What is the story of stick figures

205. The stick figure

The stick figure

One day a storyteller was sitting at his desk. He wondered what to write about. However, no ideas occurred to him. He felt like his head was completely empty.
Little by little he leafed through large stacks of paper and his books.
“It already exists. I've already written that too. "
He just couldn't think of anything. He had never seen a problem like this before. Already many of his many readers, who would certainly be disappointed if there was nothing more to read. So the storyteller began to scribble a little on his sheet of paper.
Little by little, simple, small drawings were created. There was a house, a tree, and a big castle. The last thing I did was a little stick figure. But the moment it was finished, it suddenly began to live.
"Oops, what is that?" Wondered the storyteller.
"How can a picture move by itself?"
The male ran back and forth on the leaf, but got no further at the edge. So it made a big jump and landed in the middle of the desk.
What it did now was fun to watch. First it looked around carefully in its new surroundings before carefully placing one foot in front of the other. It stumbled unfamiliarly, knocked over a coffee cup and threw a couple of pencils on the floor.
It darted back and forth in shock, then hid behind a desk lamp and trembled all over.
“Well something, little man. You don't have to be afraid if something falls on the floor. Nothing happened. "
The storyteller slowly pushed his finger toward the lamp and asked the stick figure to climb onto it.
At first it didn't really dare. But then it got bolder and dared. It carefully put one foot in front of the other until it was finally on the finger.
"That's a strange feeling," said the storyteller to himself.
He picked up the stick figure and looked at it from all sides.
“I never thought that a drawing would come to life one day. How could that have happened? "
At that moment an idea occurred to him. He looked for a small note that must have been on the table. It was a reporter's phone number.
"The world absolutely has to find out."
The stick figure was not at all enthusiastic about this idea. It just wanted to do what it felt like doing. It jumped off its finger again, took a pen and scribbled wild circles on the paper.
"Hey, you can't just paint over the story I've started," complained the storyteller.
"So I don't remember what I wrote."
But the little man could no longer be stopped. It had taken too much pleasure in annoying people. "
The storyteller was desperate. What should he do now? Then his eyes fell on a large eraser. He picked it up and just erased the stick figure.
"Wait a moment. That's it."
At that moment he had an idea. He had searched long enough for an idea. Now he took a new piece of paper and began to write a story about a living stick figure.
"I'm sure my readers will like that."
When it finished an hour later, he was sorry he'd erased the stick figure. So he took another pencil and drew it a second time. A few seconds later the little man jumped out of the paper again and cheered for his second chance to play jokes.

(c) 2009, Marco Wittler