What's in Regex

Regex: what is it? You should know that


As soon as you deal with web design and want to create websites yourself, you will be confronted with the term "regex". But what does it mean and why do you need to know what it is in order to be able to successfully follow tutorials or instructions on website design?

What does the term regex mean?

Regex is the abbreviation for regular expression. Both Regex and RegExp refer to the same list of regular expressions.
  • This term defines a character string that is used to represent a set or a subset of characters in a simplified manner.
  • The term regex is common both in software development and in web design.
  • These expressions make work easier by using specific filters. This makes it easier to search texts for keywords, for example.
  • It also enables easier communication when different parties involved in a project work together. Since the regular expressions are fixed, a uniform language is created that everyone can follow.
  • Regex are also helpful when creating a template for creating texts. This makes it easier for websites to be provided with content. Due to the versatility of the possible combinations of the regex, there are numerous options.

Get to know the terms

There are a variety of regexes for different commands. To get the result the way you want it, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the individual regexes. This will make your work much easier in the future and you can work on existing structures.

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