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This is the biggest plus, brakerage fees are very high. in intraday .10 Paisa margin I have loss, please reduce the fees otherwise I will close my account VERY WORST EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL REACH YOU AN ACCOUNT IS OPEN, THEN TRUE COLOR SHOWS NO SUPPORT NO HELP TO SELL OR BUY REFER EVERY THING ON THE WEBSITE AND PDF FILES Brokerage - very bad account maintenance fees - very bad website usability - very poor customer service - very bad overall experience - very bad to KYC Getting Done Yourself In 2017 As with the most recent regulatory developments, as of January 1, 2011, KYC (Know Your Client) is mandatory for investors who want to become active in mutual funds, regardless of the transaction volume. This means you will not be able to process all fresh MF purchases after January 1st, 2011 unless you are MF KYC compliant under CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) standards. So you can always ask your broker8217s to give you forms and send them for your KYC but since there are no mutual funds fees they may not be very helpful at times and so it is better you also know how to get your KYC done yourself can. The process is really very simple. 1. Get the Form The KYC application form is available at the Fund's Investor Service Centers and CAMS or at any designated 8216Points from Service8217 (POS) from CDSL Ventures Ltd. or can be downloaded from your broker, advisor or AMC. I uploaded them here to download. (KYC form Individual KYC form-non-individual). 2. Documents Documents to be submitted with the KYC application form are: A recent passport size photo PAN card copy Address proof (The current bank statement will work, but if you received your bank statement in email you will need to visit your bank branch an original.) As soon as you have the documents ready, register at the CAMS Online office in your city. You can find the address of your CAMS office here. Make sure you carry the originals with a xerox copy of the documents as you will sometimes want to check against the originals. 3. Verification After the KYC application form and the accompanying documents have been checked, the investors will receive a letter in which they certify their KYC conformity. They usually give you the letter in a few hours to a maximum of 24 hours and there is no charge for this review. You can check your KYC status online here. The day you submit your form your status should be processed and once it is processed your status should be CHECKED. Actually KYC doesn't have to be done at your broker's end, but some online system won't accept an order if they don't have the data in their own system so it's better to get that done too. Once you have the letter you can send this letter8217s copy to your broker to update. For ShareKhan you need to touch the confirmation letter at 022-24982626 (details here). I hope this helps my fellow investors. Share your feedback in the comments below. Update: Links and further details updated January 30th, 2017. When I check my kyc status on NSDL KRA I find the following information82308230KYC Registered Update Date: 05032014 05:58:34 PM KYC Status: KYC REGISTERED 8211 Incomplete OLD KYC Record Status as of: 09072014 12:32:52 PM KYC Note: 8211 Missing Information Identity Details: Gender Address Details: Correspondence Residence Address Proof of Address for Residence Marital Status AddressPermanent Address Mr. please guide me how to solve this problem by myself without the help of intermediary Vinay Simply go through the KYC process and re-submit the documents by visiting the CAMS online office in your city. Don't rely on others to submit your documents. When I check my kyc status on NSDL KRA I find the following information82308230KYC Registered Update Date: 05032014 05:58:34 PM KYC Status: KYC REGISTERED 8211 Incomplete Existing OLD KYC Record Status Status: 09072014 12:32:52 PM KYC Comment: 8211 Missing Information Identity Details: Gender Address Details: Correspondence Residence Address Proof of Address for Residence Marital Status Address Permanent Address Mr. Please guide me how to solve this question by myself, without the help of intermediary Vinay just do the KYC process again and submit the documents once Again, by visiting the CAMS Online office in your city. Don't rely on others to submit your documents. I want to create a KYC. Can I offer a rental agreement for proof of address instead of a bank statement. Because I have moved to another location and there is an old address in banks. You have to change the address in your bank statement anyway and apply for KYC first and then. Yes, the rental agreement should be acceptable, as should the proof of address. Hello my mom bought some mutual funds in 2009 and at that time there was no kyc, she is no longer with and imd nominee, kindly help me with the legal formalities for withdrawing the money second I lost the rest of her investment papers ( mutual only funds), how do I get the details without folio or application notes. And we have closed their old bank ac too. If you've lost the papers as well as folio numbers how in the first place do you still know about the investments I think you should visit each fund house and speak to them for your scenario and they can help One thing is certain, even if you have any account closed, money can be transferred to these accounts and bank can also issue a draft of needs. Sir, I invested KYC through Geojit for mutual funds. On CVL website I see the status as rejected 8211 in NDML, KYC changed date. Sept. 26, 2012 4:56:33 pm. When checking for NDML it shows as Under Progress - Incomplete KYC (ExistingOLD Record), KYC Registered Date: 27082012. 9:34:24 PM Please guess what it means. I thought registration is only required with CVL. Does NDML have any role? Thank you. Rejected means that your documents have not been received or that some errors have occurred in the submission of your documents. Call and try to understand how to resubmit your documents. My KYC was processed by Sharekhan, and I got the final KYC done ack from NDML. But many AMC don8217t accept the KYC of NDML, like SBI asked me to get it ready again, I filled out the form and send all the required docs, later I checked it on the CVL website, I got the message that 8220 REJECTED 8211 PRESENT IN NDML8221. It seems botyh the organizations CDSL amp NDML first check the entries in each other batabase. My Q: Why AMC prefers KYC from CSDL not from NDML I'm not sure why these AMC prefer CSDL and not NDML, but as far as I'm concerned, is disapproved status. Himanshu, not sure if you have already solved your problem, but I faced a similar situation. I put my KYC to a mutual fund that took the documentation, and then the KYC was rejected with the message, 8220Rejected 8211 present tense in MDNL8221. My banker at Axis Bank (thanks guys) explained to me that this is because I probably have a stockbrokerage account that I thought I had closed, but presumably it was totally closed, and it did. So, Himanshu, look through all of your papers and see if there are any statements from any brokerage account. Go through them one by one and see where your accounts are still open, and then either close them or let them update your KYC. Hope that helps. First, Rejected 8211 Present with NDML means that you have an account with a broker that has an NSDL DP. So why if you done your8217s kyc through CVL it is refused secoundly, in NDML under process incomplete kyc means that your8217s complete information from kyc is not submitted to your DP, so fill out the KYC form along with the documents and send where you have open the account it shows my KYC status as 8220FRONT OFFICE & PHYSICAL REVIEW DONE8221 in given link. Does it mean verified or not verified Thank you in advance. After retiring, my parents invested in a couple of mutual funds (for over 5 years). After a while, they moved permanently from Rajasthan to Delhi. We've updated the address on mutual funds, but KYC isn't done on either of them. How do I get the KYC on the. Once the market is on, we plan to sell the mutated funds. Our agent doesn't help us with this (as he takes dividends quarterly and we moved from Rajasthan as well). I have no knowledge of it. Please help me with this. Bhawana, KYC is needed if you want to invest more and if you don't want to invest more then you shouldn't worry about KYC. Better to get it done, but it doesn't matter if you did a KYC or not for the old funds and they would work as normal. Your agent wouldn't get anything, so no help is expected from him. For salvation all you need to do is a declaration of the funds and withdrawal form can be submitted to the fund house at your local location and the money would be deposited into your bank account. Bajaj Capital does not accept KYC form without an investment. I read on Sundram website that investment application is not for those who are already KYC verified and want to change address etc. But Bajaj refused to use the application Why should Bajaj Capital accept KYC application Actually every fund house if they have the KYC Accept application In fact, the form is submitted to the nearby KYC office, so it is better to do it yourself, as that would mean that you will receive the approval of submission yourself. Sir I don't have the pan card what to do to get the KYC document. please help