorful, happy: Throwing confetti is fun! So that the environment is happy too, the children could set up their own sustainable confetti factory.

Program your dance!

Dancing together is fun. But how do choreographies work? How does everyone know when to move and how?

★ Three researcher ideas for the kitchen table

Homemade lemonade

What ingredients can be used to make a sparkling lemonade? Open a lemonade laboratory for the best recipe!

Distributed fairly?

Justice is already a big issue for children. Try dividing things that are difficult to divide fairly! Is that possible? Here is an experiment with sweets.

Raisin Disco

What happens if you add a few raisins to the sparkling water? Spot on, music off!

Research diploma for children

If you would like to appreciate the children's spirit of discovery after a special research project or at a research festival, you are welcome to use the researcher's diploma. The children will proudly take it home with them. Another tip! If you would like to plan a research festival and research project, take a look at our campaign website for the "Day of Little Scientists" - there you will find even more ideas and campaign materials.

Download research diploma