Honesty can be brutal


I like honest people. You are fundamentally sympathetic to me. I just feel drawn to authentic, truthful people. "Being real" has a magnetic force in it. Honest people can sometimes be "brutally honest", which can be unpleasant but certainly beneficial for your own development. Those who are lucky are accompanied by honest people in friendship or partnership. It is good to have such a confidante. It is a feeling of trust and of knowing what I am at when I am in contact with this person. Every deep relationship is based on this trust. Trust is the breeding ground on which our true greatness thrives. Everything begins with trust in a person and grows exponentially into a greater trust (trust in life). Our inexhaustible inner wealth begins to unfold immediately in the presence of honest people.

Honesty means more than not lying. It's telling the truth, living the truth and loving the truth. - James E. Faust -

The Sanskrit term SATYA describes honesty. Satya wants to be learned and practiced. We live in a time when many swear by the fake success of a production. Anyone who stages themselves in order to be loved and recognized by their environment is only scratching the surface and does not even come close to their core. Anyone who has learned to disguise themselves to their advantage and expose a mask that does not correspond to their inner workings is mistaken. This person acts in facial expressions, gestures and with the power of his words, disconnected from his emotional world. This self-deception permanently separates the outside of a person from his inside. That hurts. Unless you do it like Jack Sparrow and always have a bottle of rum with you :-)

"I'm dishonest! You can trust a dishonest man like me to be dishonest ... honest!" -Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean-

Yoga philosophy is about experiencing the highest reality. Those who are small-minded and stingy only see small-minded and stingy people in their environment. Anyone who raises their gaze with the aim of broadening their horizons will inevitably meet people who will have a horizon-broadening effect on them. Everything is resonance. What we tune into in the form of thoughts that we think regularly and feelings that we intensify, that becomes our reality. It is worthwhile to be honest and loyal out of healthy egoism if you would like to have honest and loyal companions around you.

"It has to come from the heart, what should work on the heart." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-

And if you then look a little further and "want to work on your heart", want to make a difference or just want to make our world a little more beautiful, you start by being honest with yourself, not lying in your pockets and even if it sometimes It hurts to look the truth in the face rather than create a falsehood that collapses like a house of cards when the wind of truth grows stronger. The power of truth is like the light that dissolves the darkness. And when we get it at some point, we understand that love is the only truth.

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Best regards
Valentin and the entire Yoga Team Berlin.