Why do you need a wedding app

App, web planner and notepad: the best organization tools for your wedding

You said “yes” and from now on you want to go the way together. Then you should also consider together with your future spouse how best to plan the most beautiful day in your life. To avoid stress and arguments, there are a few clever aids that can help you organize. We'll show you which guest list apps, seating tools and checklists ensure perfect wedding planning.

On your marks, get set ... - what does it start with?

Are you engaged, overjoyed and can hardly wait to step in front of the altar? And suddenly everything has to go very quickly! You better take a deep breath and organize not only your thoughts, but also the tasks that arise now. Above all, checklists will help you! Whether it is the good old analog and handwritten list, on which you gradually tick everything off, or a virtual one that reminds you of things that have not yet been done, it almost doesn't matter - let yourself be inspired!

1. Zankyou

With the digital wedding planner Zankyou you can prepare and organize your wedding almost completely online. From the guest list to the seating arrangement to the wedding website. The tool gives you the opportunity to record all the necessary steps online and share them with the relevant people. The basic functions of the app are all free of charge. Only the premium options cost something extra.

Tip: Need help creating a wedding checklist? Here you can find the most important points.

2. Celebrate

Whether you have hired a professional wedding photographer or asked a friend to take the photos at the celebration or simply want to save all the guests' snapshots in one place - with the wedding photo app Celebrate you can easily remember the memories of the wedding ceremony and the celebration upload and organize. With the help of the app, you can later easily create a photo book from the best pictures. Celebrate saves every photo in the original resolution. So you can easily print your favorite photos later. In addition, your friends and relatives can comment on the pictures in the app, so that you can exchange many wonderful memories and moments about the photos directly.

Tip: You can share the login data with your guests before the festivities begin. If you take all photos through the app, no snapshot will be lost.

3. Vanolia

The Vanolia wedding orga tool works similarly to Zankyou and is also free. Here you can set up your own chat groups as well as the guest management, so you have the acceptances and rejections in view here. In addition to creating a wedding website, there is also a seating arrangement tool.

Tip:You can find a checklist for the wedding reception here.

4. Notebook

With all of the apps, online tools, and digital planners, a notepad is still essential for most future brides. Here you can quickly write down a few bullet points or make sketches of the wedding dress, seating plan or decoration, which you can then show to designers, co-organizers or service providers. This is still the easiest and fastest way to put on paper what is going on in your head. The classic notebook is also perfect for quickly and easily getting an overview of all expenses. Nasty financial surprises with the wedding costs are hardly to be expected.

Tip:You can find a downloadable template for the guest list here.

5. 52memories

Friends and relatives are already asking you what you want for your wedding and you just don't have an answer? Then let me give you memories. With the 52memories app, your guests can use the photos they have taken to create postcards with photos and congratulations for you after the wedding. You will then receive a postcard with the most beautiful pictures every week for a year.

With these tools you should be well prepared for the organizational marathon before the wedding. But even with the best apps, things can go wrong. However, you shouldn't let that throw you off track, because in the end your party will be unforgettable - even with one or two small mishaps.