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Heart lights - Tim & Lukas Full Acces

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Heart lights - Tim & Lukas

by Katharina B. Gross

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Read Online and Download Heart Lights - Tim & Lukas by Katharina B. Gross. Lukas is tough. He looks good and has a bed story or two. Only with girls, of course, because anything else would be completely abnormal. But then he meets Tim at a party, who is not intimidated by the tall, broad-shouldered Lukas. Lukas is impressed and can't get Tim out of his head afterwards, even though he tries.? It doesn't help that he sees Tim again soon and realizes that none of his many girlfriends has triggered such feelings in him so far “Tim knows he's bisexual, and that's perfectly fine. Even his girlfriend Melanie knows Know about his experiences with men. Tim stands by himself, despite all hostility. Especially from Lukas, this homophobic idiot. So why does it seem to Tim, despite everything, that sparks are sparks between Lukas and him when they keep running into each other? But Lukas is not ready yet and Tim has to decide whether he'll get everything up.

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