Will impeachment hurt Democrats in swing states


Impeachment negotiation: short trial for Donald Trump?

Close your eyes and go through - or is it a big show? While the impeachment process against Donald Trump begins, there is bitter haggling over the rules behind the scenes. For Donald Trump's lawyers, everything is very simple: Your client ... more

USA: Senate holds first impeachment session on Thursday

The impeachment process against Donald Trump has cleared an important hurdle. The indictment is before the US Senate. Suddenly things are happening in rapid succession - and the historic process takes its course. The US Senate comes to its first session this Thursday ... more

Trump pumps additional billions into the building of the wall

A wall is being built on the border between the United States and Mexico. For this purpose, the US President is taking another 7.2 billion dollars from a budget that is not actually intended for it. US President Donald Trump wants another $ 7.2 billion to build a ... more

Donald Trump in the impeachment process: He deserves it

Donald Trump is unlikely to lose his office. But there is no alternative to the impeachment charge: this president is a threat to US democracy. It's easy to become a cynic in the Trump era. Then the impeachment indictment appears against ... more

Donald Trump's impeachment: nice presents!

Donald Trump is charged with impeachment at record speed. The Democrats put on the mantle of history - but the poisonous mood in Washington quickly overtakes them. Hello from Washington, where a big question about Donald Trump's impeachment ... more

Daybreak: Donald Trump's impeachment, the SPD and The Who

Good morning, dear readers, I hope you found something nice in your boots this morning. I haven't found anything in my shoes, but I've found a lot of nice things in my e-mail inbox: In the past few days, a particularly large number of ... more

US election campaign 2020: US Democrat Kamala Harris throws down

She started as a promising candidate. But in the end the momentum was lost. Now Kamala Harris has announced your withdrawal from the Democratic presidential race. Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is out of her presidential race ... more

During the impeachment crisis: How Trump takes advantage of the NATO summit

The NATO partners are uncomfortable before the summit with Trump. He will use the meeting for self-expression - after all, the impeachment process comes to a head at home. On the flight to London, Donald Trump revealed what is currently bothering him. The journey ... more

Donald Trump's impeachment: All dates - all livestreams

The investigation against US President Donald Trump continues. Important witnesses testify publicly. Follow the hearings in the US Congress live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUSQaYHJAiI The Democrats in the US House of Representatives have the investigation ... more

Impeachment: New testimony puts Trump in need of explanation

New witnesses are questioned every day in the impeachment investigation. The pressure on Trump grows with every detail. Much attention is now being focused on one witness for the next week. Two more testimonies in the impeachment investigation against Donald ... more

USA: Barack Obama warns Democrats against radical left-wing politics

So far, Barack Obama has not commented on the US primary campaign. Now the ex-president apparently feels compelled to give the Democrats an important warning. Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, has so far ... more