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Your mother, your sister - K.I.Z. with make-up against sexism

With a lot of black humor, a large portion of sarcasm and supposedly sexist texts you know K.I.Z. - “You have to have the doll under control. I mean, "In love with Berlin" or not, when football is on, football is on, "is the saying on the track" What do you want to do ". Tarek, Maxim, Nico and up to this year DJ Craft have been making music together for 18 years - now you feel old, don't you ?! It is now clear to everyone that Berliners are anything but homophobic, sexist or stupid, especially because of such lines of text as from “Giant Member”: “I'm like Adam: a fig leaf hides my body. I'm flying over to you, chopping into your hole like a woodpecker ”. With ironic, coarse, completely exaggerated texts, K.I.Z. the weak points in our society. And that also applies to the anchored image of women.

Seven years ago, K.I.Z. on the occasion of International Women's Day in Kreuzberg a concert only for women. Not only the visitors, but also the staff in the locations could only be visited by women. Since then, they have repeated this type of event at irregular intervals. This year, at the most sold-out concerts, the Rüppel-Rap-Kombo grabbed a make-up case and women's clothes and delivers us pictures for the gods. As can be seen here in the video for the song "I could be your mother or sister" including a small education lesson on the subject of prostitution.

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The previously out of print vinyls “Sexism against Right”, “Cockfight” and “Vacation for the Brain” are now available again. The best time to listen to the old stuff again. Oldie but Goldie.