Why do sports cars have an automatic transmission

Too lazy to change gear: the automatic transmission is trendy

Eurotax Austria has been the development of New car registrations since 2010 took a closer look and recognized a clear trend. Cars with automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular. Last year were 42.3% of all newly registered cars with automatic transmission fitted after ten years earlier the manual transmission was still unchallenged with an 88.0% share still had the favor of motorists. But what does it mean? Are we getting lazy and lazy and is the manual gearbox being phased out? And how does the stable value compare to manual gearshifts?

The start of the automatic shift was rather bumpy. Until well into the 1990s, it had to struggle with a number of prejudices: it was too sluggish, too expensive, too high consumption, too unsporting. By the turn of the millennium at the latest, these resentments had been refuted thanks to modern technology such as DSG shifting and electronically regulated gear changes. Last but not least, sports cars have proven that the automatic models not only accelerate faster than manual gearshifts, but are also more economical. Nevertheless, it took another ten years in Austria for the trend towards automation to take hold. Until 2010, manual transmissions were the undisputed top dogs with a market share of almost 90%.

In parallel to this development, another trend is also evident: the Boom in SUVs went above all at the expense of segments C (lower middle class), D (middle class), but also B (city car). Size SUVs were - as well as Luxury vehicles - from the beginning mostly with automatic transmission In 2010, only around a third of the vehicles were manual geared in this segment, now it is just an eighth.

However, the trend towards automatic transmission is remarkable for small and medium-sized SUVs, do these meanwhile a good 30% of all new registrations out. An automatic transmission was in this one Segment 2010 still rather exotic with just under 13%proportion of, last year were already 41% of all small and medium-sized SUVs with automatic delivered. This trend is taking place even faster in the middle class: in the meantime, not even have more than a third of the newly registered mid-range models how Octavia, Passat, A4, 3 series BMW and Co. die manual gearshift

And yet another development favors the end of manual gearshifts: Hybrid and electric vehicles Shift automatically anyway or work with direct drive and thus without gears. "With the growing popularity (and promotion) of this type of drive, especially in the compact class, the trend towards automatic systems is accelerated", says Robert Madas, Regional Head of Valuations at Eurotax Austria.

The manual shift is gradually disappearing, but how does the stable value of these two types of transmission compare? There is also thisEurotax Austria Information desk.Young cars (12 months) with automatic achieve On average, at 71.7%, residual values ​​are somewhat higher than young cars with manual transmissions (70.2%). From 24 months, the automatic and manual transmission are on average almost on par.

If you go one level deeper and look at the residual values ​​by segment, the picture is a little more differentiated: So are in the high-volume category of small and medium-sized SUVs modelswith manual switchingfrom the age of 24 months a slight advantage With Residual values ​​are around 1 percentage point lie higher. It is the other way around in the Middle class: Achieve in this segment Automatic transmission on average slightly higher residual values, with a Distance of 2% to 4% points compared to the manual transmission.

Of course, different results can be shown at the model level or when comparing individual types. The determination of the individual residual value of a vehicle (whether automatic or switch) should therefore take place at the model level or "Natcode" level. On average, the variants also cost Automatic at the New purchase around 1,500 to 2,500 euros more than the corresponding with manual transmission equipped models. "Every car buyer has to decide for himself whether this surcharge for the automatic transmission is worthwhile - if the preferred model is still offered in both versions," says Olivier Lourdin, Head of Marketing & Communications Eurotax Austria