Believe in bad luck

Getting the life crisis under control

A life crisis often leads to further negative incidents because we radiate dissatisfaction. Even during a streak of bad luck, you should do yourself good and consciously influence it positively. Then things will go up again in life.

It is up to us to bring about a positive change in what seems to be a streak of bad luck.


Engineer Rainer separated from his wife last year after 25 years of marriage. He blames his job for this life crisis. His wife simply couldn't cope with the fact that he had been traveling so often as a manager and had largely left the upbringing of the children to her. At the beginning of this year, Rainer told me that he was doing very well with the separation and at some point his children would definitely seek contact with him again.

It is only annoying that he has one severe cold after the other, that the virus is persistent despite the medication. Otherwise, despite his life crisis, he looks optimistically into the future, has signed the purchase contract for a condominium and “everything would be fine”. Two weeks ago Rainer called me and asked for my help: "After 35 years of dedicated work in my company, I was given notice without giving any reason."

In the life crisis we attract negatives

Have you ever experienced an accumulation of negative incidents in your life, a real life crisis? One then thinks that one suddenly has "bad luck" stuck to one's fingers and literally attracts everything negative. and thats the way it is. Engineer Rainer will now have to resign from the purchase contract, wants to enforce his severance payment in a - probably protracted - legal dispute and, as a doer who has lived for his job, he will certainly not feel comfortable "sitting on the street overnight" ". All of this, in turn, will not be beneficial to his health.

One area of ​​life influences the other, this applies to life crises as well as good times, because the spiral naturally also works on the positive side. If we are successful at work, we usually also have money and thus opportunities to make our lives beautiful. We appear relaxed and relaxed and that makes us attractive to other people. We get to know people who help us to advance personally, or we can afford a personal trainer to help us keep our bodies fit. So there are the descents and the highs. But what to do when we find ourselves in a negative spiral?

Reflect on the positive in a life crisis

Since all areas of life influence each other and each one has an impact on the other, it is sufficient if we begin to actively influence or change one area in a life crisis. Let's take a look at the example of “Engineer Rainer”. He could:

  • Use the free time and take care of your health, for example avoiding alcohol and / or nicotine for at least a while, swimming, cycling, jogging, using the new inline skaters or just hiking a lot through nature, skip the television and instead read a book about health and success in the evening (e.g. "The secret"), go to bed earlier and get up early in the morning to break the routine of little sleep.
  • seek a conversation with his wife and children and improve the still tense situation through open and solution-oriented communication, avoid accusations and justifications and only endeavor to clarify the situation and deal with it in a way that is satisfactory for all in the future.

He could also address the professional life crisis, and:

  • reach an out-of-court settlement with his employer and seek a compromise with regard to the amount of the severance payment. This would save him the nerve-wracking communication via lawyers and the court hearing and would be able to dispose of a certain sum more quickly.
  • use the involuntary "free time" to get out of your own four walls and to see new aspects of your current situation under the influence of other external factors, to recognize the opportunity for a new beginning (didn't you always want to do something completely different?) and draw up a plan A and B.
  • Since he cannot and does not want to buy a property for the time being, he could make the current one more beautiful and more according to his wishes in a few simple steps.
  • consciously seek the presence of successful and positive people who do not pity him, but carry them away with their sheer charisma, do him good and bring him to other, more positive thoughts.

Do not let yourself "hang down" in a life crisis

It doesn't matter what engineer Rainer does, he should only do something that is good for him in his life crisis and that makes him feel better. Our feelings influence our thoughts and once the thoughts are constructive again, we attract positive events again and the spiral goes up. If we let ourselves down, complain about our bad luck, blame external circumstances or other people, we continue to attract negative things according to the “law of attraction”. It is up to us to bring about a positive change in the apparent streak of bad luck by rethinking our thoughts and habits and setting positive impulses.

Not so long ago, I also came across a technique that at first I didn't think it actually worked. She appeared to me as often
head-controlled people, as almost esoteric and I read on Wikipedia that the method has not been scientifically proven. Still, I took my time, myself
to deal with it and to try out the technology in different situations, and I can only say: It is unbelievable what is possible with it in a life crisis.

Effective method against the life crisis

The method is called EFT, the abbreviation stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques" and is a simple and effective self-help technique against stress, fears, and inhibiting ones
Beliefs, negative feelings and thoughts and all kinds of success blocks as they happen in a life crisis. The method was "discovered", developed and made teachable by an American engineer named Gary Graig. He combines knowledge about the energy system of the human body with methods of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), meridian theory and applied kinesiology.

If you have ever heard of traditional Chinese medicine and / or have been happy about the success of acupuncture, then you will understand the method straight away. By simply tapping certain points on the body in connection with certain language patterns, negative feelings are literally dissolved, obviously even if, like me, one does not immediately believe in the success of the method. For me it even has an immediate effect.

If you are curious and find yourself in a life crisis that is stressful for you or if you just want to feel better overall, then just give the "Emotional Freedom Techniques" a try. If you type the term on google, you will come across a video that guides you very quickly. If you've watched this video twice and maybe participated once, you will know how to do it. If you do not want to get involved, you can still actively change one of your areas of life according to the motto "Doing instead of waiting", the so-called "MSW technology", freely adapted from Renate Eickenberg.


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