What is the density of copper

Dense copper

We will deal with the density of copper in this article. We not only give you a numerical value, but also explain what we mean by density. This article belongs to the physics / mechanics category.

For everyone who just needs a quick numerical value: The The density of copper is approx. 8.95 g / cm3. If this information doesn't mean anything to you, the following section will hopefully help you.


Density of fabrics

The density - more precisely the mass density - of a body is understood as the ratio of its mass to its volume. The density is usually given in grams per cubic centimeter or kilograms per liter. To put it more clearly, density says whether a body is light as a feather or heavy as a piece of iron for its size. The density is calculated as follows:

  • "ρ" is the density [in g / cm3 or kg / l]
  • "m" is the mass [in g or kg]
  • "V" is the volume [in cm3 or l]

With approx. 8.95 g / cm3 the density of copper is average. Steel is 7.85g / cm3.


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