Who controls pump prices in India

India wants to control social media more closely after the Twitter dispute

India wants to tighten controls on social media after a dispute with Twitter over controversial content. The Reuters news agency received insight into a draft law that provides for the deletion of content no later than 36 hours after a government or court request. Investigators should receive support after 72 hours at the latest, sexual content should be deleted no later than one day after receipt of a complaint. Corporations are also to create three new posts that are responsible for the conditions, incoming complaints and cooperation with the authorities. According to the draft, all three would have to be filled with Indian citizens residing in India.

Instructions not implemented

It was initially unclear when the plans should be presented and whether there would be any changes. Opinions from the technology ministry, Facebook and Twitter were initially not available. A few days ago, Twitter failed to follow orders from the government to block 1,100 users who they claimed were spreading false information about farmers' protests. The US company said that in its opinion some of the requirements violated Indian law. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has been promoting plans to tighten regulation of illegal or false content since 2018. (Reuters, February 25, 2021)